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She's so busted it's @@@. Balancing seems to be quite a challenge for GUMI. If they would have given her a decent haircut at least, it looks so bad
imbalance character, jp devs just want money to milk. Look at those skills have a 3 hit L damage, have an insane aoe, insane +5 weapon. You think whales are dumb enough? but most of jp whales already quit the game. they are sick of unending upgrade of every character. 1st the trust stones, then the +6, now the 140 capped. Many content creator showing dismay, that is proof enough. Global, big drop of players drop not because of the collab but because this game is so grindy. Imagine your gonna play this game on your dayoff. what a waste of time.
12/1 Darkness-Fes Unit Resol(cost100,wind,Limited) 12/9 FF1-Reissue Unit Warrior of Light Esper Death-Machine
For evasion taunting blade tank build.
underrated tmr. Pretty good in auto pvp. If cast to your tank, both tank and caster have 30% reduction to physical and magic type. I've seen whisper buff with this in auto and it will take some time to @@@ her especially while dark fina heals her every time she survive while sephiroths killing everyone with his insane aoe.
Solid hp, good for defensive trust stones. Now that they have characters that have evasion through guaranteed hit in jp which is absurd. The +60 accuracy and 40% attack is situational buff in cm. This is better tmr than sephiroth if only this has 2 uses.
It s a mace tho. Why sword icon?
>>>Hess' Eight Sages > Sol (deceased) / Light Crystal > Dark Fina (crystallized) / Earth Crystal > Elfdrit (deceased) / Water Crystal > Behemoth K (deceased) / Dark Crystal > Bahamut (contracted) / Fire Crystal > Babel (active as the Invincible's core) / Wind Crystal > Rowen (deceased) / Ice Crystal > Amnelis (active in War of the Visions) / Lightning Crystal
Gumi are Elementalist. 10% agility for wind and none for fire, when fire needs a buff. We need equality for all.
However Terra still destroy her even with those slash res because Terra's slash res pen and man killer
Helena or her?
This seems like a good candidate for trust stones!
Lucio 21
Who the hell is Auron? I'm pretty sure he mean Aaron
Best boi~
More VCs with ability would be cool
i want sephiroth please
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A good mixed tank for the story and PVE. He has no choice but to sub spellblade all the time which is hindered by his lack of have at least 1 of his subjobs being mag to support his spellblade. He lacks the stats to do damage with his physical subjobs as well, without a master ability to compensate like Miranda. This makes him do pitiful damage, much lower than other MR tanks like Mariale, Raviesse or Tyttas who can at least do respectable damage.
She's like an Ildyra with a primary black mage instead of sub job that's modified with additional utility. She replaces flare with the ability to remove buffs before flare, she buffs her and allies mag too. Instant cast healing, dark DPS and tankiness from spellblade. She's immortalized at S tier.
Actually when considering she has mobility from pulse, survivalbility with the chi barrier, haste,non elemental damage for ice resist, she is very much S tier, just trades healing and jamming thrust for buffs and debuffs with Garvall. Both can be considered S tier. Quicken would immortalize her at S tier.
Chunak 7
Is he good doe?
Gargas 9
A pretty strong damage dealer, High damage at long range and close range, some disables and mobility, bruiser health over other mage. Lack of healthy or buffs keep him from S tier but a great A tier unit and a really cool design.
Incredible high damage potential from 3 MAG DPS classes with crit from bladesoul, instant cast. 2 MAG bruiser jobs make her tankier than most MAG DPS. He lack of anything to offer other than damage keeps her from being S tier. But a great A tier unit still.
A tier due to being a DPS at MR, S tier if she was UR. S tier in selection quests. Only supports can be considered S tier at MR
Ildyra 44
A great Unit at the top of A tier. Instant cast water, holy and healing, CT charging, Black mage stats and Magic+ plus tankiness and extra MAG from Spellblade. She's a bit low on buffs and debuffs which keeps her from being S tier.
Murmur 14
She doesn't get much value out of the lancer sub aside from the crit passive skill. it's a bruiser and doesn't give enough health, def or spr as paladin to compensate for the fact that it's a ATK class on a MAG character. spellblade would have been the best third sub. She's B tier
Garvall 448
He's naturally tanky, a ranged mage bruiser survives beyond the 3 hit shield unlike salire. Has more AGI than salire without haste, does almost the same amount of damage and can choose between healing from red mage or disables and extra mobility from Kodotama.A better energist than Salire.
Ayaya Rundall ... or Heindler? Its not like they actually got married in the story unless I missed something they are only betrothed
She is the new top tier Time mage to take the crown away from Phoebe and outclasses her, chel ayaka, ellshra, margritte Not only does she have access to aoe haste and Quicken like phoebe, she has UR stats for better AGI and defenses.She is still outclassed as an overall support by velos, Yuna, and queen macherie until her limit burst and master skill 2 has something to say.
Mediena 37
S tier in PVE but A tier in PVP because of the lack of innate AT reduction or speed cast from time mage. Having two AP intensive, AT mage jobs w/o speed cast is slow and bad.The fact that her ninja sub is unusable isn't a big deal because she uses it just to get the agility boost and the shadow runner passive. Even if she starts casting before enemies using her ninja AGI, her slow casting time will allow them to @@@ or disable her before she casts. She requires magic baton or AT reducing VC and espers to compensate.
A tier magic DPS with a versatile ex skill than allow her to boost all allies Elmnt DPS. She does less DPS than salire but can instant cast alch spell to chain earth and light at long range and height differences to slay enemies quickly in tight situations. Her instant cast healing is stronger than Ildyra due to her healing power boost master skill that buffs the weak alchemist heals to be closer to white mage levels with no AT. Her being in UR keeps her balanced. She does less damage and utility than ildyra would completely outclass her if she was in UR.
Ayaka 238
She is the textbook dedicated support than can free your other 2-3 units to build as much damage and self buffing load outs to maximize their DPS. She can give strong heals, defensive buffs, purge stop, buffs, raise with full life, give AP, haste and chain light with holy, and not elemental damage with meteor if needed. They balanced her by not giving her Quicken which would have immortalized her at S tier.
She's a jack of all magics, master of none. Sub red mage over black mage at 120 for versatility and no redundant fire magic. She does less DPS than salire and ellshra, higher damage than most non BM MRs like Chel, Helena but outclassed by ellshra as TM w' DPS. She is generally good since she can quicken, cure with red mage, has innate speed cast and gives it to stronger AT MAG DPS, chains fire, ignore fire res w' meteor, and inflict berserk if the enemy resists MAG and fire.
Wrong effect
go to units > ability set > select ability > select on or off. Characters use highest cost of AP or TP abilities always first. only thing you can do is guess the order of how much AP you will have next because it will always take the max cost it can.
Aquire JP not Ap
lara croft can also use this
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Wait, this INCREASES AP consumption?? Someone tell me that's a translation error...
why spend on her when u can wait for coming squall and sephiroth
Miles beyond any of the other Lightening element units I’ve seen. Lives up to her name at least.
Look at the good boy!
This doesn't really stack with other evade items like winter coat right? Is this better with the AGI and area dmg resist on the jobs it works on or is winter coat still better?
This must be S tier at least
Need to wait for rerun. Maybe next year.
his AI mode suck
worst ever character...not worth at all...kind of cow poo...poo..from SE
not recommend at all wasting time
Shukuchi is move+1 and jump+1. Shadow runner is agi/ luck


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She's so busted it's @@@. Balancing seems to be quite a challenge for GUMI. If they wou...
imbalance character, jp devs just want money to milk. Look at those skills have a 3 hit L damage,...
12/1 Darkness-Fes Unit Resol(cost100,wind,Limited) 12/9 FF1-Reissue Unit Warrior of Light ...
For evasion taunting blade tank build.
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