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Anonymous 11days ago
Not LB. i was asking about TMR
<< Anonymous
Trynstark 6days ago Reply
The unit has to be Maxed LB and Max awakening 6 stars, no need to level the unit to 99.
Anonymous 11days ago
Do i need to raise a unit to max in order to use their LB or can i just acquire the shards?
<< Anonymous
Trynstark 6days ago Reply
LBs doesn't need anything, just AP to cast it in combat, have in mind that the other units that have LBs are URs and Mont. (other rarity units don't have LBs)
I used all my visore in lucia, now I'm afraid i wont have enough visores to get WoL and Vinera. What do you think? Which one should I get?
PS I have low level Engelbert
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Safe choice: Vinera. WoL is time limited so you'll need alot of visiore for his shards and to pull him if you aren't lucky. You have Engelbert so he can tank if you raise him up. Mont is another good tank who is easy to level as you can buy his shards with gil.

Best choice: WoL. He's such a strong tank. If you get lucky and get Rain who should be out before him then you can skip WoL.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thx for helping. I already have 99 mount, but in auto mode he is a little soft... I have 120 shards of Engelbert, so I can put him ate 2 LB now. I thought rain wasnt as strong as WOL since he is tier A at Wol is at tier S. Rain is a tanker too?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah Rain is consider a magic tank. He has good hp and higher magic resistance than WoL. He is also a pretty good attacker, much better than Mont.

WoL is a better all around tank but if you pull Rain than the pressure of leveling Engelbert or getting WoL is less. IMHO Rain is a better choice than Englebert/Mont. You have time so do some research and save some visiore.
<< Anonymous
Trynstark 6days ago Reply
Engelbert is a physical tank (Mont too) while Rain is a magic tank, sure they can tank the other type of damage but they aren't that great about it.
Anonymous 16days ago
Need help please
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Might want to type the help you need. I’ve seen weeks go by for other’s images being checked.
I am rank 85 and can’t find ANYONE in free match... advice on tiers(?)
<< Anonymous(Jk)
wawandck 28days ago Reply
Join some community/guild group chat and do Friend Battle
Rolled Viktoria, Lucia, Kitone, Engelbert, Ayaka and Xiza on an alt account but have Orlandeau, Mediana +5 MR equipment on my main..

Should I abandon my main and switch to my alt full-time?
<< Anonymous(Floetry)
Anonymous Reply
Orlandeau is the major decision factor. If you are MLB on him then stick with the main. If you aren't MLB or don't want to wait to get his shards (next FFT event) then focus on alt account. The alt account does have a better team composition.
I have questions, in some challenge event mission, said Dont be killed or Dont KO mission. However sometimes we are not strong enough and there is optiom to CONTINUE the battle when we dies using 100 visiore. And we succeed alive afterward, is the Dont KO mission still achieved when we continue using visiore on battle?
<< Anonymous(Surya)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, it's still counted as KO unless you can raise the unit then the KO won't be counted.
Armor Pots, someone explain this to me please.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Used to upgrade players TMR in equipment tab
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They upgrade abilities on equipment. You use them just like seals or hammers on the equipment screen, but they're specifically for the abilities on armor. Took me a while to figure out as well.
Spdy Gaming
Hi, everyone.
I,m here and wanna share how to auto grinding in Multi Mode.

So here is my tutorial link:

Hope this video can help you all to collect materials in Multi Mode.
<< Anonymous(Spdy Gaming)
Kyest Reply
This is very helpfull.. Thank You!!
Hi guys, in FFT event part 2, Is Ramza still avaible in summon coin shop??? I'm planning on getting his shard ATM, and then the unit on part 2 event.
<< Anonymous(Noobie)
Lionheart Reply
40 farmable coin. 40 if you spend 2000 (free) visiore,also weekly elemet shop another 10-15 shards.
<< Anonymous(Lionheart)
Noobie Reply
I mean Ramza unit, not the shards. In part 1 GL we could trade 1000 summon coin for Ramza. I wonder if it's still available in part 2 event
<< Anonymous(Noobie)
Anonymous Reply
Now it's only with paid visore.
<< Anonymous
Noobie Reply
Oh I see...thankyou!
I have 20k FFT tokens that I plan on using to buy the ramza shards. But there are also the job upgrade materials for Gaffgarion, Orlandeau and Ramza, all of which I have. My question is, what is the purpose of upgrading past lvl 9? On most of the skills it requires awakening, and last time I upgraded a job level I got nothing unlocked with it?
<< Anonymous
Aa Reply
more stats. i think most lvl 12 is the most needed job lvl to unlock every single skills. lvl 15 is extra stats
I currently have 5 UR, Ayaka, Mediena, Frederika, Engelbert and Macherie.

Do I need to roll for other UR? or I can just play with these 5?
<< Anonymous(Noobasking)
xSAPZx Reply
id try to replace Macherie, otherwise thats a really good squad
<< Anonymous(Noobasking)
keen Reply
Mediena for grinding item.

Ayaka, engelbert and federika top tier for pvp global right now.

Macherie its under tier mediena.

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is there any rerun event to get this? my team isn't good enough at the first event
Man ! I wish they change Hard Slash to Hazard Break.(
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