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That's weird, it says your name is Anonymous.
mans down bad. I wouldn't advice buying a lady of the night just because of it tho. if that's what you mean by professional help.
2694981304 Please add~!
Plus this isn't time limited, so you can save a ton of viscore compared ro time limited VCs
That's not correct, it has 15 Crit Evade and 5 Evade
Nope, just 90. Her shield breaker is similiar with Muraga's but Muraga's is S dmg. Her L. Atleast her cost isnt 80 like him.
Guild: Zodiac Order Guild ID: 2736864807 Guild Leader: Inan Statues: 6/7/6/6/7 Current League: Master 2 Members: 28/30 This is a very chill, relax but competitive guild. We are currently looking for a couple active players to fill out the roster and keep improving together. We have a very solid core and just need 2 or 3 good and active players to take it to the next level. Requirements: ◾Daily: Attendance / Statue Donations / Guild battle participation. ◾Keep your formations updated. ◾Units updated with brave/faith.
Golbez 16
your loss poor @@@
King Mont killer but dont see much other use for her.
Just in case the AI become boring at behind and wanna go to the frontline instead.
first post
I love the super @@@ty account being used to show the effects lol half built fiesta
Oh yeah? Show us 5 matches of unedited Macherie action in 100 pvp.
Murmur 13
Cool, her second ma, give her more hp and damage.
Ildyra 40
it's always same or similar with main job's weapon, so mace tablet.
Garvall 442
I still gonna EX-ing him though, but yeah, it's obviously modest. Hope they make him justice with new MA, and that's maybe 8-12 months lol
Where is Rafale? Or Rayches since she is out on JP and will be in global soon.
His master ability needs rework.
Is there a pve tier list?
But earth unit have -10 wind resist and this sper have -10. Nodes have 20 = 0. That is very Bad you can try others options, VC at least is ussable but this sper... Earth don't need lightning killer because is really powerfull against lightning.
Lanan 8
He can
Queen 6
Imagine calling A+ a dumpster
Lucio 11
Yes, Lucio's new level and quests (to get his mindspheres and ex materials) will appear gradually when each banner of new crystal warrior appears. He's intended to be a slow build character.
Joker is bad. But if you liked p5 why not?
Equipment: am i Joke to you?
Bellis 8
No one cares.
Tidus 54
Guaranteed crit, not guaranteed hit.
Frederika 236
That's exactly who I settled on my when I started. Medina made it easy for the start until I got better units.
Joker 5
Joker bruh ??? Just call Satanael and blow their mind with 99999 damage shot
Violet 20
just dont die alone
This got re-released with the bambi raid so you can buy more
tifa and 2b VC can stack with this?
Thanks! It's corrected now.
Agreed, totally
He also lacks any DEF/slash res penetration.
Jeume 32
i got her today with the ticket from the store, just pulled for the lulz. she is on barraks at lvl 89 and her shards will be available even after the events, so all cool here.
You're right. It's corrected now.
go for assault.
missile job or sub job. for instance, Cloud can take advantage of the backpack and use ranger sub class. same as his ranger lore passive, only adds +1 range to ranger subclass skills. still extremely powerful though, since added range will keep cloud back, and he hits twice as hard as fred.
Sylma 7
Disculpen cuántas esferas de visión se necesitan para sacar el 120 de un SSR y también si regresando el evento del PJ se puede volver a sacar sus fragmentos
Ibara 43
I know I have an Oni "fetish"
Not right now, but after 2nd anniversary (25 March) we gonna get some new features, one of it is Sub-VC. That's will allow a same buff/effect to stack by a variety of percentage depend on the types.
Varush 9
Seiten (Magic Katana)
Rapier 2
reality =/= game
Complete Ibara's bingo board.
Lucio already passed, Next, it's you. Prepare for Lady Jeume's trial.
The blue theme match well with Lasswell tbh


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That's weird, it says your name is Anonymous.
mans down bad. I wouldn't advice buying a lady of the night just because of it tho. if that&...
2694981304 Please add~!
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