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Bravery & Faith in wotvffbe. What is bravery and faith, how to raise, how to lower, how to use guild barracks.
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You can see the answer to a question, "How do the Bravery and Faith stats work?" by the wotvffbe official.

What is Bravery?

Bravery & Faith 1

Bravery affects the following:

・The chance of activating a reaction ability when attacked by a physical attack.

・The amount of damage an unit deals with physical attacks.

Bravery decreases when a unit is KO'd or from the effect of certain abilities such as Chicken Blade and Dragon's Roar.

How to Raise Bravery

A unit can increase it's Bravery by:

・Being assigned to the Guild Barracks (maximum 70).

・Picking up a Crystal dropped by killed enemies during battle (maximum 97).

・Certain abilities such as Meditation (maximum 97).

Chicken Status

Bravery & Faith 2

If Bravery of a unit is 9 or lower, that unit becomes Chicken in battle. A chicken unit takes more damage and moves to avoid enemy units. You can't control it.

During battle, a Chicken unit regains 1 Bravery each turn and is cured once it's Bravery reaches 10.

What is Faith?

Faith affects the followings:

・The amount of magic damage that a unit inflicts and takes.

・The amount of HP restored by abilities.

・The chance of activating a reaction ability when attacked by a magic attack.

・The chance of being afflicted or afflicting status effects.

How to Raise Faith

Faith can be increased by:

・The effect of abilities like Cheer and Final Hour (Final Hour's effect lasts only in the battle that ability is used) (maximum 97).

・The Guild Barracks (maximum 70).

When placing units on the barracks, you can select to raise or lower faith.

How to Auto Raise Faith with Fina Guide will help you as well. Check it!

Carry Over

・25% of the amount of Bravery/Faith raised or lowered during battle will be carried over.

・Changes in multi-player quests won't be carried over.

・The amount of raised or lowered Bravery/Faith by abilities such as Final Hour won't be carried over since that ability has turn restrictions.

Guild Barracks

Bravery & Faith 4

Placing your units in the guild barracks will automatically increase their bravery every hour by 1, up to 70.

Bravery & Faith 5

Since Faith works differently, the game lets you adjust each unit's Faith to your liking. You can adjust their Faith by tapping the "-" button on the bottom right of each unit squares.


You can increase your units' Bravery and Faith manually by buffing their stats in battle. This can be a fast and efficient way to increase them, especially if you plan on making them ready for pvp or guild battle without much time.

Bravery & Faith 3

The best mission to do this is on the mission "Concerns", from Chapter 1, Scene 3, and first mission. It's the best place since the team spawn location is grouped up, allowing you to buff the entire team using each Meditation, or Faith Rising.

Bravery & Faith 5

In order to raise your unit's Bravery, you'll need to use Bravery increasing skills, preferably one that works in an area. Most Samurai jobs have Meditation, so you can use any character with a Samurai main job or subjob. Be sure to level up the Meditation skill.

Next, put the units with the bravery increasing skill on slot 3 (and/or 4 if you bring 2 units), and give them agi increasing equipments and esper. This is so that they get to perform their actions first before your team. You can also unequip your teams' equipment to slow them down.

Bravery & Faith 5

Once the battle starts, simply use the skill and buff your teams and press auto to complete the fight. The AI won't use Meditation even if you disable all of the skills except it, so you pretty much have to manual the fight a little.

Useful Units

Tidus Robb Hourne Owe Seymore

Units with a Samurai job have access to Meditation. If you never levelled up any units with a Samurai job, look for one that has it as their main job. This is so that you don't have to level/awaken them up at all, except for the skill's level.

Tidus is a free unit that comes with the FFX collaboration, which can make it a lot easier for most people to be able to do this without any gacha characters.

Kilphe Fina

When it comes to Faith, unfortunately, there is only 1 character (as of updating this guide) with an area Faith increasing ability, and it's from Kilphe. However, Fina has a single target Cheer ability.


Basically, a unit in the front lines with physical attacks should have high Bravery and low Faith. It can then deal more physical damage, have a higher chance of activating reaction abilities, and take less magic damage.

However, if you want that unit to gain more HP from healing abilities, it should have high Faith.

A unit in the back lines with magical attacks should have high Bravery and high Faith. Then it will deal more damage with magic-type abilities.


Abilities such as Divine Healing and Chakra are physical, but the amount of restored HP depends on Faith of the caster and target.

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This makes the game sooo damn wack on top of the game already being extremely overly complicated it takes away the fun that everything needs farming and everything is not to make the game more fun but stressful instead what a pain
Does Locke need high faith to activate his evade passive? I'm very confused.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. Evade/evasion is based on luck stats, the higher the luck, then the higher your evasion probability.

For increasing reaction ability rate you need to have high bravery (max. permanent brave is 97).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You do want to have 50 faith on him, otherwise he might miss his Boon of the Phoenix self buff (the chance it works goes down 1% for every point below 50).
Otherwise faith has no really benefit to him.
Or Jayden, for example. Physical based attacks, but uses mag stat, does he need faith or not? ugh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes. Since it is based on MAG. There are different attack type (slash, missile, strike, etc.) but if their abilities are based on MAG stats, generally you'd like to increase the unit's faith.

Jayden usually attacks from afar, so high faith should give him more advantages.
Does anyone actually LIKE this system in the game? I really dislike the micromanagement of it. If it were a min-max thing that we can stat, it would be a little better I suppose (other than the fact that higher bravery is ALL good without drawbacks, whereas Faith is a tactical trade-off).

I also wish we could just throw some gil to take our characters to the bar keep or the church as a separate entity to do what we wanted to instead of how they have it currently
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I like it. I like that you lose bravery on death, so when farming difficult missions you're rewarded for putting some thought into what you're doing, or, if you don't feel like it, you can take the hit and recover the losses easily. Because you only really care about this level of min/maxing on your strongest units, the amount of time and effort required is basically 0 anyway.
Can anyone explain, what it means by magical damage, is it magical type damage or any skills with magic as its multiplier?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Magical type I belive. So spellblade is physical based off magic stat but cause it's physical it's tied to bravery not faith
<< Anonymous
Prof. Rio Reply
Nay, any spellblade, rune knight, and bladesoul skill was magic based

Maybe you mean t the slash type
Why does front line characters needs low faith? Does it also affect the bravery count like IVs in pokemon? If not, shouldnt it be much better if all characters have max of both?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Boobah Reply
Faith affects magic damage received; if you don't need high faith to power your own attacks, leaving it high just means you take more magic damage than you have to.

Bravery, by contrast, does not affect damage received, only damage done, so there's no downside to high Brave.
<< Anonymous(Boobah)
Blaireau Reply
but its worth it to have good faith even if the character dont do magic damage. If he does some status effect, faith will affect the effectiveness(more chance to afflict it) and you recieve more healing from self healing or from another healer. so some physical character can have high faith. Your personnal choice
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Simply, because giving high faith for non-SPR & magic res is very risky when youre facing magic type opponent.
Can revitalize (Xiza's bells skill) miss if faith is low? Because I often find one of my characters that has low faith use revitalize but the AP auto restore doesn't apply.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Need 50 faith for guaranteed buff
Faith adjustment in barracks is implemented in Global, now.
What's the lowest faith can go in the barracks??
<< Anonymous(Anna)
Anonymous Reply
30 is the lowest
Brave and Faith is up to 97 only?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i think so,my ramza is not getting any after 97..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Brave can reach 100 if your unit equip Hero's ring (not permanent though)

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