Trust Mastery Customization System

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update 15/11/2021
Trust Mastery Customization System
Initial Release (JP, JST)2021 Nov 14
Initial Release (GL, PST)2022 Mar 23

How it works

Trust Mastery Customization System

After the 2nd Anniversary update, you can edit Trust Master (TMR) equipment from the equipment screen to put Truststones to give them additional stats and effects.

There are a total of 6 different Truststone slots in each TMR:

Idealism (I)Aspiration (A)
Justice (J)Triumph (T)
Prosperity (P)Glory (G)

Aside from the fact that they have to be farmed individually, the main thing that differentiates between the slots is that the 3 on the left can only give defense related stats, while the three on the right are more offensive.

Trust Mastery Customization System

You will first need to unlock the slots on each TMR before being able to equip Truststones. Each slot needs Book of Refinements as the materials, and it's based on the main weapon type of the character of the TMR.

In this example, Lightning Katana is the TMR of Owe, so it needs Sword books. If you want to unlock slots for Illusory Bell, you'll need Fist type books.

Unlocked slots are at level 1, and you'll be able to equip up to MR rarity Truststones. Each TMR slots can be leveled up to 2 using Adamantites or truststone shards so you can equip UR rarity stones.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Once the slots are unlocked, you can already equip them with some Truststones to get additional stats and effects.

This opens up quite a lot of options since you can increase their stats and gain new effects to really strengthen your unit. Even TMR weapons have the potential to far outshine event weapons with the proper setup.

The whole process takes time to properly build, but you can start equipping low-level Truststones on commonly used TMRs for some easy bonuses.

These runes can be changed around and unequipped freely without getting used up, and you can also "save" sets in case you need to use the same TMR on different units but want different setups on them, but it's a little tricky.

Important Note!

Trust Mastery Customization System

If this popup shows up when you try to equip a Truststone, it's because the selected TMR is being equipped or set as a "favorite equipment" to a unit.

Trust Mastery Customization System
Trust Mastery Customization System

When you view a unit on the unit screen, there's an option to "favorite equipment" to make it easier/faster when you want to make a new party. This also ends up "saving" the Truststone set, which can be pretty bad if it's empty.

Keep this in mind when you want to slot the unit into a party and the game asks if you want to use the favorited equipment. More info on saving TMR sets later.

How to obtain Truststones

Truststones are obtained from crafting, which are made by using Truststone Shards. Truststones and shards also have rarity to them (N~UR) and you need 20 of a certain rarity shards in order to make 1 stone.

Day/Training Chambers

Trust Mastery Customization System

Under the "Day/Training" tab in the Farplanes, there is a Truststone Chamber that's open at all times. Inside, there are chambers for each slot type and there's a x2 day just like the alcryst chambers.

MondayAll Chambers
Trust Mastery Customization System

Each chamber only has 1 difficulty, and they can be skipped by using event skip tickets. These Rune chambers only drop N, R, and SR rarity runes, but you can upgrade them into UR rarity through the "Item Exchange Shop" menu.

Event Mog Shops

Trust Mastery Customization System

Event Mog Shops will sometimes sell UR and/or MR rarity Truststone select tickets.

From this event, the UR tickets are sold for 15,000 event points and limited to only 4, while the MR tickets are sold for 3,000 and are limited to 8.

Each ticket only gives 5 shards, so you'll need to buy 4 UR tickets to make 1 Truststone.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Being a "select" ticket simply means that you'll be able to choose which stone type to make.

Score Medals

Trust Mastery Customization System

A new feature after the introduction of this system is that now you will get a score whenever you complete a high difficulty quest. This is calculated similarly to Trials of Reckoning where you get more points if you clear faster, more chains, etc.

If you want to see the score result screen, you'll have to enable it in the "Battle Settings" option when you're about to embark on a quest (during party selection screen).

Trust Mastery Customization System

You'll be able to get Score Medals from the scores that you get through all the high difficulty missions. Claim them in the Missions screen under "Milestone" -> "Events" -> [High Difficulty] Score Challenge.

Trust Mastery Customization System

The Score Medals can be used to exchange for UR or MR rarity Truststone Shards from the mog shop. Each UR shard costs 100, while MR costs 50 medals each.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Lastly, it's recommended to take advantage of the "Item Exchange Shop" feature to get more UR rarity shards by upward exchanging them using MR or SR rarity shards.

Trust Mastery Customization System

You can only upward exchange into a UR shard 50 times per month, but you can do this with each shard type.

Set Bonuses

Before you start to craft Truststones, it's recommended to get an idea as to what kind of stats/bonuses you want to get, or which TMR/unit to give it to. You'll be able to take them apart and set them around pretty freely, but it can help with resource management to focus on a few at first.

Below is a list of all the set effects that you can get when you equip 2 or 3 of the same type of Truststone. Since you can only equip 3 "Defensive" and 3 "Offensive" Truststones, you will only be able to get 1 from the defensive side, and 1 from the offensive side.


HPMax HP+5%
Max HP+5%/All-Elem Attack Res+5
TPMax TP+10%
Max TP+10%/Acquired AP+25%
DEF+3/Healing Power+10
SPR+3/Healing Power+10
AvoidCritical Evasion+10
Critical Evasion+125


ActiveMax AP+10%
Max AP+10%/AP Cost Rate-10
ATK+10%/DEF Piercing Rate+10
MAG+10%/SPR Piercing Rate+10
CriticalCritical Hit Rate+10
Critical Hit Rate+15/Critical Dmg+10

Rune Crafting

Everything below is a work in progress.

Trust Mastery Customization System

To craft Truststones, head to the equipment screen and select "Truststones" at the bottom, then "Forge".

All Truststones can be crafted with 20 shards, and you can freely choose what type of Truststone to make as long as you have 20 shards of the same rarity.

The different colors represent their rarity, while the icons (HP, TP, etc) shows what type of main stat they will be, which is going to be part of the "set bonuses" thing as well. Equipping 2 of the same type gives a set bonus, equipping 3 can give either a higher stat bonus or gain an additional effect, as shown in the set bonuses table above.

Trust Mastery Customization System

When a Truststone is crafted, all the values aside from the main stats are randomized, as well as the ability under "Additional Abilities" box.

In this example, a Vital type of Idealism is crafted, so the main stat at the top will always be HP with the same additional stats (Crit Evade, HP, TP), but only the values of the additional stats are random. However, the "Magic Attack Res Up" ability and its value obtained here is random.

You can view the rune after it's crafted to use the "Temper" feature to shuffle around the values of the additional stats, but you can't change the ability or its value without crafting a different Truststone.

Trust Mastery Customization System

If you don't like what you get, or want to redo the whole thing again to switch to a different type, you can dismantle Truststones in the Truststone screen to get all the materials back (20 Truststone shards).

It costs some gil and the amount of dismantle you can do per day is limited, but this lets you redo the entire process over and over again without losing materials so you can get an ability that you like.

Upgrading Truststones

After a Truststone is crafted, you can view them in the Truststones screen inside the equipment screen so you can further upgrade each Truststone.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Enhance lets you level up the Truststone, increasing the value of the main stats as well as the additional stats. The amount of materials needed to max them is fixed, so you can't freely choose which Adamantites to use. If you're running low on some of them, you can use the "Item Exchange Shop" feature to either upward or downward exchange them.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Temper allows you to randomize the values of the additional stats for 100,000 gil each attempt. The values of the additional stats have a certain range to them and it's based on the rarity of the Truststone, so it's not recommended to keep resetting endlessly unless you know what the max amount that you can get.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Ability enhancement lets you level up the additional ability's level to increase its value. You can use any Truststone as the exp fodder to do this.

Trust Mastery Customization System

Ability merge lets you add a different Truststone's additional ability to it. Only MR rarity or higher can have 2 additional abilities in a single Truststone.

This can also only be done with the same Truststone letter and they also have to be a different type. So a vital Truststone can't be used to ability merge with another vital.

Trust Mastery Customization System

This requires resmithing hammers and a certain stat hammer plus some gil. This ability merge feeature works like transferring the ability. The Truststone that was used to merge won't get used up, but it just won't have the additional ability since it got moved.


i was hoping to find the list of 'Random Additional Abilities' preferably at its max value, e.g. Slash Atk Res +4 or Atk Up 7%.
update it bro. ts of the same type can ability-merge now.
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Gosh I hope this system doesn't end up being as game breaking as "mods" in Star Wars Heroes.

I'm pretty sure I just saw a earth team with 560+ Luck and it wrecked my Wind Evade/Luck team because my best chance to hit was like 12% lol.

Pretty sure that luck boost is coming from this..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol, those evade earth teams and their new toys...
<< Anonymous
Dark Lord Reply
And seriously this Trust Stone thingy is so much tons of work. From farming to crafting, rerolling, tempering. Wew I feel sorry for those F2P. Coz P2P will get the advantage...

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