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Items for crafting & awakening equipments, recipe, pot, seal, dwarf's hummer, book of secrets. War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
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So on the JP site Soul of Thamasa requires a "Large Soil Crystal" (google translate) it doesn't appear to be the same as void crystal as that appears as "Large Crystal of Nothing". Does anyone know what the Soil Crystal might be? Something not implemented? I'm trying to hoard items for it.
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Anonymous 24days ago Reply
it is earth megacryst maybe. and i don't know where to get it other than exchange coins from the raid
Can anyone tell me why I can't craft this item?
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Valkey Reply
What craft? To craft weapon or armor u neee specific items. If not available meaning that you do not have the requirements of the crafting.
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Jordan Reply
I had the issue where I had all mats and couldn't craft a + item. Had to go through my formations and remove the item from all my characters.
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Anonymous Reply
I was able to figure it out, to make a + weapon and you use another weapon, that weapon cannot be equipped on any units.
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Anonymous Reply
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So I thought this might be helpful for anyone curious about how many books of refinement an MR weapon will take.

Your first awakening costs 30 books.
Your second awakening costs 50 books.
Your third awakening costs 75 books.
Your fourth awakening costs 100 books.

If you plan on fully maximizing your weapon to full potential, you won't need to use the refinement books until you get them to +2.

For your +2 you'll need to get them to level 20 for the +3 evolution. +3 to 30, +4 to 40, and +5 is yours to do what you want :)

So here's what you'll need.

4 x 30

2 x 30
2 x 50

1 x 30
1 x 50
1 x 75


To get one weapon to +4 you'll need 435 books. For 2 that'll be 870 books.

Total Lv5 +5 = 1125 books of refinement.

*the list up above covers for 1 +4 weapon. Just multiplied it by to.. added the awakening steps to get the total of 1125 books*
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Btw, that was for the Cat Claws.. I'm not sure if they're the same for every weapon.

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