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Visiore known as lapis and gem guide for WOTV. How to get, farming, what lapis should be spent on and not.
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update 25/03/2020

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What Should Visiore be Spent on?

In the early stage of the game, you will get a large amount of free visiore from main story quest rewards, gifts, and so on. At this stage, attempt to summon and try to get some units you want to use.

Once you have successfully collect some units, purchasing Shards of those units is the main way of spending visiore. Visit the shop, daily shops, and event shops to trade visiore for Shards.

Shards are used to perform limit breaks on units.

Paid Visiore

Paid Visiore is purchased with real life currency. It’s considered different from free visiore.

Some summons (banners) require paid visiore to pull on them.

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How much visiore is given per month?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Between 0 and 5000 and it will be less over time. This is not a free to play friendly game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, in the month of April alone it is above 18k visor
This game is extremely generous if you don't waste you're resources and plan out your progression. You can't play this game like most other gachas and pull every banner
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You do know thats how they pull you in.

The game just launched for global, thats why they are so generous. It will dry up.

They give out gems for now to increase the playerbase and get you hooked, the more time you spend invested in this game, the more you feel the urge to spend "just a little" here and there and it adds up.

All gacha games does this.

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