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Creysse 14
Damn that ex is hot garbage
I hope one day summer Elsie will get all the benefits of this
he is holding staff in his left hand maybe he will inherit dark magic from his mom
i hope we'll get this vc on rerun
this card is very important for light units
can aerith use the skill?
2B 35
i hope there'll be nier rerun next year
need 100 cost oelde to end brh meta
i want this
this monster was a killer in FFVI
I don't know who tom rider is, but lara croft (tomb raider) is unfortunately not meta.
Noctis 6
cloud is broken, this guy seems fair
they had to do something for Oberon. This is def a kitone card though
red means it's a buff to a certain element only.
Lowers AP consumption 20%. You Moose-knuckle!
Is it actually possible to build a +200 atk for the assault type? Asking because that's the third time i tried, using attack boost on enhanced every single time, smithing 10 times for attack and i was like years away from that stat (always around 160 atk, more or less). It is just impossible and i should just go for critical instead, or i'm doing something wrong? It seems impossible for me to reach that value in 50 levels, even tho assault has pity on the attack stats. It should increase at least 3 for attack every single level.
Rosa 36
and buff to her ice arrow passive buff
Taking care of a orphan with your brother.hey no that's @@@ lol
Chakra 4
Magic stat unfortunately
will be looking into it.
does the hp buff stack with choco earrings hp buff?
Buddy, Mont's resistances are all trash, except slash. +10% to slash, -5% to pierce, -25% to strike, -10% to missile, and -25% to magic. Reaaaallllly bad. Even 99 Englebert is better as all of his phys resistances are positive. MR Mont could be better in manual PVP though, since EX abilities give him some interesting versatility. Move down is really good in manual PVP, I think.
looks pretty good if its actually an accessory, not an armor. Just give us another xizas bells already, gumi!
The art is great.
Falm 12
I feel like when she comes to Global in November both her and Lara Croft are gonna be a nightmare in PVP content.
do you guys hate big chungus?
bangke indo!!
Evasion should be 10, Light ATK +15 atleast
one of the useless unit
at lv120, easily KO other like 1punch
lousy unit, c the face also no mood to play
Barret 11
Sorry, it wasn't. It's corrected now.
Lu'cia 103
when her EX Job releases on Global = INSTANT MAX! Because i got all the resources and that Unit sphere thingy.
Deah 7
When fighting against her in Tower of Visions her element is Dark, with Main Job Samurai.
I thought that they would give it when completing the tower
Velne 207
selection quest units don't have limit burst.
think outside the box. for instance, charlotte is a good candidate for this item. keeps movement at 3 with thief lore and gives her innate hate.
Duane 70
No one cares.
now we wait for the upgrade to 3star for aigaion so elena can destroy everything
more vc for mommy, nice
The range +1 is only for missle units?
Mirage ?
Your more than likely going to have to wait for a new UR unit with Thief/Assassin as a main job or a Collab with Locke, Zidane, or similar. Collab's would most likely have a new dagger type, which would be acceptable as well IMO.
You perv, your typing your horniness in a mobile game's wiki.
Just wait till tomorrow, Elena will stop your reflex :D
Red-Eyes White Dragon
No, the attack stat is pretty standard to other SSR/UR crafted spears, the accuracy up upon crit means you lose out on pierce attack up/elemental attack up/defense penetration up for an accuracy boost that lasts for one turn after you land a critical. which this weapon grants a negligible amount of which also means you'd need another gear piece dedicated to raising critical even if you want that.
yeah his new buff skills are crazy good! and he even have full-life, he will be great in a mono ice team especially in class match


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Ribbon 11
Any other equips with evasion stats?
Seiten 2
i crafted the magic, kinda want the crit, what a drag to farm another one. I hate gumi, why make ...
It’s made for Hallo Fred but notice that there is 2 earth hallo units so It’s cool
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