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Her skills mostly target single enemy, better save for elena
Skip it is. Thanks.
does this vc reduces Garvall's only weakness?
It might be limited, like Duane :((
Aerith 28
her TMR gives up to 25 unit res to 5 members, i actually thought it was OP, was i wrong? (not being ironic)
she too strong ! even her Lumen members, no one is weak. she and her 2 son, king Mont and Ruin Stern can clear the game =))
Barret 7
Yeah I think his jp voice actor is hilarious
Seems like he doesnt have much for AOE options
No, the attack stat is pretty standard to other SSR/UR crafted spears, the accuracy up upon crit means you lose out on pierce attack up/elemental attack up/defense penetration up for an accuracy boost that lasts for one turn after you land a critical. which this weapon grants a negligible amount of which also means you'd need another gear piece dedicated to raising critical even if you want that.
With this Fryevia is gonna be a well rounded tank like WOL
Jume 6
because cloud can 1 shot duane
good news there is Aileen and Lorenzo
save vis for this op unit
yeah his new buff skills are crazy good! and he even have full-life, he will be great in a mono ice team especially in class match
Looks like I'm in the right comment section.
this will be new best aerith vision card
Is blue planet savior accurate? because if it really gives him 32 armor then thats pretty insane.
from what i did calc it's something like this: +5Ras 4130(Normal), 4815(Crit) +5Lara's 3783(Normal), 4787(Crit) +Ras Hit harder but if you crit it's almost the same, you get 24 more crit rate with Lara's, so all in all i'd say they're pretty the same, if you already got +5 Ras and don't need another Gun, you don't need this, i missed Ras so i'm going for this
this item is so troll.... I want it
Who can use that?
Is she max awakening?
He's better than KoR not better than Duane
Velne 205
can't wait for Garvall's Sister.. i will try to pair her with 9S, but if it isn't working then she will do fine as a home unit i guess
Not every unit is supposed to be an attacker. And lookie here, comparing a UR vs an MR.
Mediena 36
and she actually used to be top tier in PVP, thanks to Ninja she got high mobility, sum that with Cosmo Plume and you got a single char one shotting all opponents at once lol time changes though so nowadays we got BRHelena with that role and Mediena Cons became too much to bear...maybe
Should really have stayed as Man Eater, definitely fits it, if you know what i mean ◕ ◡ ◕
Well, she's a water unit.
how do you turn haste off?
in addition with the buff applied there able to do massive damage and even tank bust cause of pen added. as for the ai my louelle use the skill in gvg and pvp alot when her hp is low or if the hitting a target far range if you have other 5 range skill you will have to turn those skills off for the ai to prioritize using drain evocation
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You could farm sand from the shinra bangle thing I guess
Looking for friends to add : 2457808231
Rosa 34
Don't worry she has Deep Love for you too
Does anyone knows that arcane assault lore/mastery stacks with knowledge reserve or not?
Lucio 9
you shall wonder no more.
Armor of Light, Holy Knight's Shoulder Plate, Kaiser Knuckles, Purple Lightning, Tidus's Necklace
If anyone cares the medal formula for hard bosses is 1/2 the 2 leftmost digits of your score (rounded down) so 8200 will give 41 medals as 1/2 of 82 is 41… this is true across all hard bosses in box events
Increase Critical Rate (10 => 30) for 3 turns for self Increase Critical Damage (10 => 30) for 3 turns for self
If you are building 99% slash and magic resistance Whisper, yes, this item is a must +5
You don't need adamantine XL, you can just use any other, thats just a consumable to increase EXP and level up it, its needed when crafting +weapons because it asks you to make a lot of weapons and lvl it you can just keep doing the burst sword quest, for adamantine, its actually still better than any other method
yea pretty much
barrier or shield?
Wrong aoe pattern
no tidus neklace
new raid craftable from jp raid, so it's a couple of months away from global.
lasswell is my 2nd 99 unit and his EX is coming out im so exited


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Her skills mostly target single enemy, better save for elena
Skip it is. Thanks.
does this vc reduces Garvall's only weakness?
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