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MAJL&HJAL 22days ago
A Guild Merger?

Hello, my player name is MAJL&HJAL, and I recently became guild leader of DreamExtreme. Just like many other guilds we suffer from a lack of active players.

All of our statues are lvl 5 (serpent close to 6), so we have 30 member spots, but only 20 members. Almost all of them log in daily, but we haven’t had an attendance of 20 for more than a week. It’s quite frustrating to be 1 or 2 attendances short of 50 vis (or 60 once serpent is at lvl 6).

That’s why we are offering the following: If you have 10 active members left, disband your guild, join ours, and I will give up my leadership position and let you determine our new guildname. So rather than losing a guild, your guild will gain 20 members, all statues lvl 5 and platinum III ranking. If you’re interested, please discuss this with your guild and reply here.

Best regards,
<< Anonymous(MAJL&HJAL)
That Background Mogg 21days ago Reply
I have a guild that could use some members were at staatue lvl 4 have a few dedicated members but not enough right now however we did all start this guild so we arent willing to move to another but come join NeoFairytale guild id 4022486394
<< Anonymous(MAJL&HJAL)
MAJL&HJAL 21days ago Reply
Thx for your reply, Mogg.
Even though we are not going to join your guild, your post made me realise I forgot to post our guild ID: 1539309056.

I wanted to return the favour by trying to watch one of your videos, but all I can say is that they are far too long. You can problaby sum up all the info of your almost 2 hour tutorial in 2 minutes. So instead I watched The Other Guys. Great fun!
That Background Mogg 21days ago
please let me know anyadvice to improve these videos im just starting out and honestly learning alot about recording and editing.
Hello! Anyone knows how i can use this? (Global server)
[This image is being checked...]
I’m just curious..what is the site for the jp server unit rank source from?is it altema or other site?cause the comparison seems kinda off ,thx in advance
<< Anonymous(Nobody)
Anonymous Reply
Separate and independent
Until when will limited halloween shard spawn in whimsy shop this hallowwen event?
hey guys, my guild "Gotei 13" are looking for new members. We are a casual guild who plays daily and likes to talk game tactics and anime. Check us out.
are there def and spr cap? my miranda def and spr stuck at 45 and 8 respectively. if there is a cap, does it depend on the main job or the unit itself?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ohh wow, didn't know about that, thanks dude! btw, does it only applies on def and spr? or all the stat?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All stat :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And correction: it's not stack based on equipment's type, but stat's type like HP/DEF/ATK/AGI etc. Some stat stack by 50% and other 30% etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
aww.... ok got it, thanks again dude.
how does it function the draw in guild versus guild ? because I didn't find many explications
Can you unlock shout on ramza whitout lb3? Newbie here
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. You have to full awaken him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just awaken? dont have to limit break him?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You dont have to, if you check Ramza's page here it only states unlock at 6*. If it requires limit break then there might be something like require at job lvl 12.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
got it. thanks pal ;)
What's with all the elite ice weapons (ice lance & sword)?

Hopefully there will be weapons for other elements as well.
Hello! I got WoL but i need 64 soul fragments more. Anyone knows how can i get It? Thx!
<< Anonymous(Adrikun)
Anonymous Reply
Keep pulling!!!! Don't give up!!! I already mlb him
Not LB. i was asking about TMR
<< Anonymous
Trynstark Reply
The unit has to be Maxed LB and Max awakening 6 stars, no need to level the unit to 99.

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