Shuriken in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, type, range, area, units, and level.
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update 09/06/2022

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Deals Non-Elemental Dmg (S) to target.

Ability TypeCommand Command
Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeSlash Slash
Max Effect (at Lv.20)Dmg: 121%

Range & Area

Range Height1
Area Height0

Learned By

Sterne Leonis Mediena Owe Vinera (Winter) Ramada (Winter) Mont (King of Leonis) Frederika Muraga Fennes Kitone (Summer) Dario Hourne Tifa Shadowlynx Glaciela Wezette Salire (Sweetheart) Pharm Kitone (Summer) Noctis Little Leela (Halloween) Frederika (Halloween) SnowRamza Alphonse Elric Sterne (Destiny Wing)


"Small" damage...

I hope survivability gets a focus at some point. When "small" is one hit kills.
<< Anonymous(Telm)
Telm Reply
God, it's going to get worse too. Maxed out espers with +Slash and +Man Eater are going to way overtake any kind of defense as well.

Much easier to built attack into a character than defenses against the unknown. Even if you meta a buncha slash defense, you'll get ripped apart by the gunner teams. It's like a glass cannon arms race with no brake.
<< Anonymous(Telm)
Anonymous Reply
That's pvp in a nutshell. Being able to 🔥 your enemy fast is the key. But on jp there would be rounds on maps that makes classes take disadvantages. For example cabbage recent vid on yt where missiles are nerf on the particular map.
<< Anonymous
Telm Reply
Thanks for replying and I understand it's the key. I just think it's too one dimensional and not good for pvp content. You can only do a few auto duels a day and it sucks they are so fast with no drama or back an forth. I've never seen a healer or buffer perform at all in those. I'd love more options to build tanky and passives giving 15% hp on a dragoon are more of a trap than anything.
<< Anonymous(Telm)
Anonymous Reply
It's good to have counters though.

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Got 1 recipe from wind tower, it won't craft. Where do you get the 2nd recipe?
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