ReRolling for 100-cost Oberon inquiry

is it possible to get Oberon Heindler from the Newbie (first 7 days only) 3-Step Head Start summon?
I noticed that when you reroll, from the presents you receive on that very minute, you can get 4800 you can roll for the 3-step head start which costs 4500 vis...can we get 100-cost units here at the guaranteed lv.99 Last unit (30th unit summoned)?


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He is trash, just wait a 2 weeks and pull on Leela.
Only newbies can see this banner. On the Summon page click on drop rates under that banner to see if he's in it. Theoretically he should be, he is a non-limited character who is well past his release date. He's certainly a part of the base pool now albeit with a reduced chance since he is cost 100.
Good Luck!

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Sok sok an komen campuran. Jijik
Diablo only 30% MaG Up not 50%
looks like a miss but whatevs. you get the unit lol
Ranell 5
same, damn
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