30k vis enough for this unit ?
Probably enough or you can buy all the shards and wait for another select unit of choice ticket to come but it will take months.
<< Anonymous
when wil UOC comes before december?

is laswel included ?
<< Anonymous
My bad probably not, but you could try gambling getting in from free pulls given by the game like the current 10 free pulls. If you are not in a hurry could try pulling here 6:25 with 1 time chance of another pull if you are not satistfied with the first pull. <>,
<< Anonymous
I meant to say in the future there would probably lots of free pulls as well with Laswell included and probably random events like the current puzzle thing.
<< Anonymous
oh thats what i did for rain i have 450+ shard but never got the unit til now


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Locke 1
What is the best VC/Espers for Him?
Thanks! Good gun-combo indeed
Celes 3
waifu or not if she is a game changer i got for her
Cayanne 10
Into a cutscene he used a knife. And into a battle with him like an ally, he is fire.
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