Nagnarok in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to get, how to craft, recipe for crafting, stats.
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update 26/04/2020
English (EN)Nagnarok
Japanese (日本語)ナグラロク


You definitely should craft this sword by farming FFT event EX quest. See the event quest page for more crafting tips.




+1Slashing attack+2
+2Slashing attack+3
+3Slashing attack+5
+4Slashing attack+8
+5Slashing attack+15

Max Stats (Assault)

Defense--Critical Evasion--

Max Stats (Magic)

Defense--Critical Evasion--

Max Stats (Vital)

Defense--Critical Evasion--

How to Get

Recipe for Nagrarok

Nagnarok recipe is an FFT collaboration event exclusive.



Anonymous 19days ago
Would assault be the best type for Ramza?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Crowd's favorite is to equip the Assault type to Cid and Magic type to Ramza, however it all depends on how you build your own version of Ramza. Do you want your Ramza to dish out his maximum attack damage with the Nagnarok? Then Assault type would be better for him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
If you want to throw rocks with Squire go with Assault, the imo better sub job is Spell Blade and all the skills there are dependent on Magic. So I would say go with a Magic sword, regardless of his Sub Job, his Limit Break "Ultima" is based off of Magic. Overall Magic is the better of the two
Is there any way to determine what weapon type we'll get on Crafting? Orlandeau would really prefer +ATK.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The initial weapon (+0) is random. As for now, upgrading to +5 will always have random types. But in the future there will be an update where the type can be chosen from the previous wepons from upgrading it to +1 or more.
<< Anonymous
Anon is Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Can we expect that update for the upgrade feature to be live soon? or did they announce a date?
Confused 15days ago
How to do you upgrade to +2? i have x2 level 10 nagnaroks in the inventory but on the Nagnarok+2 crafting page still says i have 0 Level 10 nagnaroks
<< Anonymous(Confused)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
You need to unequip them first from all your formations, and when I say all, I say ALL of your formations. And also from unit favorite weapon.
Fade 27days ago
Overall, is it worth it to farm and get the materials to +5 this weapon?
<< Anonymous(Fade)
CealX 19days ago Reply
Yes, this is better than Excalibur on stats if you roll well and has an ability that increases damage by percentage. The materials needed for time limited equipment is greatly reduced, thus making it a great investment.
Anonymous 31days ago
You need:
63 recipes
X books
Y cloudy sap

To have a fully-awakened Nagnarok+5. Please fill in the value of X and Y. Thanks!
<< Anonymous
Pedophile666 25days ago Reply
Coro 30days ago
So, i have upgraded to Nagnarok +3. it looks like to combine them you have to follow the instructions/requirements very carefully, if you upgrade the Nagnarok above the requirements it will not recognize the item in the recipe and therefore not combine them to create a better sword.

now for my real question, and I hope someone knows this. I have Nagnarok +3, and it still shows a down arrow next to the stats when I go to equip it on my characters (even the weakest ones). anyone know why this is?
<< Anonymous(Coro)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Weapon Proficiency of this particular unit is too low.
<< Anonymous(Coro)
ORCA 27days ago Reply
You need to increase you unit weapon proficiency to fully get your weapon potential. MR weapon probably need B
any info?
<< Anonymous
Skippy Reply
How good is 15 slash? How does the math work for this if it's not %
<< Anonymous(Skippy)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Its some kind of multiplier, in few words really good
is it worth getting?
<< Anonymous(Xironus)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, the slash attack works really great. The best sword users are slashers. You'll need 63 recipes to get a +5. In the near future we get an improvement on the crafting system, so buy the recipes now and craft later.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
thank you stranger
Jean Keiser
At +2 3%
At +3 5%
At +4 8%
<< Anonymous(Jean Keiser)
Slim Reply
What are these percentages referring to?
<< Anonymous(Slim)
Anonymous Reply
enhance level and weapon ability, fusing two base weapons (+0) creates a (+1) weapon with no ability. Fusing two (+1) weapons together creates a (+2) weapon with "3% slash attack"
<< Anonymous(Jean Keiser)
Anonymous Reply
Slash Attack +3 etc. is not 3%, it's a separate variable in the damage formula.
Pro-tip: It's called "Nagnarok" in-game (v'.')^

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