Things To Do Everyday in WOTVFFBE

A list of things you should do everyday in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, especially if F2P.
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Even if you don't have time to play this game, login at least. Then login bonus is sent to your gift box.

Clear Daily Missions

Royal Points & Royal Rank 4

First thing to do is clear daily missions to earn 100 Progress Points. Then you can get Royal Points and Visiore from the treasure chests. Don't forget to tap the treasure chest icons to claim those rewards.

[List of Daily Missions]

  • Clear Story Quests 5 times
  • Clear a Hard Quest from the World Quest List
  • Clear the EXP Chamber
  • Clear a Multi Quest
  • Enhance an Equipment Item
  • Perform a Normal Summon
  • Purchase 1 or more items from a Shop
  • Send a Gift to a Friend
  • Collect items found during Chocobo Expedition
  • Compete in the Duel Arena
  • Perform a Video Summon

Visit the General Shop

  • Visit the shops (general shop) and trade gil for items and visiore for unit shards. On the JP server, item selections are updated at 5am, 12pm, 6pm, and 0am. On the GL server, the selections are updated every 6 hours starting at reset.

  • You can update the selection for free once a day by tapping a "Update" button on the bottom right corner of the shop. For additional selection updates, you will need to spend visiore.

Free Normal Summon

You can do normal summon for free 3 times a day.

Collect Items from Chocobo Expedition

  • Pick a location and units to go on Chocobo Explorations. After a certain amount of times passes, those units gain exp and bring Gil and valuable items to you.

  • For every 2 hours, 12 items are picked up. You have to tap the "Collect" button to obtain the items which will free up those item slots.

Tap "Attend" on the Guild

On the Guild menu, tap "Attend" each day. You will receive rewards depending on total member attendance and Guild Statue Level.

Send & Receive Guild Medals

Tap "Gifts" on the Guild menu and send/ claim gifts.

Enhance Guild Statue

Some guilds require members to enhance a Guild Statue three times each day.

You can spend Gil, Visiore, or exclusive guild items like Serpent Venomous Fang.

In many cases, spending Visiore for enhancing statues isn't recommended, especially for beginners. To give the statues more EXPs, spending guild items is recommended. You can trade guild medals for these items at the MogShop.

Replenish the Provisions Warehouse (Barracks)

By replenishing the Provisions Warehouse you can turn on the Barracks effects: Increasing Bravery, decreasing Faith and increasing the unit's JP. A QoL will be added later that allows you to choose whether the Barracks increase or decrease Faith.

Send & Recieve Friend Medals

Send gifts to your friends every day, then your friends also send you gifts. This is also one of the daily missions.

Gil Chamber

  • To avoid a gil shortage (it can happen frequently), it is recommended you clear the Gil Chamber every day. It can be completed a maximum of 3 times per day.

  • On Monday, the drop rate is doubled. On Saturday and Sunday, the completion cap is removed and it can be run an unlimited number of times.

Growth Egg Chamber & Pot Chamber

Attempting Growth Egg Chamber & Pot Chamber is the main way of getting Growth Egg and Armor Pots/Burst Pots.

Participate in the Guild Battle

Guild Battles are open for 10 hours each day starting 13 hours after reset time. Some guilds require members to participate in this.

Battles are auto.

Attempt Hard Quests 10 Times

You can get 1 Unit Shard from a Hard Quest. Each Hard Quest can be attempted 1~3 times, and Hard Quests in total can be attempted 10 times a day.

For example, 1 Mont Unit Shard can be obtained each time you attempt Mont's Hard Quest. Since Mont is a MR unit, you can attempt that Hard Quest 3 times a day.

Mediena is UR, so that you can attempt her Hard Quest 2 times a day. Gilgamesh is a special UR and it's Hard Quest can be attempted only once a day.

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This is great. Thanks for the summary. Just one thing though, Attempt Hard Quests 10 Times is not accurate. Most free to play payer only get 8 times a day. You get +1 at Royal 6 and another +1 at Royal 9. In total with thousands of Visiore purchased, you will get a total of 10
<< Anonymous(BC)
Anonymous Reply
This is incorrect. Everyone can do 10 a day despite which rank they are. Royal 6 gives +1 Hard Quest resets. Which means you can reset 1 character's Hard Quest for more shards. For example, Mont has a max of 3 a day. If I do all 3 I can reset it for another 3 but I still have a limit of 10 total. Royal 10 gives +2 resets. If you can only do 8 I would send an inquiry in the Menu option in game.
"Don't spend Visiore for ehnhancing though."

Typo. Also, this highly depends on which guild you joined. Doesn't really make sense to write a blanket statement like this.
<< Anonymous(DL)
GameA1 Reply
Fixed. Thanks.
I beg for gumi to change Guild Battles time. Ingame 9PM-11PM is like 2AM for Latin players
<< Anonymous(Scarlet)
GameA1 Reply
Yeah that's the problem on the global server.
<< Anonymous(Scarlet)
Anonymous Reply
not necessarily to change it, but they should add option to choose which time to start Guild Battle, can be 3-4 choice of time or at least 2 choice of time
Join our guild
It's called FFX-AXIS because my friend is obsessed with pins- but we're looking for new friends to share with ^_^
<< Anonymous(Join our guild)
GameA1 Reply
I'm sorry, this page and thread is not for introducing your guild. Your comment will be deleted soon, please kindly use Guilt Recruit ment forum! :)

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So is this only available from the raid shop?
Goes from 10% to 20% at max level.
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