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Job Crystal vision card in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, stats, party ability, how to get.
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update 26/04/2020

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Job Crystal
EnglishJob Crystal
AcquisionCan be Purchased at the Special Shop
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)Dec 2019
Release Date (GL)Apr 2020


This vision card reduces the energy needed to farm Job points (JP). Free to play players may pass on this card since they can chose a friend unit that has this card equipped and gain the JP boost.

A notable mention is the JP Reward Quest event, where bringing a unit equipped with the card can boost your JP earned to 750 or up to 1000 if you have the maxed card equipped and bring a friend unit also equipped with this card.


When this Vision card is obtained, it's 4★ and Lv.1.

4★, Lv.60

EffectsAP Acquisition+20%
Party AbilityJP Acquisition+50%

How to Get

Job Crystal

Job Crystal vision card can be purchased at the Special Shop. In-app purchase is necessary.


Thanks for putting job crystals on your companion toons. I hunt for those companions every quest.
<< Anonymous(IWillLetYouDownAgain)
TravisEpic Reply
I put it on all my friend toons.
If you embark JP Reward Quest with both your own and your friend's Job Crystal vision card (max Lv.), you'll gain 500 + 500 = 1,000 JPs (equivalent to farming 30+ red crystals for each of your units)
<< Anonymous
Avogadro Reply
U mean “companion” With a VISION card? It will also up the bonus? Is that what you are trying to explain?
<< Anonymous(Avogadro)
ODSTxGundam Reply
It stacks, yes but it's not 500+500 because maxed out the card only gives 40%, so you'll get 900 if yours and friends are both full level.
<< Anonymous(ODSTxGundam)
ODSTxGundam Reply
I am mistaken I take back my last comment
<< Anonymous(ODSTxGundam)
CealX Reply
This has been captured in the wiki page
Remember that Level 29 / JP+ 37% is the breakpoint. You'll want to get it to there first. Return on investment isn't great past that point but you should eventually max it.
Does it not affect Crystal acquired JP? I haven't earned any extra JP from crystals but have for the quest rewards, just wondering if it is bugged or not
Can the effect be doubled? If I have the card as well as a companion?
<< Anonymous(Isken)
Anonymous Reply
Nope. Remember that party ability effects are unique. Only the highest value will apply to the party.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Doesn't companion party bonuses stack? I think only your party abilities doesn't
<< Anonymous(Isken)
Anonymous Reply
The first comment is incorrect. Companion party abilities do stack with your own party abilities. So yes, the effect is increased from owning the card and having a companion that has the same card, as well.
How does one awaken this vision card if it's only something that one can purchase on the special shop? Please advise.
<< Anonymous(SaMason)
Vick Reply
It's already comes awakened at max lvl
<< Anonymous(Vick)
GameA1 Reply
Oops. Yes it's obtained as 4★, level max. Thank you for pointing it out.
<< Anonymous(SaMason)
Anonymous Reply
It has max awakening but you still have to level it 60 lvls

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