Divine Protection

Divine Protection in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, type, range, area, units, and level.
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update 19/07/2022

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Raises Debuff Res.

Ability TypeSupport Support
Max Effect (at Lv.20)Debuff Res: +15

Learned By

Mont Leonis Yerma Etre Baelo Zazan Schuzelt Whisper Meriluke Little Leela the Bold Rain Engelbert Tyrrell Lilyth Loreila Orlandeau Yuaru Raviesse (Winter) Alphonse Elric


no one info about this at lvl 20 -.-'
<< Anonymous
Aa Reply
debuff res is like protection against sleep, stun, paralysis, etc. i think youcan minimize debuff with having low faith. ( except you want your mage tank type )

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Nope. He's not.
Always go critical. +15 critical bonus and a potential of 34 in the straight critical stat for a ...
The idea behind Yuni is he’s a status causing archer (especially poison) who can also decre...
Got 1 recipe from wind tower, it won't craft. Where do you get the 2nd recipe?
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