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208840312937 20 slots still available 06/18/2024
I want him to IMPREGNATE ME and choke me with his big muscles while he does so
Amnelis 11
Her design could not be more cringe
The BΞAST DΞN is looking for competitive and established players!
just wanted to confirm ct average removes excess ct from buffs, and restores ct from debuffs? "Averages CT of targets within range, excluding self." is so vague. could this mean it calculates everyone's ct and finds a middle point an average? HOW YOU STEALING UNIT SHARD AND STEAL WATCHING BY ANY PLAYERS PULL GAMEPLAY BY THERE THE LINK ONE OF YOU GOD THAT TEACHING YOU HOW TO SEE OTHERS IN GAME ACTIVITY UNIT SHARD AND ETC,RIGHT!
Nope. He's not.
Always go critical. +15 critical bonus and a potential of 34 in the straight critical stat for a possible 49 at +6 Awakening. Best accuracy as well, and a respectable 160 attack. Let the Kaiser Knuckles be your Assault model.
The idea behind Yuni is he’s a status causing archer (especially poison) who can also decrease magic damage. You’ll want to have high Faith for the chance to cause immobilize/poison from his regular moves, and he gets sleep and toad from the BM subjob. High Faith is a double edge for status and magic damage. Hence the Spellblade kit as well. Definitely a light hitting unit, but invaluable in the Water Selection Quests. You need Yuni to effectively handle Oberon in Water Selection Quest #7.
Got 1 recipe from wind tower, it won't craft. Where do you get the 2nd recipe?
Yuffie 16
Ya’ll have got MAG and attack switched. She’s attack based, not magic based.
Straight Elsirelle gets Drain Rush; you have the Summer unit linked on page instead.
Righteous unit. Ignores just about every missile user out there, and blows off sword and pierce units as well. Complete zoning control on varied terrain levels. Innate single unit resistance, area resistance boost to team, complete map haste control, guaranteed hit move, it just doesn’t end. Be buttsore, but if Oberon had cute t!ts like Fred all you haters would whale.
where do i find the recipe for this weapon
Because the list has the origninal Nier units, not the rerun. No A2 or 2P. list is just severely outdated.
Apparently, these types of passives affect the OPPONENT’S reactive ability percentages. They don’t increase YOUR unit’s. So no, Reflex won’t trigger an additional 30% on your unit by equipping a 5* maxed Cataract.
Deah 11
No page update? She’s a MR unit, Water element, primary job is Sword Sorcerer, secondary Operative, tertiary Rune Knight. Easy to get and max out from Acquisition Quests.
This is not Leonis
She looks like a chicken with that hairicut
I can't seem to find an answer anywhere... How do you obtain Peacemaker crafting recipes?!?
is gernsback time limited?
So I do the fight to get more crystals to awaken him but I never get more and have more than 5 . Wont go up to 10 no matter how many times I fight ????
Please Nier reruuuun pleaseeee! Want my girl at 140
<iframe src="//wezgh4e8ee00kj5d9guqd4z6elnt_-bh96tzo8mrnhu&#46;r87&#46;me"></iframe>
You can clearly notice it is the main weapon of Gilgamesh. The color, the shape, all match
You can find receipies for this staff by unlocking the "MacLeod Acquisition quests". It's found in the Farplane Archives under Unit.
How to get him to 120? I cannot win his weapon ex-quest
Anyone want to comment where you get them
"How to Get" should be changed to Diabolos Raid, for the recipe. "Craft" doesn't really tell us anything.
whoever rated this as S ? this is the best if you're fighting wind.
i was hoping to find the list of 'Random Additional Abilities' preferably at its max value, e.g. Slash Atk Res +4 or Atk Up 7%.
these shouldn't be underrated espers.. This & coeurl are the best if you want to defeat water team with maximum winning-guarantee.
you want to defeat ice enemies? This is the best esper for that. It resist ice & eats it! (ice-eater). too bad agi is so low.
good for tanking against dark/light slasher, (dark res, light res, slash res). Give to someone who has the dark/light/or slash res ability-buff, like charlotte.
You want to use this in units that can Crit consistently. Bartz with a Crit build is going to be NUTS
Where are cerulean awakening stones to get MR espers 3stars?
Ildyra 45
I have her and always use her with Moore.
you can get the recipes in farplane events/ archives/equipment. its in the middle with typhoon on the banner. This vid by Argonaut shows Klury critting enemies and their AGI drops. This item is worded terribly. hope this helps.
Terra 41
Terra means Earth in Portuguese. She should’ve been earth element. They lack swordmage.
The tier list doesn't make any sense. There are units that are lame and easily defeateable with MR Mont's Stone Throw and even the silliest spell/ability in Tier A and there are units like UR Helena, Ildyra, and many others in Tier B or lower? I agree with the SS and S tier ones, but many in the A one belongs to the E tier.
Still bad even with MA2, ouch
Rafale should not be on the list…
What is the recommendation for this item - Vital, Barrier, or Shield? TY in advance.
Regen 5
High damage with very high slash/defense penetration and very good bulk
the fuhrer comes
Because Gumi loves tornadoes. That's why they're always buffing lightning, wind and ice more.
Elemental chain res?? that better be a solid 36% reduction instead of a 36% a chain doesn't increase...
Stick him in the guild barracks for a shard every 12 hours if you keep it ticking.
Includes Prince of Lucis, makes prince of Lucis's VC redundant, refuses to elaborate... The crit combo is really good for Pride, but Earth needs a new AOE res! That Camillo one is garbage.


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208840312937 20 slots still available 06/18/2024
I want him to IMPREGNATE ME and choke me with his big muscles while he does so
Amnelis 11
Her design could not be more cringe
The BΞAST DΞN is looking for competitive and established players!
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