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Visiore known as lapis and gem guide for WOTV. How to get, farming, what lapis should be spent on and not.
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update 25/03/2020

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What Should Visiore be Spent on?

In the early stage of the game, you will get a large amount of free visiore from main story quest rewards, gifts, and so on.

Visiore Guide 2

It takes a total of 600 unit shards to fully limit break a unit, and you only get 40 shards if you summon and get a duplicate of them. Since it takes a lot to reach max potential, if you're a F2P player, it's recommended to save up a lot of visiores and focus on certain units instead of summoning for a lot of different units. If you didn't reroll for units that you wanted/needed, check the tier list to see if the current on banner unit is good or not.

If you managed to get the units that you wanted/needed from rerolling, then the next step is to check the shops and start buying the shards of your units.

Visiore Guide 1

Once you have successfully collect some units, purchasing shards of those units is the main way of spending visiore. Visit the shop, daily shops, and event shops to trade visiore for shards.

Newly released units always have their own shop banner, and they sell 40 unit shards for 2,000 free visiores, and they can be purchased 3 times. If you have some paid visiores, then you can buy additional shards each day.

This is a more reliable way of obtaining unit shards compared to doing 10x summons to try and get duplicates for shards.

Paid Visiore

Paid visiore is purchased with real life currency. Whenever you buy visiores, you will get some "paid" and "free" visiores, along with some extra benefits.

Visiore Guide 5

Mainly the Royal Rank. High Royal Rank provides many benefits like increasing daily cap of dungeon runs, higher game speed, etc. You can check what it offers by tapping the "+" button next to your visiore count.

Visiore Guide 6

Paid visiores can be used on exclusive paid visiore banners, which gives different things. In terms of rates, they are about the same as regular banners.

Visiore Guide 6

The shop section also sells various different items that can only be bought with visiores like awakening materials, or event enhanced gears.

If you are not a whale then it's recommended to manage your visiores wisely.


Provision Warehouse

Visiore Guide 3

Aside from purchasing unit shards, you can consider using them to expand your provision warehouse's limit in guild barracks. Increasing the limit lets you stack more food, making them last longer, essentially making it so that you don't have to check and refill it every so often.

Visiore Guide 4

It starts at around 10,000(?) and you can keep expanding it by 1,000 each time you want to expand. The amount of visiores you need to expand gradually increases as you do it. At 20,000 the food lasts for about 5 hours and 12 minutes.

To expand the limit, tap "Replenish" from the barracks screen, then tap "Expand".


Visiore Guide 5

Similarly to expanding the provision warehouse, you can expand the item limit that you obtain from chocobo expeditions, mainly so that you don't have to check it every so often as well. However, this is more limited based on your Royal rank. At Royal rank 3, it can only be expanded up to 50 items. If you happen to buy some visiores and increase your Royal rank, then this is something you can consider expanding.


Visiore Guide 5

Visiores can also be used to "Continue" if all your units died in a quest by using 100 visiores, which will then revive all your units to full HP.

If you're a new player and struggling with some quest, take a look at the quest mission and see if the items that you can get are worth using visiores or not. Some event quest missions may offer valuable gears or materials that can be worth 1 or more continues to get.

While you won't be able to clear the "Do Not Continue" mission, you can clear it individually by doing the mission again and bring a companion.

Getting Free Visiores

Whether you're short on some visiores to get more multi pulls, or just want more to stock up for future summons, there are various ways to get some visiores without money or waiting through the daily gift mails. Here are some easily obtainable ways to get more that you might have forgotten:

Story Quests

Visiore Guide 1

NRG are often used for events, hard quests, or the gil dungeon, which can make a lot of people postpone clearing story quests. But story quests offer some visiores from first clears, and sometimes from one of the missions too.

Visiore Guide 2

If you've already cleared all of the quests and want to check for missed missions that might have visiores, you can easily look at the number of stars that isn't completed and tap the magnifying glass icon to check.

First Time Clears

Visiore Guide 3
Visiore Guide 4

The farplane section has a lot of chambers that you can do, and there's also esper battles. You can get some visiores simply by just clearing it once.

Multi Quests

Visiore Guide 5

Additionally, you can do the chamber battles again in multiplayer mode to get first time clear visiores as well.

Visiore Guide 5

Every time there's a new event dungeon, check the missions tab on the home screen. There are always multiplayer missions that you need to clear multiple times for different difficulties, and they often give visiores. Since event dungeons are temporary, you can potentially miss out on them for good.

Hard Quest

Visiore Guide 5

You can get plenty of additional visiores from each unit that you have, and hard quest is one of those ways. Once you have the unit, you can clear their hard quest and get the first time clear visiores.

Unit Quest

Visiore Guide 1

Levelling up your unit to level 40 will then unlock their character quest to unlock their master ability. Clearing these quests will give first time clear visiores and the character shards.

Awakening and Limit Breaking

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Visiore Guide 3

This mostly benefits players who have played for quite a while and have plenty of units and resources. Simply use the shards and awaken your units to increase the milestone.

This may not be that recommended if you're low on mats since you'll probably need them to focus on your best units instead.

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