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That's the answer i was looking for thanks
Not exist yet.
is there any rerun event to get this? my team isn't good enough at the first event
Man ! I wish they change Hard Slash to Hazard Break.(
Why is Dorando a B in Global but an A in JP?
**Guild**: Lost Phoenix **ID**: 4278219462 **Minimum Rank**: 60+ **Statues**: 4/4/4/4 **Current Membership**: 21/28 **Guild Battle**: Platinum III Looking to fill up our membership! Requirement is to be on daily to attend, gift, enhance statues, and participate in guild battles. More rules in our Discord below!
can be ordinary and free visiore which you just need to save up, stop using misleading sentences to stir up hate
nvm I just noticed it below critical
For those of you who were lucky enough to pull WoL and plan on using him in guild battles should consider this card for him since he doesn’t need vow to get hate.
Great info! Thank you so much.
The lingo has "Raises Faith" separated from "and raises ATK/MAG for 3 turns." I'm pretty certain that Cheer is a permanent increase of Faith in the particular stage. But only 1/4 of the increased Faith is permanent. I may be wrong, though... but the language suggests that even if there was no increase in ATK/MAG, there is still an increase in Faith.
3D model is a plus
give u ability and party ability
This tier list is trash. Go to jp website instead.
Why if his keyboard only use caps @@@
Where is the event on this weapon?
Rain is easily one of the strongest units in this game. Excels in duels as a tank, raids as a magic damager and other aspects of PVE as a decent healer. Strong Limit Burst with Shining Nova. Decent amount of Initial AP. Can be a secondary tank and healer. Can generate hate to support the main DPS. Has Speed Break and a 3 hit Soul Prominence. Sword Guard adds to his survivability and all his support abilities are very good depending on the situation which is a positive problem that you can only equip 2. If only his move and jump is higher but what more can I say, you can't have it all.
A very versatile unit with a pierce, strike and slash attacks. Has above average HP and evasion. Very good damager. The 3 move 1 jump is the only downside like most units. Build him properly and you'll know that there is no "weak UR" in this game.
Nevermind! The official facebook page posted it: Element/Type: Dark/Machina Weaknesses: Slash Attacks, Magic Attacks
Fenrir card isn't out yet, so for now there's no magic ressistance esper/card that can handle kilfe yet
Any way to see who the next featured units will be?
from what i see in youtube videos, he start with about half max AP so he kinda like red mage
I have 50k saved up for her. Your opinion is noted.
Many thanks
Does Ifrit raid boss has CT reduction immunity?
Does behemoth raid boss has CT reduction immunity?
Yep, as long as you avoid Miranda and the water arithmetician. He's only weakness is the lack of defense penetration
Viktora 21
If you make Vik slightly slower then what ever you are countering her jumps will be consistent in pvp. There is a patch in jp to stop AI using jump if target turn comes before jump CT. I had very good results leaving her at 81 agi to counter gunners in high end arena. If you got a decent Ice Lance you really don't need self sacrifice to 1 shot gunners.
Esuna 1
Naḍr 3
I think he's a UR too...
That sword thoe wtf lol
Deere 6
Well those bras sure look protective
That thumbnail makes him looks like a midget lol
The HP raise is like Divine Grace, it is not Healing. And if you put this on him, he uses it over Brave Presence, which would make him NOT gaining any Hate and risk your other DPS getting killed first turn.
I guess yeah i can cash out since there is a pandemic i guess lvl 80 is good enough
Yes you can combine it up to +5
10-25% of your unit's max AP per turn. 30-75% over 3 turns.
i wish they made her as breaker/debuffer since she has an attitude
Lavies 2
TMR is pretty nutty for building any sword unit with that earned JP+30% Too bad Agrias is gonna be the last sword slasher I pick up for a while so not worth it for me to max her...something to keep in mind if you have sword users needing JP
Meaning yes. They both do ice/slash damage. They synergize well.
Aileen 26
people say this but its not always true The faster enemy moves first and is out range You move closer with your unit and your unit is also out of range the enemy unit moves again and they are within range and do an attack on you. They move again before you can act and get a chain on you - your unit is dead
Yes, and you can get around 90 guaranteed shards (medal event's currency and shop).
I want to know about this too, if stats dont stack and take the highest value, so the minus should be ignored right? I this case he should get +2 acc?
Thank you!
Why negative agi stats on katana :/
Ribbon 5
Where on earth is this from? Damn, I want an evasion one....
mediena + fina +ayaka combined
I'm almost MLB for cecil right now


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That's the answer i was looking for thanks
Not exist yet.
is there any rerun event to get this? my team isn't good enough at the first event
Man ! I wish they change Hard Slash to Hazard Break.(
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