How to Farm Dime Memory (Azure) Fast

Farm Dime Memory (Azure), War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, job level-up material.
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update 24/11/2019

Dime Memory (Azure) is a job level-up material. Used to increase job level (job lv4~6).

ENDime Memory (Azure)

How to get Dime Memory (Azure)

・Story quest drops
・Quest mission completion rewards
・Chocobo Explorations
・Challange mission completion rewards

Best places to farm Dime Memory (Azure)

Mediena and Yshtola have AOE abilities (Cosmo Plume and Foul). Use them to defeat all enemies in these quests.

Mediena is the best. If you are a F2P player and don't have Mediena, use Yshtola instead. Yshtola however need to have enough level and magic stat to defeat enemies with 1 attack.

Chapter 1 Section 3 Battle3: False Accusation (濡れ衣)

▲ Yshtola Lv44 could defeat all enemies with 1 Foul.

Chapter 2 Section 2 Battle 1: Withdrawl 1

▲ Yshtola Lv44 couldn't defeat all enemies with 1 Foul at Withdrawl 1.


Anonymous 1days ago
Chapter 1 Section 3 Battle3: False Accusation only drop:0-4 so far, maybe i am wrong.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 10hour ago Reply
?? Those quests are selected sa the best farming lcoation since mediena can finish it in a moment.
<< GameA1
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
I think it is way more importante the drop rate than the clear time. We lack energy not gameplay time.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 6hour ago Reply
Makes sense. Thank you for your suggestion!

If you can do some researces on that and get info, we can share that with other players on this page :)

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