AP Guide: Initial AP & Acquired AP

AP in wotvffbe. Initial AP, Acquired AP, how to let units have higher initial AP.
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update 13/04/2020

What is AP?

AP (Attack Points) is consumed to perform Limit Burst and abilities that deal Dmg.

Units can gain AP by:


・Picking Crystals up

・Peforming abilities requiring TP

AP Acquired by Attacking

By peforming side attack, back attack, weakness attack, critical hit, and KO, units gain more AP.

Front attack: +8

Side attack: +14

Back attack: 20

Critical hit: +4

AP Acquired by Consuming TP

Each time performing abilities requirng TP, units can gain AP by half the amount of consumed TP.

AP Acquired by Support Ability

Units with Acquired AP Up support ability (max level) gain 1.5 times more AP by attacking.

The effect of this ability doesn't affect the amount of AP acquired by consuming TP.

Initial AP by Classes

Initial AP of Physical Striker Classes

Units whose main jobs are physical striker classes, like Soldier, Lancer, and Paladin, gain 18% of their max AP as initial AP.

Initial AP of Spellcaster Classes (Except for Red Mage)

Units whose main jobs are spell caster classes, like Black Mage, Time Mage, and Cleric, gain 75% of their max AP as initial AP.

Initial AP of Red Mage

Units whose main jobs are Red Maeg gain 50% of their max AP as initial AP.

Equipping Esper

Units can increase their max AP by equipping Esper. Meaning their initial AP are raised as well.

AP-Related Abilities

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want ask, how about card related Job Crystal card (buy from special shop)? how much its gain? from which calculate? is gain only at start? or it gain Ap for each turn or atttacking?
and about the last Esper Tetra slypid, have ability board +AP how to calculate it?

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That's the answer i was looking for thanks
Not exist yet.
is there any rerun event to get this? my team isn't good enough at the first event
Man ! I wish they change Hard Slash to Hazard Break.(
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