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Seasonal / Festival Banners in ffbewotv, winter, halloween, summer, ffbe, final fantasy brave exvius, crystal warriors.
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update 11/01/2022

Banner Details

Seasonal banners (Winter, Summer, Halloween) appear during those special occasions, while festival banners (FFBE, Crystal Warriors) appear when a new unit in the same line gets released.

Both types feature limited-time units and often include rate ups for the old characters of the same line when they appear.


Ramada (Winter) Macherie (Winter) Vinera (Winter) Viktora (Winter) Luartha (Winter)


Lilyth (Summer) Kitone (Summer) Kilphe (Summer) Elsirelle (Summer)


Little Leela (Halloween) Rairyuu (Halloween) Frederika (Halloween)

Lunar New Year

Moore the Merrier


Salire (Sweetheart) Ildyra (Valentine)

*Salire (Sweetheart) is not a limited unit in GL.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE)

Fryevia Duane Zazan the Unkillable Starlight Elena Ibara Esther

Crystal Warriors

Jeume Setia Lanan Bellis Alstoria


So these banners are not collab banners? Or are these collab banners? Aren't FFBE and Crystal Warriors collab? If they are, what about the others like P5?

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