Tyrell in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Stats, abilities, jobs, and rating.
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update 15/07/2020

Tyrell is an event reward unit.

English (EN) Tyrell
Japanese (日本語)恋する小さき盾 ティレル
RaritySSRJob 1Knight
TypeWaterJob 2Viking
AffiliationHourneJob 3Lancer

Trust Master Reward

Master Ability

HP+20%, slashing attack+10

Max Stats

Lvl 99 & All JobLv Max

TP108Magic 49

Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Critical Rate+12

Job1: Knight Abilities

Action Divine HealIncreases own Max HP for 3turns & restores that amout of HPLv.1
Action Power BreakDeals small damage to units within area & decreases ATK for them for 3 turnsLv.1
Support Sacred BoonIncreases debuff resistanceJobLv.3
Action Magic BreakDeals small damage to targets in an area & decreases MGK for them for 3 turnsJobLv.3
Reaction Sword GuardReduces the amout of damage when damage is takenJobLv.3
Action Speed BreakDeals small damage to units within area & decreases SPD for 3 turns to themJobLv.5
Support Max HP+ Lv1Increases Max HPJobLv.5
Action AP BreakDecreases AP for the target★6
Action Arm BreakDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Disabled★6
Action Trinity BreakDeals moderate damage to the target & decreases ATK・MGK・SPD for it for 3 turns★6
Action TP BreakDecreases TP for the target★6

Job2: Viking Abilities

Support Axe MasteryIncreases Max HP・ATKJobLv.3
Action TenacityIncrases own ATK・DEF & decreases Evasion for 3 turnsJobLv.3
Action KneebreakerDeals small damage to the target & piercing & has a chance to inflict immobilize to itJobLv.3
Reaction Battle HighRestores HP when receiving damage & has a chance to apply self BerserkJobLv.5
Action War CryIncrases own BraveJobLv.5
Support Pavis ProtectionIncreases shooting resistance★5
Action Drain CycloneDeals damage to units within area & restores that amount of HP for self★5
Action Full ThrowingDeals moderate damage to the target with high critical rate★6

Job3: Lancer Abilities

Action Sharp Spear Increases ATK・Critical Rate for self for 3 turns★4
Support Lance Mastery (Spear Masterly)Increases Piercing ATK★4
Action NighthawkDeals small damage to the target★4
Action ShadowstickDeals moderate damage to units within area & has a chance to inflict Immobilize to them★4
Action DeliveranceDeals very small damage to the target & piercing & has a chance to inflict Doom★5
Reaction Counter ThrustHas a chance to counterattack against physical attacks & piercing when damage is taken★6
Support Critical MasteryIncreases Critical Rate★6
Action Blue PassionReduces AP for the target & piercing★6
Action Busrt SlashDeals moderate damage to the target & piercing & moves it 1 space away★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow

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Anonymous 22days ago
Whats that move in the picture? I cant find anything has that range on him in global
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
The Japanese on the image says it is trinity break. Obviously, the range in the image lied.
Anonymous 23days ago
If you're new player, go for it. Level 99 unit will help you to going through the content. But, note that he is "free unit".
Is his Trust master worth getting?, Can imagine putting it on my LuCia
<< Anonymous(Kupo_)
Anonymous Reply
Yes its a good TMR and you can get all the shards from the event so its easy to get.

The alexandrite ring is better, but this one can fill the TMR slot
<< Anonymous(Kupo_)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Christ no. It gives okay stat boosts but it has no additional effect and it's stat boosts are ones commonly boosted by other TMRs or even regular equipment. A TMR requires both Max LB (fairly easy) and 6 RAINBOW SHARDS to fully awaken him. Not worth it.

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I'm imagining her Fina's TMR bow and the Guarantee Hit L damage.
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