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Shin Megami is looking for fresh blood-thirsty members to join our ranks! Guild ID: 2722300612 League: Diamond I. Members: 24/30 Statue Status: 5/5/6/5 Requirements: * rank 50+ * daily attend * daily gift * daily guild battle (attacking is not optional) * defense team set (should be obvious by now, but just in case) Discord: []( It is optional at this point, but can be very helpful. We offer cookies, fun, and aids! We don't care if u are f2p, dolphin, whale, or whatever, we just want players that respect the game and what it offers. And while we are strict about our daily battle, we also understand that there's life and people need to live it, so if you're not able to attack on that day, just let us know  Just drop me a message or show up on our discord if you wanna know more. Thanks!
Kain eats him up pretty good, not insta-kill, but now I don’t avoid pvp lists with WoL anymore.
Sakura 33
There's a lot that's almost like the opposite of staff mage, energy buster is replaced by aoe courage dispel, step and mag is replaced by an L damage equivalent, and where staff mage can increase resistances, kotodama can increase resistance penetration Kind of like ramza and cecil being similar in terms of support, one for offense and one for defense
2B 3
I have never heard of the game. However, her character looks very interesting. If I have any Visores left after FFX Collab I will go for her. So 2b or Auron is the question? (Yuna and Bahamut is a must.)
Don't expect anything from MR units anymore, she's basically a vision card masquerading as a unit
Luer 2
That houseglass figure making me sapiosexual but who is coming up with these names
New content last couple months has made my salire feel outdated maybe this'll help, for another month or two
I think they came in november in jp so... 1 month before anniversary, maybe 2-3 months?
How do you get his second master ability
Rosa 29
I was a naysayer at the start but I have been using Rosa to great effect in both high level guild battle (Top 20) and manual pvp (Rank 29 Class Match). In CM she covered a lot of bases, providing confuse & stop immunity against the very popular Agrias, 1 tapping all the Leela's running wild, buffing up defenses with protects and shells, and bringing guarantee hits for the evasion teams.
You read the comment wrong, it meant 2 spr and 22 dex, the barrier type only has 10 SPR Don't overthink this, it's an easy to grind lesser alex ring for people who missed it, with small almost negligable magic res, and it's an accessory not armor piece You lose nothing but materials by making one
Can't find a link but I think I saw a datamine show significant can exceed 50%, but these labels are a range
The stats aren't that much better than gil, only like 10% higher than nondouble cost unit like englebert when you just compare 99 to 99, the stat difference is mostly made up for by what equipment/card/esper you give them
Reward from floor 40 in the next tower
Noooooo >:'( ur cursed
The damage it deals is based on how much you are hit for. If you are hit for low dmg, you will only hit for a couple hundred. Get hit with a crit for 2k, u will counter for 2.5k.
I'm already had all the recipe required for +5 but I want to remind you that we need to do more grinding to get the material itself.
After playing the unit more, she does less damage bc other ranged units have support skills increase missile attack by that much, probably Her gunner subjob has it, if you want damage, I use bell with sniper for those aoes, or lucia tmr for speed/better support with time mage sub... choice in other equipment and passives are pretty obvious, depending on which of the 3 builds you want overall 4/5
If it's maxed and can deal more damage than her regular attack, she does.
Includes arch lord so I assume this comes out around mont UR?
Duane 45
I'm not to sure what the whole "90% of footwear accessories are womens shoes" proves anything. Most if not all of the women's shoes are trust rewards for female characters, i.e. it's those character's shoes. Its not all that shocking that female characters would wear women's shoes.
Wish there were a combo of high mobility + hate down + immortal spirit, nuke your own unit so it has 1 hp and never gets targeted But it only has two uses and costs 30 ap, only combination I can think of is miranda with kitone tmr
All spells except holy will benefit from 25% water damage, so its basically the same as diablo, except this esper has fire eater, the next few espers are essentially the same, spellcasters, and if you have bell, most all abilities do elemental damage
Auron 9
Pretty standard, about the same as old units like robb and oelde, about the same as new units like cecil etc
Rank pago 6
She is my sister
I haven't tried it yet but transposition skills generally target a panel rather than a unit, the cast speed of holy so it may miss, and low range... better uses for armor pots out there
Em gouga 2 ex brutal, ele tem 82 de agilidade não sei como controlado pelo jogo
Tidus 8
Ele vai ser um ótimo tank
Based on Wotv Calc it should be Attack 142.
kotetsu deals hybrid damage, not physical or magic. i actually don't really understand about hybrid type attack since i don't have gilg, but since it can activate magic reflex then maybe it is treated as magic attack in some way.
Yuna 35
As far as light/dark balancing, light gets a ring like tide ring soon, all dark has is thancred coat if you tmr him
Muraga became a garden snake and ate it
It always amazes me how good the art is for equipment like, more recently niv art, but in general and then half the weapons in the game are cartoony megablocks @@@ for kids
Viktora 25
It depends what you build her for, I personally like her for hard hitting speed. So it is Thief's Lore and AP up for me. I just wish she had a better counter ...
Maybe his first job is Necromancer.
If you are gonna use it on healers like Ildyra, I dont think you need those spr since they would probably have a base good magic resist. Alternatively, if you want more defence probably plat armour might be better. For healers like Ildyra, i dont think you really need to be scared of magic attacks, should be more wary of slash attackers, missile or pierce. Rarely you will get hit with magic.
Pretty useless if enemies ignore him and attack your more squishy units. Slow as hell. Gets one shot with magic attacks. You sure about your assessment? Or do you just want to justify your bad decisions?
^agree, especially with the fact that strike resist isn't that common.
The current meta made me think to shift into light team and max this thing.
Rip sortilege
Doton 1
I experienced it, REFLEX ability is useless against DRAINFORCE. but we still need to know if EVASION affects this.
I think this has a more chance of activation compared to other counter attacks. Any idea?
Yea, it can fail. The change is higher than raise tho. It also affected by how much faith the caster and the target has. The more faith you have, the more likely your raise spell will be successful.


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Shin Megami is looking for fresh blood-thirsty members to join our ranks! Guild ID: 2722300612 ...
Kain eats him up pretty good, not insta-kill, but now I don’t avoid pvp lists with WoL anym...
Sakura 33
There's a lot that's almost like the opposite of staff mage, energy buster is replaced ...
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