Gilgamesh War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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update 25/04/2022
English Gilgamesh
Job 1Winged One
Job 2Time Mage
Job 3Soldier
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)Nov 2019
Release Date (GL)Mar 2020


Cost for Performing Limit Break on Gilgamesh written by niko

【How to Get Gilgamesh Shard】
・15 shards/once from the character quest unlocked at lvl 40

・1 shard/per day (2 with daily reset that costs 50 Visiore and is unlocked at Royal Rank 6)

・5 shards/per week at the Frost Works shop on Monday, 500 visiore

・You can also rarely get his shards from snowstorm ridge choco expedition

・You can unlock another character quest at 4LB & Lv.80

【Days/Visiore Required】
・600 days if you do only hard quest everyday without reset

・300 days with daily hard quest reset (15,000 visiore required in total)

・19 shards with the purchase at the frost works shop & daily hard quest reset (850 visiore/per week)

・585 Required Shards / 19 Shards Obained per Week = 30.7 Weeks Required (585 = 600 - 15 that obtained from the character quest)

・30.7 Weeks x 850 Visiore/Per Week = 26,095 Visiore in total

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

English Flash
Japanese 弌閃
Ability TypeLimitiBurst Limit Burst
Effect TypeMagic Magic
Attack TypeSlash Slash
ElementIce Ice
EffectDeals Dmg (L) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat & chance of inflicting Slow for 3 turns.
Height Range1
Height Area1

Max EffectDmg: 200%, Slow Inflict Chance: 30% (Speed: -50)

Useful Link: Ability Guide

Master Ability

Master Ability 1

Own AGI +10% / Slash ATK +10

Master Ability 2

Ice Unit Allies' Max HP+10% / Ice ATK+15, own HP+1250 / Accuracy+15 / Upgrades Armor of Discontinuity

Max Stats

Lvl 99, All JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Critical Rate+14

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board


EX Job Abilities

Command Excalibur: Vorpal

Deals Dmg (L) to target after movement to target panel and removes all Buffs.

Command Kotetsu+

Lowers Slash Res of targets within range for 3 turns & removes Reraise, then deals Dmg (S).

Command Protective Ward

Raises Magic Attack Res for self and an ally & nullify Charm/Immobilize for 3 turns.

Winged One Main Command

Command Kotetsu

Lowers Slash Res of targets within range for 3 turns, then deals Dmg (S).

Command Self-Haste

Bestows Haste on self for 3 turns.

Command Frost Blade

Deals Ice Dmg (M) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat.

Command Armor of Discontinuity

Bestows a barrier on self that reduces Dmg (3 times).

Command Excalibur

Deals Dmg (L) to target after movement to target panel.

Winged One Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

Command Healing Aura

Recovers HP (S) of allies within area around self.

Command Final Hour

Raises own and target's Faith for 3 turns

Support Acquired AP Up Lv.1

Raises Acquired AP.

Support Auto-Float

Jump +1 & bestows Float.

Reaction Clairvoyant Blade

Chance of Preemtive Strike when taking Phys Attack Dmg.

Time Mage Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

Command Immobilize

Chance of inflicting Immobilize on target for 3 turns.

Command Comet

Deals Non-Elemental Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat.

Command Float

Bestows Float on target for 3 turns.

Command Slow

Chance of inflicting Slow on target for 3 turns.

Command Transposition

Switches own location with target.

Command Haste

Bestows Haste on ally for 3 turns.

Command Quicken

Bestows Quicken on ally.

Support Null CT Changes

Nullifies Slow, Stop, Haste, and Quicken.

Support Speed Cast

Significantly reduces Activation Time.

Reaction Slow Counter

Chance of inflicting Slow on target for 3 turns when taking Dmg.

Soldier Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

Command Osmose Force

Absorbs target's TP.

Command Hazard Form

Consumes own HP to raise own ATK for 3 turns.

Command Paralyzing Edge

Deals Dmg (Min) to target & chance of inflicting Paralysis for 3 turns.

Command Hard Slash

Deals Dmg (M) to target.

Command Hazard Spin

Consumes own HP to deal Dmg (L) to targets within area around self.

Command Grim Reaper

Deals Dmg (M) to target & chance of inflicting Doom.

Support Self-Sacrifice

Significantly raises ATK & lowers All Attack Res.

Reaction Counter Slash

Chance of Counterattack when taking Phys Attack Dmg.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ParalyzeConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharm
Slow StopImmobilizeDisableBerserk


★2Fragments of the Will of Icex10Awoken Prism of Ice x10Awoken Soul of Ice ★2x50--
★3Fragments of the Will of Icex30Awoken Prism of Ice x30Awoken Soul of Ice ★3x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx1-
★4Fragments of the Will of Icex50Awoken Prism of Ice x60Awoken Soul of Ice ★4x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx3Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx1
★5Fragments of the Will of Icex100Awoken Prism of Ice x120Awoken Soul of Ice ★5x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx5Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx3
★6Fragments of the Will of Icex150Awoken Prism of Ice x150Awoken Soul of Ice ★6x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx10Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx5
TotalFragments of the Will of Icex340Awoken Prism of Ice x370-Phantom Sphere of Starbowx19Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx9

Limit Break

Fragments of Gilgamesh
Limit BreakPhantom SphereFragments


Hot New Top
Vale la pena todavía? Yo empece el juego ayer y ya hice todo su limite. Solo me falta el despertar 4 .5.6

Vale la pena el esfuerzo ?
<< Anonymous(Anonimo)
Anonymous Reply
Dejalo al 99, no vale la pena subirlo al 120 de primeras ya que es un support, mejor enfocate en maxear un buen dps, como Celes, Cloud, Helena de coste 100, entre otros candidatos
I was mistaken, after updating his master ability and correcting his ability: Armor of Break, + using the correct Vision card lvl99. He become one of the strongest units I have(ATK1500) .He Can 🔥 3 units in one hit at once!! And can take 2 to 3 strong hits !!! Amazing units if you know how to use him !!
Run Orlandeau's TMR on him, turn off his shield ability (with the cast time). Turn 1 he'll cast self haste, turn 2 he'll cast the landu TMR shield (instant cast). Now he gets double turns and he'll still take a beating before your other units catch up to him, but he'll usually drop kotetsus and excalibur, debuffing the opponents team and your other 2 dps can come clean up.
My Gilgamesh is level 120 and I maxed all his abilities.With all this afford he still not reliable and squishy.There are so many new units and even MR units overpower Gilgamesh.
I am using him for his quicken ability nothing more. Even in pvp he die with one or two hit.
I have vinera which cost 80 only, She is way way better and stronger than Gilgamesh.
<< Anonymous(Ali)
Anonymous Reply
Imagine comparing a support unit with a attacker unit, and expect a support unit to one-shot any units. Lol.
Yea he is weak as 🔥... Low damage... The only good thing about him is haste skill...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's you that don't know how to use him, lol
He is not worth it, believe me he is useless unit unless Gumi release new vision card for Gilgamesh to correct him
<< Anonymous(Ali)
Anonymous Reply
he used to be powerful along with garvall before everyone got their ex. you're just late to the game
<< Anonymous(Ali)
Anonymous Reply
What are you talking about? He is the launch unit that top tier until now and will still be relevant after getting his "2nd" Master Ability's Upgrade in the future.
I have suggested this vision card for Gilgamesh so he can be powerful as Helena and Cloud

#party ability
auto restore ap (s)
ice unit agility 10 up
Ice unit Attack up 50%

slash attack up 25
DEF and SPR UP 10

MAG up 100%
+1 move +1 jump
ice attack up 50

#Ability : for the winged one only
power of destruction
lower spr by 38% then deal magic attack (M)
hight 5
area 5
wide area hit and far destance ( 6 square )
(cost 35 AP)
<< Anonymous(Ali)
ghadente Reply
Which vision card?
New ranking - nov 2021
No guaranteed hits and hard to stack enough acc on him, even with lesalia sword, oldoa tmr, and odin VC, still misses top tier evasion units consistently.
Super cool unit tho, its too bad.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aka, A tier at best, unless you can find a way to always fight teams with no evasion units.
Possible candidate for SS? With Fenrir VC, Queen Helena VC, and his self haste, he gets double and sometimes triple turns. With his shield on can take hits, and with Oldoas TMR can really dish out the punishment. Only thing he lacks is evasion, but who knows, maybe he could dodge with the right gear?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
of course he is good, he is a 100 cost unit after all. but you have to be careful because with his mobility his AI can rush forward alone and put him in a very disadvantegous 3v1 situation.
Amazing unit at lvl 120, if a little bit squishy. His 5% resistances to everything except strike, allow him to pretty much never get 1 shot, plus he occasionally dodges, though he is far from a dodge unit. With correct build and allies, you can get his attack (at lvl 120) to over 1200, so he's definitely a DPS unit; I get that some people use him as a quicken unit, but he hits pretty dang hard, his mobility is good and his abilities dont cost that much AP, so you really want him to use Kotetsu, and Hard Slash as much as possible. Excalibur (Vorpal) is a beast, but it also helps him close the gap, so once he gets in there, he tends to use hard slash a lot, which is great because it only costs about 17 ap or so. Odin esper and VC are good on him for PVP, yes, you can seek to build his ice damage instead, I run him without bells or oldoa tmr, so half the time when he is just regular slashing, he gets no benefit from ice brand, therefore I use the lesalia sword on him. I use Kitones TMR on him for AGI and the ability really helps his survivability, so he can stick around and beat up more units. His equipped passive abilities on paper leave something to be desired, but you'll be happy with auto float and self sacrifice.
Finally, Greg is a speedy unit. You'll want to do almost everything in your power to make him as fast as possible to really make him OP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Edit - it says he only has 56 AGI, but I can get my Greg up to about 100 AGI, so not really sure where all that is coming from, but he's def not slow, plus auto haste on top of the 100 AGI.
Como libera a 2 hard quest dele?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rank pago 6
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Não é pago não!
a 1ª Hard Quest libera no LV 40 de qualquer Unit.
a 2ª Hard Quest libera no LV 80 por enquanto de algumas Unit, mas não é pago, só demorado para dropar as shards dele.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
me tira uma duvida, comecei a jogar ontem, mas nao sei o que upar na skill tree, pode sair upando tudo ? ou tem algo que nao upa ? se puder ajudar na skill tree da yuna e tidus tb, agradeço desde ja
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aconselho a dar uma olhada no reddit do jogo
lá já tem posts de builds e reviews de units, melhores equipamentos e cartas para eles já que por conta do PvP, Guild War e eventos Raid/Tower e tudo mais fica dificil montar um personagem pra uma coisa só, então lá vc pode encontrar a melhor forma de construir uma equipe que combine melhor.
What’s the best sword and VC for Gilgamesh?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ice brand and Scion Beoulve VC or maybe Aigaion VC if equipped to other teammates
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lesalia Guards of sword and Echoing Screams for the highest damage output. Icebrand is good too but i think is a overkill for wind units and mainly you are only after Halloween leela and Ayaka, probably do not need that much ice attack. You also need the accuracy on Lesalia cos some Halloween Leela might be evasive. For VC if you cant get echoing screams that just go and try max Agaion VC.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Increasing his Ice Attack helps against all units, not just wind (although it REALLy helps against wind). If all else is equal, using Kotetsu with a maxed Ice Brand (magic) will do more damage than a maxed Lesalia sword.

Maybe against Fire units it wouldn't be useful, but how many people run Fire?

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