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Invite Code (Friend Code) trading forum, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, rewards, gems.
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update 26/11/2019

How to Share Your Invite Code

You can share your friend Code once your rank reaches 20. Check the Friend page!

Invite Code Rewards

Concecutive Login (1 day)Gemx200
Concecutive Login (3 days)Gemx50
Concecutive Login (7 days)Gemx50
Challenge Mission No.1Gemx50
Challenge Mission No.2Gemx50
Challenge Mission No.3Gemx200
Enter Invitational Code by Rank 30Gemx500

Rules & Prohibitions

Any posts violating the rules are subject to delete.

・Be well-mannered
・No selling/buying account
・No advertisement
・No slander


Hot New Top
Anonymous 10days ago
Is invite code only active in JP server? Im rank 70 and dont have the invite code option only friend one wich is 540439574 by the way, lvl 89 UR full team everyday player here
New player in the US!
<< Anonymous(Ultros)
Hey, we used to play 17days ago Reply
Together and I had to stop fir a while because I got sick. I hope we can join back up and I can daily gift again. My username was KalmeeDucki 2959055959
2959055959 17days ago
My main is a maxed out stat thief to get upgrades. Otter or maybe occasional whale player ^_^

Dear Ultros; I hope we can meet up again -Ducki
Xenex 21days ago
Hi, i'm new and active, send gift every day :D
Simarcox 22days ago
Main unit is Ramza (UR)
646 212 774

Addddddd meeeee
Anonymous 29days ago
I play everyday, very active plz add me

510 344 197
rekki 29days ago
Hi fam, my code is 255 043 5874. Play daily and have quite a few 60+ UR chars
Olá, sou Líder da Guilda Brasil.
Player ID: 3204321996
Brasil ID: 2733377869
Venha Guerrear conosco. Juntos somos Mais Fortes.
<< Anonymous(RokeruMaluku)
Anonymous Reply
pau no cu do bolsonaro
Hi All, my invite code is 1 434 776 656 (1434776656)
I'm looking for daily active friends who are high level (UR lv60+) Thanks!
My invite code is 135561144030!
<< GameA1
Annarix Reply
I can't find the invite code in friends screen.
I am active everyday, got some nice UR for farm. Ad my Id 4167880671
on almost everyday 2895260756

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Guild ID: 2784613702
In search of active friends. Also I use Fina as my Home Unit. Enjoy the Faith boost. Player I...
I don't get why anyone would go for soldier? Ninja has the range. All your good abilities fo...
Engel is a significantly better physical tank. WoL is a better overall tank and overall character.
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