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Limit Burst in wotvffbe. How to use, how to enhance, good limit bursts.
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update 30/04/2020

What is a Limit Burst?

Limit Burst is a unit's "Ult" in wotvffbe. Only UR units and Mont Leonis have them at this time.

Activating a Limit Burst requires AP.

How good are Limit Bursts?

It depends.

Basically, melee attackers have a lower chance of using Limit Bursts compared to spell casters.

The high initial AP of spell casters allow them to use Limit Bursts easily.

For more about AP, see here.

Useful Limit Burst Users

A few UR units have very good Limit Bursts such as Ayaka and Mediena. Tap their icon to see their Limit Burst details.

Ayaka Mediena

How to Enhance Limit Bursts

Limit Bursts can be enhanced by consuming Burst Pots.

Burst Pots/Mini Burst Pots are a somewhat rare item because the main way of obtaining them is farming the daily Pot Chamber.

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