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SR units and SR tier list in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
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update 05/12/2022

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SR Tier List

BVallaide Severo Naiah Little Leela Sosha Serjes Murmur Baelo Vadim Yuni

SR Units

Unit List

Unit List
UR Tier List /UR ListSSR TIer List /SSR List
SR UnitsR・N Units


Phoebe stands out, but there are other units worth maxing out for their TMRs.

A lot of JP players seem to think that Sosha is viable in PVP and her TMR gives Ice resistance, which is useful. I think that if you have a triple pierce damage team you can run her.

Vallaide is an excellent support and his TMR is unique because it gives 5 defense against all damage types except for magic.

Murmur is also considered very strong by JP players, she is probably the best non-UR and non-thief character in PVP.

Vadim is a thief and his TMR is useful for Orlandu and will be useful for Skull/Scar when he comes to GL.

Little Leela has a TMR that's very good against Vinera and Sterne.

Severo has been shown to be very effective in PVE and his TMR is very useful against Orlandu, Frederika, Salire and Skull/Scar.
Vadim, Murmur, and should be A IMO - the rest of the Bs are a clear step down from them

Vadim has utility with mug, steal heart, steal time, etc - good thief stuff with high evade and resistances. A bit on the weak side in damage but has 2 attack up passives too

Murmur has very good damage resistance for a tank, much less a mage. But a tiny HP pool. She takes some investment in good armor, espers, and cards, but she can shrug off the damage better than many UR characters while having a strong attack in Jammer Thrust
I also suggest grouping SR, Rs and N together, given there's not any real difference between them.

The tier system itself also needs soem work done to it.

It's obvious Phoebe is the standout SR unit, being comparable in terms of support to similar role MRs (Helena, Fina, Margritte).

But it doesn't mean all others are at the same tier.

Vadim, Mia and Zazan are in their own tier due to access to steal time and steal heart for instance.

Other than the thieves, the ones with access to supporting kits (white magic especially) also deserve special mention.

Vallaide has the highest TP pool in the game and access to green + white mage combo, with moderate MAG and AGI stats. That means he can use a ton of support skills (Imperil, cure, cura, curada, full life, protect, shell) non stop.

Nayah has the 4th highest Mag stat in the game now with full access to white mage kit and double healing skill set with white mage + cleric combo, making her healing support incredibly reliable (high number of uses + healing output) for tower content.

Murmur might not be a powerhouse like higher tier mages, but she's got access to Flare (element neutral spell with high modifier) to deal with high DEF/low SPR enemies.Also, her unusually high mitigation stats (tank tier) make up for her low HP by quite some degree.

Due to resource scarcity and future content promoting comp diversity, I feel it's important to clearly assess SR/R/N's viability properly.
<< Anonymous(Chalps)
"Murmur" Reply
youre the best. lol everyone always talks bad about lower "rank" units but never says the facts
<< Anonymous(Chalps)
Hawkafella Reply
I'm just a casual JP player, but we often see guides about Tower floors mentioning the need for more units, especially the cheap to build ones like SRs.
I agree it's a good idea to rank SRs, Rs and N together and give the tier list more depth.
Phoebe and Murmur should be S tier list for SR. High Dmg Mitigation, Phoebe best support, Murmur can be semi-support dps
<< Anonymous(AnginLalu)
GameA1 Reply
I agree with Phoebe, but is Murmur really that good?
<< GameA1
"Murmur" Reply
i cannot post the pictures of murmur because its too big but. 219 mag with no gear on job lvl 12 on everything max awaken LB 3 with max Mag up Lv 1
I Just lose to a SR team, Murmur(using flare),Phoebe(meteor) and Lirellila(dind🔥), all hitkill
SRs units are subpar; farm their tiles for their Trust Mastery equipment/tools and then let sleep in the Barracks to lose faith.
<< Anonymous(LaBella)
Yeet Reply
Idk man, murmur seems pretty OK especially considering sr's are way easier to get maxed than mr/ur. She ends with like 30-60% resistance to every single attack type plus an extra 10% to all element resist. A decent hp Stat (about same as yshtola) and knows offensive spell and cura by default. I'm thinkin she could be worth maxing given the much lower cost to do so.
Yuni any good for f2p range dps?
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
Unfortunately, SRs in this game have very low stats compared to MR and UR units. I recommend you to use MRs like Khury, Fina, and Rairyuu. at least for now. Even if you are a F2P, you can make MR units grow smoothly.
<< Anonymous
Joshua Reply
Khury and Rairyuu is good for range attacker. Fina not so much, she's more like semi support. She hits low, but the cheer ability makes up for it. She can heal a little too.
Ratings below the MR lacked a beautiful table as one of the highest ratings. It would be nice to have a brief explanation about each character and why they should be in a certain position.
<< Anonymous(Vini)
Joshua Reply
That would be helpful
<< Anonymous(Vini)
GameA1 Reply
Hi Vini and Joshua, thank you for your comments. So you mean that 1. SR should have a tier list as, 2. Each tier list should have rating explanations. Is that correct?
<< GameA1
Al Reply
I would prefer if we had a tier list subsection for each individual Rarity as well as an overall tier list, I know some games some of the lower Rarity units can still do some work or can be just as strong as some of the higher units if maxed out, such as dragalia lost.
<< GameA1
Joshua Reply
That's true, that would be wonderful!

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