Equipment Guide 2: Level, Awakening, and "+"

How to level, awaken, add "+" on equipment in wotvffbe. Leveling, stats ehnhancement, awakening, +.
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update 26/04/2020

Leveling (Enhancing) Equipment

Equipment can be leveled to increase its stats.
Each time an equipment piece gains a level a random stat is increased by a random ammount. (I.E One level may increase attack by 3 points, the next may increase Mag by 1 point.)

Even if equipment reaches level 50, its stats may not be maxed.

Max level is 10 at first. By being awoken 1~4 times, max level rises to 20 ~ 50.

Leveling requires adamantite and awakening requires awakening materials.

Example of the Random Stat Enhancement

The first two pictures below show two Dragonhorn Lance (Assault) Lv.40.

Both of them are same type (Assault) and have same level and "+", but their stats are different.

The last two pics shows them at Lv.50.

Equipment Types

A type is assigned to a weapon, armor, an accessory when it is crafted. It determines which stat is increased well by leveling.

There are 8 types. 2~3 of 8 types are possible types for each kind of equipment. For example, Metal Knuckles can have one of 3 random types: Assault, Vital, or Critical.

TypeAffected Stats

N Rarity Equipment & Excalibur

N rarity equipment and excalibur are different.

Their max level is 30 and can be leved to 30 without awakening. They always get max stats at level 30.

N rarity equipments can be purchased at the shop for gil and Excalibur is a pre-reg reward.

N rarity equipment doesn't have types.


Adamantite is spent for leveling equipment. It can be divided into 4 classes with different amounts of gained EXP.

For the amount of gaine EXP, see the table below.

Gained EXP

Adamantite small60
Adamantite mid300
Adamantite large1500
Adamantite extreme3000

How to Farm Adamantite

Chamber of Adamantite

Adamantite can mainly be obtained as item drop from the chamber of adamantite.

It can be played up to 3 times a day. On Monday item drop is doubled and the daily limit is unlocked on Saturday and Sunday.

Chamber of Adamantite

DifficultyNRG (Stamina)Adamantite
Novice8Adamantite small Adamantite mid
Intermediate12Adamantite mid Adamantite large
Advanced16Adamantite mid Adamantite large

Required EXP

Required EXP to level to 50 for +0 and +1 equipments

For the amount of required exp to level, see the table below.

Note that a piece of equipment can be leveled up to 10 at start. You have to awaken it 4 times to increase it's max level to 50.

LevelRequired EXPAdamantite
Adamantite large


Adamantite mid


Adamantite small


Adamantite large


Adamantite mid


Adamantite large


Adamantite small


Adamantite large


Adamantite large


= 289,500
Adamantite large


Adamantite mid


Adamantite small



Required EXP to level to 50 for +2~5 equipments

Crafting +2~+5 equipments requires leveled ones, meaning you need more adamantite to level +2~5 equipments to 50 than for +0~1 equipments.

+Required EXPAdamantite
+2 695,119
Adamantite large


Adamantite mid


Adamantite small


Adamantite large


Adamantite mid


Adamantite small


Adamantite large


Adamantite mid


Adamantite small


Adamantite large


Adamantite mid




Awakening equipment requires "Secret Book of Refinement (X)". For example, awakening sword weapons requires the Secret Book of Refinement (Sword).

The amount of Secret Books of Refinement depends on the rarity of equipment. See the table below.

Note that some pieces of equipment featured in limited-time events, like Nagnarok and Lion Heart Replica require the same amount of Secret Books of Refinement as required for R equipment to be awoken.

Required amount of Secrets of the Forge



By spending required materials, you can craft a piece of equipment with "+" to make it get an effect and strengthen it.

For example, to craft +1 Metal Knuckles, you need a recipe for metal knuckles and two Lv.1 metal knuckles. The result of this process will be a Metal Knuckle +1. This new equipment will be a Metal knuckles +1.

The new equipment will always be level 1, and will either gain an effect or improve a previous effect; in this case the "metal knuckles" has no effects, the "metal knuckles +1" gains "striking attack 2".

Global server: When a new equipment with + is created the type is randomized. (There will be a quality patch in the future where the type of one of the material equipment may be selected when doing this process.)

Japanese server: When a new equipment with + is created the type can be randomized or you may select to keep the type of on of the material equipment consumed by this process.

Required Materials to Craft "+" Equipment

+0 Gil, Recipex1,
+1 Gil, Recipex1, Lv.1 Equipmentx2
+2 Gil, Recipex1, +1 Equipment Lv.10x2
+3Gil, Recipex1, +2 Equipment Lv.20x2
+4Gil, Recipex1, +3 Equipment Lv.30x2
+5 Gil, Recipex1, +4 Equipment Lv.40x2

The Amount of Consumed Secrets of the Forget to Craft "+5" Equipment

As you can see, you need a huge amount of the secrets of the forge to craft +5 UR.

RarityThe Amount of Consumed Secrets of the Forge

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hi guys,
that that means i dont need to use seal on any +5 under equipment, since it will not carrier over from +4 to +5?
<< Anonymous
Krab23 Reply
Yes! If you are taking a piece of equipment to +5 don´t use any seals beforehand
Can someone explain 'equipment type inheritance' when upgrading equipment to '+'? and is it also possible now to choose what type the equipment I want to craft?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you make a mistake or want to change an inheritance type you can use a Resmithing Hammer. It give you back the two equipment that were combine before (for example two +4 if it was +5) but you have to spend resources again to get it back to the level you had it with the stats you want. So plan ahead so you don't waste.

It's late night when I was typing this so sorry for the grammar mistakes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One thing I forgot to mention is only use seals and hammers on a +5 equipment. Stats don't get carried over when you combine. So if I have two +4 40 level equipment and combine them they become a +5 level 1 equipment with level 1 stats.
<< Anonymous
EarthCrust Reply
I see, so it was a mistake using seals when not a +5. at first craft is a roll of types, then inheritance comes when doing '+'-es. Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate it. I don't mind the grammar though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Disassembling is different from resmithing hammer. Disassembling is the one you said while Resmithing Hammer resets a gear back to level 1. Allowing you to level it up for hopes on getting good stats.
my +4 lvl 40 weapon doesnt show in crafting. what should i do?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need 2x +4 Level 40 weapon (make sure it's unequip from all characters) in order for it to show up in the crafting screen. If it still doesn't show up, you are probably lacking recipes and/or mats
How Many Recipe for max equipment
<< Anonymous(Baim)
Anonymous Reply
You mean +5? That would be 63 recipes.
<< Anonymous(Baim)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 + 1 > +1 3
+1 + +1 > +2 7
+2 + +2 > +3 15
+3 + +3 > +4 31
+4 + +4 > +5 63
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
@GameA1 can you save this to the Weapons guide?

Thanks Anon
How to we choose the prefix of a weapon when upgrading it ?
"When you craft a piece of equipment with "+", you can choose one from the types of required equipment."
The question is, where can i choose it ? Yesterday i "+" my equipment, and there is no notification to choose the type
<< Anonymous
frontline wotv #2 Reply
In notices states at a future update. I was try'n to do the same that's what I found. I thought it was the recent update.

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