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Invite Code (Friend Code) trading forum, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, rewards, gems.
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update 26/11/2019

How to Share Your Invite Code

You can share your friend Code once your rank reaches 20. Check the Friend page!

Invite Code Rewards

Concecutive Login (1 day)Gemx200
Concecutive Login (3 days)Gemx50
Concecutive Login (7 days)Gemx50
Challenge Mission No.1Gemx50
Challenge Mission No.2Gemx50
Challenge Mission No.3Gemx200
Enter Invitational Code by Rank 30Gemx500

Rules & Prohibitions

Any posts violating the rules are subject to delete.

・Be well-mannered
・No selling/buying account
・No advertisement
・No slander


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Anonymous 9hour ago
Pls Add Me! I would really appreciate it!

Anonymous 23hour ago
2939354624, Looking for more :)
Anonymous 1days ago
Anonymous 1days ago
Oriuss 1days ago
add me please :)
Anonymous 1days ago
Silver122 1days ago
Please add me. 600944904.
Cadmus 1days ago

Add me! Online every day, almost every hour except for sleep!
Jippal 1days ago
Anonymous 2days ago
I gift daily 2days ago
Spocklate 2days ago
4039861249 is my code

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Events on Global Server

EventSchedule (PST)
Release Commemoration Quest
FFXIV: Shadowbringers Collaborative Event Quest (Global)
For Beginners Only! First 7 Days Campaigns

Events on JP Server

EventSchedule (JST)
FFBE The Musical Memorial Campaigns
~ Mar 25, 31
The Tower of White Porcelain
~ Mar 31
Etre Strengthening Quest
~ Mar 31
JP Farming Quest
~ Mar 25
Montly Missions (2020 February on JP Server)2020 March 1st 5:00 ~ April 1st 4:59


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