WOTV Beginners Guide: Things To Do First and Don'ts

War of the Visins novice guide: things to do first. What to do first in WOTV, how to start playing wotv.
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update 25/03/2020

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Do Reroll to Get Units You Want

I personally recommend you to reroll to get at least 1 UR unit with exception of Irene, but you don’t have to spend too much time for this.

Even if you are a F2P, you’ll be able to UR units, vision cards, and espers from free multi summon or by spending free lapis. Don’t worry about the future difficulties in the game too much.

If there is a UR unit you really want, try to do reroll until you get it.

Check the Gift Box

You can claim the gifts and the pre-registration rewards there.

Play "Beginner's Hall" (Beginner Quests)

You can learn the basics of the game and get Visiore and MR+ Guaranteed 10x Summon Ticket as rewards. It’s kind of a part of the tutorial.

Clear Main Story "Chapter 1 Scene 1 Battle 10" to Unlock 1.5 Speed Function

Once you clear the chapter 1 scene 1 battle 10, you can unlock 1.5 speed by claiming rewards for completing the record mission of finishing that battle.

Clear Main Story Quests to Reach Next Player Rank & Refill NRG

Finish main story battles as many as possibles. You can get Lapis and Player Rank EXP as rewards.

Each time your player rank goes up, your NRG cap is increased by 1 and also NRG is fully restored.

First 7 Days Campaigns

The first 7 days campaigns are only available during 7 days since account creation. The head start step summon is definitely worth to roll, so you should do it.

You can acuire Visiore required for the summon by playing Main Story Quest, Beginner Quest, and clearing missions.

Clear Challenge Mission No.1 & No.2

Clear Challenge Mission No.1 & No.2.

Complete 8 lines on them and you can get MR+ Guaranteed Unit Summon Ticket and MR+ Guaranteed Vision Card Summon Ticket.

It's not limited-time, but it's better to roll free gachas with the tickes as soon as possible.

Claim Rewards for Completing Missions

To acquire rewards for completing milestones, daily missions, and monthly missions, you have to go to the mission page and tap "claim" button.

Make Friends

You can send a friend request when you play multiplayer quest. You can also search for by using friend's ID.

24 hours later, you can send them gifts and receive gifts from them. Don't forget to set Desired Gifts to Fiend Medals, which can be traded for rare items at the MogShop.

Join to a Guild

Joint to a guild anyway. Don’t have to waver because you can change the guild you belong to later

You can get guild medals and free lapis daily from the guild.

Go Exploring with Chokobo

Pick units that go exploring with chokobo and choose 1 location. After certain times past, those units gain exp, and gil and items are sent to you.

Enhance Mont

The regular shop sells Mont Leonis Shards for Gil. That units is a great MR so that I recommend you to purchase the shards to enhance Mont fast.

Purchase & Enhance N Equipment

You can trade Gil for N rarity equipement and crafting recipe for R/SR/SSR equipment. For new players, N equipment is the best for the 2 reasons:

  • Unlike R/SR/SSR equipment, you don't have to "craft" N equipment.

  • N equipment guarantees max stats when it reaches max level. Crafted R/SR/SSR equipment's stats are randomly decided when the level is raised and requires getting reforged.

Don't Trade Visiore for EXP Cubes

The regular shop somtimes sells exp cubes, consumable itesm, job materials, and craft materials for Visiore, but don't purchase them.

Spending lapis for shards of UR/SSR units that you have is more smart.

Don't Spend Visiore for Summon Too Much

Once you get some UR units, it's time to spend Visiore for purchasing unit fragments (shards) instead of summoning.

Unit fragments are used to perform limit break on them. Limit break unclocks your unit's level cap.

It can be purchased at the shop, daily shops, and event shops.

Don't Use Rainbow Fragmnt for Awakening SR, R, and N Units

Rainbow Fragment of Thought is the rarest awakening material. It's used to perform awakening on units of all rarities.

Unless you really want to use N/R/SR, spend it for awakening SSR or UR.

Don't Spend Visiore for Enhancing Guild Statue

You can spend Gil, Visiore, or Guild items to enhance Guild Statue, but there's no reasonable reason to use Visiore for this.

Check Daily Things to Do

There are daily tasks to do for enhancing your units fast in this game. Tap the blue button and check the guide!

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