Kilphe (Summer)

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update 19/08/2022
Kilphe (Summer Swimsuit)

EnglishKilphe (Summer)
Japanese初めての海 キルフェ(水着)
Job 1Strider
Job 2Soldier
Job 3Thief
AcquisitionSummer Banners Only
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)July 2021
Release Date (GL)August 2021


Kilphe (Summer) is a Light bruiser that's equipped to handle mages. Base resistances, master ability, and active buff (Spirit Ward/Spirit Ward Mastery) gives her some tankyness towards magic damage, and being an Axe wielder + the jobs she has available gives her high damage with some penetration towards DEF and Slash. What makes her truly unique is that she's one of the few units that can inflict Freeze/Frostbite debuff, which can decrease the enemy's AP gain.

Having access to thief job is a pretty nice bonus since it comes with a +1 move passive option, and there's also Steal Time that's still useful against most bosses. Her EX abilities might not be crucial, but the additional effects are quite notable and worth considering since it gives her some self sustain.

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

Summer Fatale

Lowers target's Light Res for 3 turns, then deals Dmg (L).

Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeSlash Slash
ElementLight Light
Max Effect (at Lv.20)Dmg: 200%, Light Res: -38%

Range Height1
Area Height0

Master Ability

Master Ability 1

Light Unit Allies' Max HP +10% / Light Attack +15, own SPR +10 / ATK +5%

Master Ability 2

Own SPR +10 / ATK +15% / Luck +20%

Max Stats

Lvl 99, All JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

ATK +44
AGI +10
DEX +61
Luck +45
SPR +2

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board

ATK +12
DEX +11
Luck +11
SPR +4
Max Damage+2000
Max Level+21

EX Job Skills

Command Spirit Ward Mastery

Raises ATK/SPR/Magic Attack Res of allies within area around self for 3 turns.

Command Frostwind Axe

Deals Dmg (M) to targets within range & chance of inflicting Frostbite for 3 turns & bestows Regen on self for 3 turns.

Command Black Panther Punish

Raises own DEF Piercing Rate, then deals Dmg (L) to target & absorbs portion of Dmg dealt.

Strider Main Skills

Command Constricting Cleave

Deals Dmg (S) & chance of inflicting Slow for 3 turns.

Command Spirit Ward

Raises ATK/SPR of allies within area around self for 3 turns.

Command Frost Axe

Deals Dmg (M) to targets within range & chance of inflicting Frostbite for 3 turns.

Command Call of the Wild

Raises Accuracy Rates of allies within area around self for 3 turns & raises own Slash Attack Res Piercing Rate for 3 turns.

Command Twisting Shieldbreaker

Destroys any barrier that reduces Phys Dmg on target, then deals Dmg (L) to targets within range.

Strider Sub Skills

Command Lupine Rend

Deals 2-Hit Dmg (M) to target.

Command Tiger Maw

Deals Dmg (M) to targets within range & lowers ATK/MAG for 3 turns.

Support Natural Instinct

Raises Accuracy Rate/DEF Piercing Rate.

Reaction Danger Sense

Chance of taking reduced Dmg.

Soldier Sub Skills

Command Osmose Force

Absorbs target's TP.

Command Hazard Form

Consumes own HP to raise own ATK for 3 turns.

Command Paralyzing Edge

Deals Dmg (Min) to target & chance of inflicting Paralysis for 3 turns.

Command Hazard Spin

Consumes own HP to deal Dmg (L) to targets within area around self.

Command Hard Slash

Deals Dmg (M) to target.

Command Grim Reaper

Deals Dmg (M) to target & chance of inflicting Doom.

Support Self-Sacrifice

Significantly raises ATK & lowers All Attack Res.

Reaction Counter Slash

Chance of Counterattack when taking Phys Attack Dmg.

Thief Sub Skills

Command Steal

Chance of stealing an item from enemy.

Command Snipe Dagger

Deals Dmg (M) to target & chance of inflicting Confusion for 3 turns.

Command Steal

Chance of stealing an item from enemy.

Command Shadowcast

Raises own Evasion Rate for 3 turns.

Command Steal Time

Halves target's CT & raises own AGI for 3 turns.

Command Mug

Deals Dmg (M) to target & chance of stealing an item.

Support Thief Lore

Move +1 & raises AGI.

Support Acquired AP Up Lv. 1

Raises Aquired AP.

Reaction Quick Action

Chance of significantly raising own AGI for 1 turn when taking Dmg.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic


ParalyzeConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharm
Slow StopImmobilizeDisableBerserk


Awakening Materials
SoulLight Fragment of ThoughtLight Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Light Awakening Soul  2★


Light Awakening Soul  3★


Light Awakening Soul  4★


Light Awakening Soul  5★


Light Awakening Soul  6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard


Hot New Top
She feels like an S ranked char now that her M2 ability is out
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
She's insanely fast, hits like a truck, has Regen, can be specd evasive, can heal with attack, taunt
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
in JP, her rating is above Locke
Dev must be insane
With all those skill her cost should be 100, goddamnit
<< Anonymous(Anonimous)
Anonimous Reply
Her shield breaker is absolute instant kill, making helena tmr skill is useless
<< Anonymous(Anonimous)
RMD Reply
Nope, just 90.
Her shield breaker is similiar with Muraga's but Muraga's is S dmg. Her L.
Atleast her cost isnt 80 like him.
Actually shes the strongest light slash unit, with "black panther punish" she can deal dmg more than maxed Elena or Robb can do..
Shes really good to deal with mage with high magic res but shes very fragile against physical type, even with her regen/absorb..
Missile/pierce/strike res is low, and she cannot wear armor, just helmet with low def.
Thats why she just A.
Its better to put hermes sandals + 5 or luminous armlet and flash of insight VC with "evasion up 20" unlocked.
<< Anonymous(Doublefinger)
Anonymous Reply
She can wear Winter Clothes in Global so if you give her Robbs VC and DC/Odin esper she can be very evasive.
How to craft her golden axe: assault or critical?
<< Anonymous
Anonimous Reply
Crit, because her crit is low.
Beside her attack & slah res pierce is frickin high already
Where i could find her sphere UR summer to upgrade her mains job?:(
<< Anonymous(Dretchen)
Muhammad Ferdiansyah Reply
You can gain her mindsphere in guild barrack friend. I put my kitone summer in barrack while even still on going, and it still dropped till now.
But i dont know if you just put her on barrack while event is already over.
Sorry my english isnt good
Sugoi nee-san
This unit is A ???

Are you serious ???
Her soldier subjob skills are so bad...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Her main job skills are better than the soldier skills anyway, so who cares? Her soldier job is pretty much for pve or never used. You're either going to run thief for snipe dagger and frostbite (status build), or you run thief for evasion build. Even if she had drain force and hazard break, you'd pretty much turn those off and use her main job skill anyway. Only soldier abilities she could benefi
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Benefit from are hazard form and self sacrifice.
<< Anonymous
Anungunrama Reply
So damned OP. Especially in Yuma light Squad.
no charm and drain
where is charm?
where is drain force?
<< Anonymous(no charm and drain)
Kiba Reply
U 🔥 black panther piercing is way better than drain force and does way more than that skill. Why would she need a hp base skill and she’s has a slasher skill that’s causes L damage def pen and absorbs hp. What a noob what u complaining for? You won’t pull her anyways!
Are her mindspheres the same as the other bikinis units?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yup, all current and future summer units have the same mindsphere
Needs correction on her lvl120 AGI and DEX value. And is her soldier subjob skill Paralyzing Edge supposed to be a different skill or just a dup?
<< Anonymous
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
Thx for that. It's updated now. Also, yes, the paralyzing edge is correct.
I feel ara ara vibe from her.

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