Visiore Guide

Visiore known as lapis and gem guide for WOTV. How to get, farming, what lapis should be spent on and not.
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update 25/03/2020

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What Should Visiore be Spent on?

For the early stage of the game, you can get free visiore much as main story quest rewards, gifts, and so on. At this stage, do summon and try to get some untis you want to use.

Once you successfully collect some untis, purchasing Shard of those units is the main way of spending visiore. Visit the shop, daily shops, and event shops to trade visiore for Shard.

Shard is used to perform limit breaks on units.

Paid Visiore

Premium Visiore is the ones that you purchase. It’s different from the free visiore.

Some summons (banners) require only premium visiore.

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