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I don't get why anyone would go for soldier? Ninja has the range. All your good abilities for soldier you get at 6* anyway.
Engel is a significantly better physical tank. WoL is a better overall tank and overall character.
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Lucia 35
Shes got the element on Mont which will always be part of the meta since he is a strong free unit, so new players are likely to go for him. She pierces defense so in a way she is anti tanks which is hard to get commodity. Shes got quad shot which is amazing for chains and there is a lot hard content that is element and attack type weak incoming in the next few weeks. Thighs.
Yes he is
hourne castle can have more than that at maxed
Ignoring all hatchers and saving for this slutty queen.
They upgrade abilities on equipment. You use them just like seals or hammers on the equipment screen, but they're specifically for the abilities on armor. Took me a while to figure out as well.
Does anyone know if we can combine this armor?
what is Oldoa's rank in the tier list on the jp server?
You should read the Bio mate... you're in for a surprise...
What's the definition of "single attack"?
Excalibur + Golden Armor = 65% hit rate side attack to Ramzan with Mont. Excalibur + Smart Coat = 75% hit rate side attack to Ramza with Mont So to answer your question Yes
It's when the giant get it's hp to 50% it will start buffing(lvl80 brutal) and 25%(lvl60 brutal)
Stop 2
Depend on your faith. Kitone lb has 67% chance to proc while normal stop has 25%. (Your faith + enemy faith)*25% = final proc chance
the only way to get him to lvl 80 is with LB4. Fully awakened LB3 only gets you to lvl 79.
The issue was resolved. she's using haste and quick like normal and even pops a jamming thrust once in a while
Try farming at 2:1:9 «Fortem» Has Arrived. It have a higher drop percentage of 0.9% than the other two battles of 0.7% and 0.8%. I eventually got mine after tons of battles.
Chant 2
You need to increase the skill level and also leveling up your unit helps raise the heal amount.
Caean 1
Is this supposed to be Glaciela's mother perhaps?
Mediena 23
Why not try mediena with Margareet's TMR you will see the casting speed boost you are looking for.
it gives AGI percentage based on your base AGI. every 2 AGI means 1 evasion
Only if you keep up at farming them.
Could anyone elaborate on the contents of the "Warrior of Light Pack"?
Salire 6
With shadow run she can move faster then other units. Plus she can be either a damager or healer with lower cost that can do as good as mediena
Even if she has no taunt skill , if vow of love is equiped they will most likely attack her only if close to the range.
anybody know why Ogre is rated so low? it has atk% and slash% same as iron giant and behemoth
The only real difference is the ability to wear TMRs. Which, for Orlandeau, isn't a problem since he can already run his own buffs/teambuffs. But it could be useful if you had good TMRs you'd like him to equip... his own TMR isn't that great right now since AI doesn't know how to proc it. Good luck!
wait for another FFT event. it'll come to global in a couple month.
Why did you just phase Oldmandeau from your list of "high damage dealers"?
When is this "in the future" you are talking about? At least, when was it for the Jp servers so I could estimate it?
so at what level it will level up? currently lvl 15 and im kinda scared to waste more jp and gold
Grace 7
Actually she is the best MR debuffer, healer and booster. since she has all resistance plus she can do both. The downside only is she has 3 move and speed isn't the best. But I would choose her over Fina or Macherie anytime since she is also tanky. By the way anyone willing to explain Vitalize vs Haste who adds more speed :) ?
Haste 4
It goes acordling to the faith of target. The highest the faith of the target, the highest the chance to proc
You can advance it at equipment upgrade With armor pots
Thanks for the info!
Go +5. It doesn't show but +5 grants Slash ATK +15 & Thunder Attack +30
Irdilla 10
I can penetrate her all day long
esperando el evento del lightwarrior
what effects its damage then? What enemy defenses, which of Gil's ATK/MAG? Neither? Both?
Correction: Hourn becomes Hourne
If you want to throw rocks with Squire go with Assault, the imo better sub job is Spell Blade and all the skills there are dependent on Magic. So I would say go with a Magic sword, regardless of his Sub Job, his Limit Break "Ultima" is based off of Magic. Overall Magic is the better of the two
tiny to be precise
Hmm i get him for 10 reroll
I've looked on WoTC Calc and it just says it does 12% AP damage, which is not even a Hien (18AP) worth? Does anyone know how this ability works. Does it do damage or is it for some kind of later count down AP instant death Raid boss or something?


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I don't get why anyone would go for soldier? Ninja has the range. All your good abilities fo...
**Guild**: Lost Phoenix **ID**: 4278219462 **Minimum Rank**: 60+ **Statues**: 3/3/3/3 ...
Engel is a significantly better physical tank. WoL is a better overall tank and overall character.
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