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No Sortilege?
Hey i thought if we awaken and refine our weapon till 5 stars and +50 , We will get full attack like 150/150.But i already max my golden axe till 5 stars and +50 then my axe only attacks 152/212.How can i raise the attack to 212/212 ?
<< Anonymous(Muskin)
Noobie Reply
Use hammer???
<< Anonymous(Noobie)
Anonymous Reply
Awakening to 5 stars and maxing it out doesn't guarantee full stats unless it's a special item like Excalibur. There are 2 ways you can you max stats on equipment:

1. Use seals. Every level you can use a seal for a chance to increase particular stats. Seals can be purchased in Mog Shop or obtained from events.

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<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Level one at a time and you can use 3 different Seals.

2. Hammers. Hammers can give stats to weapons but are more costly. For example, Dwarven Hammer cost 1800 in arena Mog Shop vs Attack Seal is 300. You get +3 from hammer while with Attack Seals you'll get more (gains are random but better than +3). Major difference is Seals can only be used after each level. Hammers can be used anytime.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^That's explain why my golden armor stuck at 14/18. I thought it was strange, as my 4 star reach 18/18.
At least it double the slash resistance tho.

Thanks pal.
I need ask about combine equip. I want make good + equip. But when i combine 2 assaut equip +2, i got 1 equip +3 aim. What happend, it random make?. I feel angry, i don't like this option
<< Anonymous(Knight)
coffecat Reply
yes atm it is random, they have mentioned in the previous notice that they will change that in the future update, called inheritance where you can pick what modifier you inherit from the two equipment you just combined
If a range unit changes subjob to melee, does the default attack become melee or need to equip a sword? For example, when Lilyth changes subjob from Knight to Hunter, does she automatically attack from range now?
<< Anonymous(Zod)
cat Reply
no, if you have a range main job, its only main equipment is range also same as basic atk, if you change your sub-job to melee the only thing will is the set of ability your gonna use during battle
one more
more MR equips
someone add the MR equips pls
How do we factor in equipment proficiency? is that something that we can raise, or something that's fixed? (E.g.: Excalibur is sword proficiency A, while Gilgamesh has sword proficiency E at his lowest level)
<< Anonymous(Tofu)
Anonymous Reply
You can raise it by equipping any weapon and i think 🔥 enemies. When his proficiency is lower than that of the weapon the stats of the weapon will be lower, but still worth equipping.
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