JP (Job Point) Guide: How to Farm JP

Job Point in WOTV (War of the Visions) FFBE, how to farm JP, what is JP.
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update 25/11/2019

JP Farming Quest

JP Farming Quest

Duration (JP Server): 2020 Jan 22nd 15:00 ~ Feb 1st 4:59

JP farming quest is currently playable!

What is JP?

JP (Job Point) is used to increase ability Level up and unlock new abilities. It's like an EXP, units mainly gain JP after completing quests.

How to Gain JP

1. Complete quests

You can obtain drop items, EXP, and JP by completing quests.

2. Get crystals

After 4 turns have passed, defeated units turn into white or red crystals. Red crystal gives JP to a unit who takes it.

3. Barracks

Units in Barracks (one of the Guild's function) gain JP as time passes.

Best Places to Farm JPs

See our How to Farm Dime Memory (Azure) guide. Locations fitting to fast farm is on that guide.

JP Farming Quest

JP Farming Quest

There is a time limited JP farming quest. You can play it once a day and get 500 JPs.


Molan 6days ago
My stern didnt earn jp after many quest, only him didnt earn while mediana and the rest of my units earn it.
<< Anonymous(Molan)
GameA1 6days ago Reply
?? It's weird.

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JP Farming Quest
~ Mar 25
Montly Missions (2020 February on JP Server)2020 March 1st 5:00 ~ April 1st 4:59


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