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rin 3hour ago
Hi! Currently, I have 7 UR: Gilgamesh, Robb, Aileen, Ayaka, Thancred, Frederika, and Macherie. Can you give me some recommendations on which one should I focus on? And should I use all 5 UR Lineup or add some MR? Thanks :D
Eidra 1days ago
Best thancred build help please? Is he worth doing gunblade/dragon or gunblade/red Mage.
<< Anonymous(Eidra)
GameA1 11hour ago Reply
It depends. If you use him as a tank in PvP, Gunbraker subommends helps. If you use him in PvE, you might want to use more aggressive abilities like dragoon's ones.
Gui 21hour ago
hey guys, does someone know how much money it cost to reach rank 6 for 2 exploration slot?
<< Anonymous(Gui)
GameA1 11hour ago Reply
First, read this page about the Royal Rank.

Reaching Roryal Rank 6 will cost about 1500 US$. I however recommend you to carefully calculate by yourself before you spend money for that.
Anonymous 13hour ago
How many Yellow and Red Job memories are needed to max a character? I am wondering how many of the sorceress and gunbreaker memories I need to buy from the mog shop. Thanks!!!
<< Anonymous
GameA1 12hour ago Reply
If you want to raise JobLv of Gunbreaker andd Sorceress to max, you have to trade for all available memories of them at the MogShop.
hibiki 1days ago
hello guys.
Does anyone know if you already got thancred hero and u got another thancred, what will you get?
80 shards and rainbow sphere?
Thx before.
<< Anonymous(hibiki)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Up Up
<< Anonymous(hibiki)
Anonymous 19hour ago Reply
You get 40 shards and a rainbow sphere.
Nirwanda 1days ago
Hey guys, i have a question about skillsets. I have xiza and she knows terra slash but it doesn't appear on her battle menu even though it's a monk skill. Same deal with Y'shtola and foul. Am I missing something like a skill cpa limit or some skill equip menu?
<< Anonymous(Nirwanda)
hibiki 1days ago Reply
its because of your SUB COMMAND job that you choose.
Example :
if you choose SOLDIER SUB COMMAND, you can use SOLDIER SKILL only in BATTLE even though u unlock DRAGOON SKILL.
same goes if you choose DRAGOON SUB COMMAND, you can only use DRAGOON SKILL only in BATTLE.

Or you just havent unlock your skill yet in ABILITES.
<< Anonymous(hibiki)
GameA1 1days ago Reply
Thank you for your answer to the question, hibiki :)
Sol 2days ago
Wanted to share this WOTV FFBE Story Drop List for people like me who hate tapping on several things just to find which is the most optimal location to farm things. Use it if you want, but it's only until Chapter 2 -Scene 3 so far.
<< GameA1
Sol 2days ago Reply
I would rather not have my discord announced in a public site such as this, sorry :(
<< Anonymous(Sol)
GameA1 1days ago Reply
Yeah it's fine, can you add me (#3489) to the friend list on discord? Or, can you find the discord banner on the main page of this website?
<< GameA1
Sol 1days ago Reply
Wasn't able to add you, but I'm in the discord from the main page now. :)
<< Anonymous(Sol)
GameA1 1days ago Reply
Okay thanks! I'll check it out!
Guilou 2days ago
Can we give suggestions? Like stealing list for example,
English aint my native language and i've no clue on how doing such google docs as some others
<< Anonymous(Guilou)
GameA1 2days ago Reply
Okay I'll make a sheet for that tomorrow :)
<< GameA1
Guilou 2days ago Reply
Wonderful mate thanks :)
Leonarch 3days ago
hello guys i wanna ask about my party formation..

i have 2 spare UR > Oelde leonis and trancherd. My questions are :

1. wonder should i change my formation with the new UR? because if i fit trancherd there i will get 2 light element hero (grace is light elemen and healer though)

2. What MR healer that u guys reccomend (i choose grace cause its easy for her to get CURADA).. i dont have Ayaka and thinking to replace with Helena Leonis (but her healing skill need far awakening cause her initial job is green mage)
Anonymous 4days ago
Any way to increase a units movement?
Items or something?
<< Anonymous
Josh 3days ago Reply
Some might have passive skill like thief lore for thief job and jump + 1 from dragoon job.

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Hi! Currently, I have 7 UR: Gilgamesh, Robb, Aileen, Ayaka, Thancred, Frederika, and Macherie. Ca...
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