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Ramza Beoulve in War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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Ramza Beoulve
English Ramza
Japaneseベオルブ家の末弟 ラムザ
Job 1Squire
Job 2Spellblade
Job 3Ninja
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)Jan 2020
Release Date (GL)Apr 2020


By Pupunator

Ramza's strength lies on his utility kit like Shout and Tailwind. I tried both Spellblade and Ninja thus Ninja is better suited for him with Utsusemi and Decider of Fate.

If you want him just to buffs in Arena/Guild Battle and in auto switch his sub to "Squire".

Avoid Spellblade at all cost wasted millions of gil on this job's class skill and the results are very unsatisfying.

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst: Altema

Ability Type Limit Burst
Effect TypeMagic Magic
Attack TypeMagic Magic
EffectDeals Non-Elemental Dmg (L) to targets within area based on caster's MAG stat & Guaranteed Hit.

Range Height1
Area Height1

Master Ability

Max HP+10%, Slashing attack+10

Max Stats

Lvl & All Job Lvl Max

TP117Magic 239

Stats Bonus on Ability Board


Job 1: Squire Main Commands

CommandDawnbladeDeals moderate damage to the targetLv.1
CommandChant (Wish)Reduces own HP & restores moderate HP to an allyLv.1
CommandDual BreakDeals heavy damage to the target & reduces ATK・MAG for it for 3 turns6★
CommandShoutIncreases ATK・MAG・Brave for self and allies within area6★
CommandTriple AttackDeals moderate damage three times to the target6★

Job 1: Squire Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandStoneDeals very small damage to the targetJobLv.3
CommandCheer (Ramza)Increases Brave for the ally in an areaJobLv.3
SupportJP BoostIncreases JP earned in battleJobLv.3
ReactionCounter TackleHas a chance to counter attack & moves the target 1 space awayJobLv.3
CommandTailwind (Yell)Increases SPD for an ally (can be used up to twice to increase more SPD)JobLv.5

Job 2: Spellblade Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

SupportProvidence of DarkRaises Magic Attack Res/Dark Res.2★
CommandBio BladeDeals Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat & chance of inflicting Poison for 3 turns.2★
CommandResist MagicRaises Magic Attack Res of allies within area around self for 3 turns.3★
CommandBanish BladeDeals small Light magic damage to the target & extra damage agasint Dark-type unit3★
ReactionMagic GuardChance of damage reduction when taking Magic Attack Dmg.3★
CommandBanishga BladeDeals heavy Light magic damage to units within area & deals extra damage agasint Dark-type unit5★
CommandTaunting SpellDeals Dmg (S) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat & increases chance of being targeted for 3 turns.6★

Job 3: Ninja Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandHideDecrease chance of being targeted for 3 turns.4★
CommandShurikenDeals Non-Elemental Dmg (S) to target.4★
CommandPoison MistChance of inflicting Poison on targets within an area around self for 3 turns, then moves user to target panel.4★
CommandUtsusemiSignificantly raises own Evasion Rate for 1 turn.5★
SupportShukuchiMove/Jump +1.6★
CommandDotonDeals moderate Earth damage to the target6★
CommandDecider of FateSignificantly raises own Accuracy Rate for 1 turn & Guaranteed Critical Hit.6★
ReactionPoison BarbChance of inflicting Poison for 3 turns when taking Dmg.6★


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow


Awakening Materials
SoulLight Fragment of ThoughtLight Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Light Awakening Soul  2★


Light Awakening Soul  3★


Light Awakening Soul  4★


Light Awakening Soul  5★


Light Awakening Soul  6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard




Hot New Top
Fallen 4days ago
The event have been passed, but my ramza is not full limit break. Any other why to get ramza shard?
<< Anonymous(Fallen)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
wait for another FFT event. it'll come to global in a couple month.
Anonymous 31days ago
Is ramza's spell blade as sub class recommendable ? Since I don't have magic units and his magic is awesome
<< Anonymous
Lefhin 27days ago Reply
Ramza magic resist save my Landu from Mediena LB which can reduce almost half the damage

And Landu can also support him by using Illusion to boost Evasion Rate protecting both of them from physic & magic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
You might suffer some serious damage if you didnt have mag kit in the first place to boost spellblade common attack, but its AoE magic resist can save you from nasty Mediena LB.
Note that spellblade work best at facing a phys attacker, since most of them has low SPR
Pupunator 15days ago
Ramza's strength lies on his utility kit like Shout and Tailwind. I tried both Spellblade and Ninja thus Ninja is better suited for him with Utsusemi and Decider of Fate.

If you want him just to buffs in Arena/Guild Battle and in auto switch his sub to "Squire".

Avoid Spellblade at all cost wasted millions of gil on this job's class skill and the results are very unsatisfying
<< Anonymous(Pupunator)
Eolus 12days ago Reply
Compeltely disagree. A Magic Nagnarok and Spellblade work just fine. Gives him access to good magic based damage, which also helps with Ultima and lets him attack magic weak tanks
<< Anonymous(Pupunator)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Its depend on his team
A spellblade is really a tricky job. However, it is very useful as it can deal Phys attack (for MAG unit, as most of them has low DEF), or Mag attacker (for tank, as they has low SPR). You need a mage team kit to make sure spellblade shine. If you combine ramza with Landu or sterne, of course you wont stack both Troseau and Ramuh WHICH make spellblade good as damage dealer.
Kuga 15days ago
Which weapon ia good for ramza?
Excalibur or nagnarok?
Zerochaos 19days ago
Ramza can move fast, can attack physical or magic, can buff and can heal, he is just not the best on everything.
<< Anonymous(Zerochaos)
Zerochaos 19days ago Reply
He is a supporter that can attack
<< Anonymous(Zerochaos)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Which makes him an all rounder character. In another word, just average
<< Anonymous(Zerochaos)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Average Joe usually last longer
Bunda Lita 20days ago
Which one is good for sub command ramza?
<< Anonymous(Bunda Lita)
Bunda Lita 20days ago Reply
I Mean sub job
<< Anonymous(Bunda Lita)
Zerochaos 19days ago Reply
if u can make a magic sword then u shd get spellblade or else just stick to squire sub job
Marco 30days ago
Is ramza triple attack can make elemental chain?
<< Anonymous(Marco)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Can make chain but not the element
<< Anonymous
Lewisthered 30days ago Reply
Actually it does make elemental chain
<< Anonymous(Marco)
David 23days ago Reply
Totally worth man.
David 23days ago
Triple attack is so gooood to complete chaining quests. I'm loving this guy, got him everywhere.
Ramza Lvl99 and stats with good equipments
<< Anonymous(ILoveFFT)
Anonymous Reply
those are bad esper and vision card equipped. His stats can probably be higher.
<< Anonymous
H2O Water Reply
Lol how is 89 agility bad? Apart from maybe some PVP fights, agility is very important.
<< Anonymous(ILoveFFT)
Aa Reply
yeah, this ramza is bad ass. since he have Cid Orlandeu TMR and ramza. must be have max ramza and Orlandeu
<< Anonymous(H2O Water)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
You might miss the point of his statement since it could be better with Vision card such as Shiva to boost AGI, or maybe house of B. visio card. That cactuar is really standard V card for a starter pack, as everyone should have it at this point.
Daniel 31days ago
Anyone with Ramza unit, help please, can ramza still use his *6 main squire skills even at LB2 ? got no luck pulling him and try to redeem him at mog
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Aa 31days ago Reply
No. you cant have all ability tree with LB2. LB3 unlock everything
<< Anonymous(Aa)
Aa 31days ago Reply
mostly usefull skill at LB3 like Chant and 3 combo attacks
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
to use awakening 5*+ you need atleast lb3 ;) job lvl 12 hope it helped
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
-lb 3 unlock all of his skill,
-lb 4 unlock his tmr slot,
-lb 5 unlock his TMR
Is it worth paying visiore for him?
<< Anonymous(McLeod)
Aa Reply
i think 300$ already enough to maxed out ramza to LB6. with bonuses visior ofcourse.
<< Anonymous(Aa)
McLeod Reply
Yeah but i have Englebro already waiting for those Crystals, and i screwed up by dropping some on Marcherie before realizing what a joke she was. I learned the hard way, but im sure he will get LB6 by next month xD
<< Anonymous(Aa)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
You can get him with 20k since he's in the shop for 1000 medals. I dont understand why you'd spend beyond 20k chasing him when you already could trade medals for him at that point.
<< Anonymous(Otoha)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Currently he is the only unit with AoE atk and MAG buff. People might comparing him to Landu, but clearly their role are different.
I found this. Check his Lvl99 stats.
<< Anonymous(AnotherRamzaStats)
Sda Reply
Speed 87 is badass. but i dont have siren at all

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