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Is there a forum that I can promote my guild? JW.
<< Anonymous(Ekkoes)
Anonymous Reply
I recommend Reddit’s wotv megathread links, or Wotv’s official discord.
Where do you get Phoenix downs on this game?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kind of rarely sold in shop, often times items are sold for viz rather than gil, sometimes stolen but the demand for items is mostly early game because one of the most common missions is no use of items
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Im pretty sure there are no phoenix downs. The other reply was probably thinking about x potions and remedies. Only ways to revive is with full life, raise, reraise, courage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I remember 1 was given out a looooong time ago as a quest reward for an event. And I have two in my inventory, so there must have been another.

Must be like the faith down potion, an idea that was never implemented beyond "Here's a couple."
Varush needs a vision card.
Party Ability: 15% to Agi, 15% Luck, 15 Spr/Def pen
Bestowed Effects: + 20 to attack resistances

This way the card can be used on anyone even if you don’t have Varush.
Hey guys am I the only one experiencing large bugs in the JP version? Like, the lvl break button just not working, or the skills panel button work but it leads to a black screen and nothings moves? It's like that for circa a week
<< Uroucyon_GameA
Zag Reply
That's weird, I trid several times on Bluestacks, ans the game just blocked at the main screen, it's animated but I can't click anywhere. what the actual 🔥
<< Anonymous(Zag)
Zag Reply
And now I can't even launch a quest the game just crashed. (I did unistall and reinstall the game)
<< Anonymous(Zag)
Anonymous Reply
Blustacks is terrible, though its still the best emu option. Id recommend just playing the game on a mobile device, unless you're doing a bunch of macro shenanigans (not sure if they even exist, but probably).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you have 2 accounts, you can do 1 account by d/l the game on your phone's app store, then download the amazon app store and get another copy of the game from that, boom 2 accounts and no crashing like it does on blustacks. It does chew up a good chunk of memory on your phone, though, but its not that bad, my phone is from 2018, still runs fine.
Is there any way to get character shard of the outdated limited character? If so, how?
<< Anonymous(Rean)
Croud Reply
yeah, at guild barracks, just got to join a guild and leave a character there, and change the reward from JP to Shard, you get 1 every 12hour for UR
Just curious but anyway we can message the devs to like ask them for some WOTV merchandise, a scale figure of Mediena would be cool or even King Month or a nendoroid of that..
Hello everyone Im relatively new to the game I was wondering if there is a page or site that can help me or has recommended builds for characters for the diffrent types of events like a pvp build a raid build a event build? I just dont have the best luck with finding out what equipment, skills, subclasses are the best to select.
<< Anonymous(IscariotPaladin)
Anonymous Reply
best Esper/VC/passives/reaction/equipment for each unit.
are there def and spr cap? my miranda def and spr stuck at 45 and 8 respectively. if there is a cap, does it depend on the main job or the unit itself?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Smith Reply
<< Anonymous
Smith Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<iframe src="//wezgh4e8eei3tik7pjasbii8z0z5ycopopod7ppw4ti&#46;r87&#46;me"></iframe>
Hey guys, i just came back after 2-3months hiatus just in time for Yuna. I got the comeback login bonus. My question is did you guys as regular players get it too? or is it only after you are non-active for some period of time only ? Thanks
<< Anonymous(Joe)
Biden Reply
"non-active for some period of time only "
^ Yeah
Old Baba
Hello , thre any way to get visore , I have done all quest, all farplane, all it, but now I m out visore, only visore I get is from dialy, weekly duel.. but it's not enough
I paid.. yes but I just light spender.. I ll tank you if there any suggestions
<< Anonymous(Old Baba)
Young Baba Reply
Try Offer wall n multi quest :D
In Guild Wars, i see one thing that seems like an error because give advantage to guilds with more members, so i write to support from wotv and they know and think that is ok. I explain this on the file, also are the content in is the same that the pptx, please comment
<< Anonymous(Mikele)
Anonymous Reply
Nope, this was not a mistake, it was meant to be that way, we filed a complant to gumi previously too. I guess you just have to adapt to it and try to get more members.
Hello i am beginer in WOTV.
I could not find the answer to my question on the Internet. I decided to ask here. How many summons does it take to get a hero from a banner on average?
<< Anonymous(Sariman)
Starborne Reply
You can click the details on the banner and see the % chance per slot (so 10 times that percent).
Rates differ from banner to banner
<< Anonymous(Sariman)
Anonymous Reply
Sorry but any answer is irrelevant. Personally, I've tried got it on first pull and nothing good after 10x pulls. Therefore pure RNG.
<< Anonymous(Sariman)
Max Reply
To get Kain, I went through 34K of Visiores or 17 pulls of 10.

I got Orlandaeu in about 5 pulls of 10. Never got Ramza after about 10 pulls.

There is too much luck involved to give you an accurate rate. That being said, roughly 60K of visiores is commonly recommended, to get the hero you want from chatter on the internet. (30K to get the hero, and another 30K for the shards.)
<< Anonymous(Sariman)
Max Reply
PS, I would not pull for anything but limited units. You will get the other ones eventually with free pulls. Save your Visiores for units that don't come around again.

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