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Resol 2
cuz the whole thing revolves on the fact that she is a liar
Lucia in A is probably Black Rose Helena? BR Helena isnt anywhere on the list.
need an active guild i have 3s 140 lvl ready to push up the game !
Counter chance 80%, I mean.
GLIDES UP* WHY AM I HERE?!?! 1 Shots ur whole team* Leaves*
Please fixing bug while set NRG after calculate Background Repeat
Dejalo al 99, no vale la pena subirlo al 120 de primeras ya que es un support, mejor enfocate en maxear un buen dps, como Celes, Cloud, Helena de coste 100, entre otros candidatos
This aren't collab cuz WOTV is in FFBE universe, is more like a seasonal Collab is with Nier, P5, FMA, Lara Croft, Another FF, etc
Lo mejor es comprar fragmentos en la tienda/usar las estrellas de alma/hacer los fragmentos diarios/usar los barracones, que malgastar visiores en el azar
Any info on the crafting materials needed?
Ha ing troyble deciding but leaning crit due to the built in crit hit/damage already there. Have always done assault for other gear in the past though.
wrong... u can get this from farplane, in equiment, to do the quest u need 1 ticket and only have time 24 hours to perfect it +6.
im pretty sure he was a rejected one from one piece..
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Ew indon norak
Well, it was based off of a wind VC so it makes sense that they gave a specialization for wind, but now offering a boost for fire allies for appropriate team comp. reasons.
Amnelis 10
A? Get real. S at the least.
Is the +6 buster sword Stronger than Ester’s sword or is it still inferior for PVP
Is this sword still the best for Cloud or is Buster Sword +6 stronger now?
Nvm missed this mission reward..
Resnick 13
Yes. Same.
Lucio doesn't have this skill
It's in Farplane > Events > Farplane Archives > Key Quests > Chocolate Fiend Challenge.
Not sure if serious?
Not a bad card, yet...a bad card.
Someone please put my invite code in 422195300834 need vis I’ll do the same
No están varios equipos arreglenlo por favor
ayuda por favor Cuanto porcentaje de vida cuesta usar esa habilidad y cuanto porcentaje gana de DEF y SPR ?
Regen 3
I don't know. That monk skills still works wonder if done right. With Chakra increase. They are your physical healers at the moment :).
Eurel 1
Buset no comment ?
do the passive effects work on terra and noctis?
Viga 2
Nah, square is out of this is like "Gumi, we hive the permissions for nane, but you have to resolve your own problems, got it :)" And then Gumi trashed everything from the beginning, Why in the @@@in hell they are separated in elements, Is this a s*Tupd pokemon!? Even the first ff can use at least the basic elements and here cannot!? Lolollol This is thrash and gumi know it.
this didnt age well
It's exciting to see new bonuses show up on new gear, and on the new +6 versions every week, but I've noticed that it causes a never ending truststone shuffle, as the passives on truststones don't stack with gear.
Is this skill the same effect as Astrius, Lightning & H.Lucia?
Yea the infinite death roll I imagine is what you mean. With no guarantee after 5 tries. Learned that on Dark Ramuh Spent over 40k. Which was a better card atleast
3 chain mission bug wony complete
Yuffie 15
Main/sub main and 2nd job, 3rd is missing*
Killer of evade teams
Zoma 5
I think the tier list is made for pvp, and reducing AP plus causing frostbite in an area can be a problem for the opponent. Also, reducing reaction chance is useful too, since reactions can be a nuisance. Or maybe the tier list creators just don't feel like fire is that strong, so ice doesn't have much of a weakness.
Psaro 9
Got him on my first 9-pull, because I prayed to THE LORD
What happened to your tier list? It was pretty good a few days ago and now it makes no sense. You have top-tier units down in C, for example.
crow cloak is statistically better for psaro than this. just saying paired with his tmr you can switch between for similar results.
Both the ranking and the list are missing Lissette. The ranking is also missing Rivelka, though she's on the list.
if u actually look at the animations of units who uses maces but deals magic damage, they use the mace to attack, not releasing magic power
Ruinja 3
So lucky I got this for my main skahal, additional together with flare
He has 67 at 140. Must be a typo.
Limited? Really?
In A position ,wtf


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Resol 2
cuz the whole thing revolves on the fact that she is a liar
Lucia in A is probably Black Rose Helena? BR Helena isnt anywhere on the list.
need an active guild i have 3s 140 lvl ready to push up the game !
Counter chance 80%, I mean.
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