FFT Collaboration Event EX Quest (Global)

FFT collaboration event ex quest in wotvffbe. Tips, farming, map, enemy info, item drops, quest missions, and milestones.
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update 22/04/2020
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
Collaboration Campaigns
Event Quest
Event EX Quest
FFT Collaboration Event EX Quest (Global)

Duration (PST)

00:00, 4/29/2020 - 17:59, 5/12/2020


Should I craft/enhance Nagnarok?

Yes you should.

It's a SSR sword but the number of required Secret Books to enhance/awaken is less than other SSR.

Meaning you can get a nice SSR sword relatively easily.

How many Books of Secrets are required to craft +5 Nagnarok?

See below for the number of required Books of Secrets to craft +1~5 (only craft, for awakening, you need more).

"+"Required Books of Secrets
+1, Lvl.1-
+2, Lvl.120
+3, Lvl.160 (+2Nagnarok2★Lvl.20 x2)
+4, Lvl.1170 (+3Nagnarok 3★Lvl.30 x2)
+5, Lvl.1430 (+4Nagnarok4★Lvl.40 x2)

How many Books of Secrets are required to awaken Nagnarok to 5★?

See the table below.

AwakeningRequired Books of Secrets

How many recipes are required to craft + Nagnarok?

See below.

"+"Required Receipes

Should I craft +5 Nagnarok?

It depends, but if you don't have much time to farm, +2~3 will be fine enough.

Featured Equipment

FFT Collaboration Event EX Quest (Global)

Item Drops

FFT Collaboration Event EX Quest (Global)

FFT Event Medal Recipe for Nagrarok Cloudy Hardened Sap Heart of Sorrow Secrets of the Forge (Sword) Adamantite large Adamantite mid

Quest Missions

Quest MissionReward
A team of 4 or less unitsFFT Event Medalx500
No continueRecipe for Nagrarokx1
No use of an itemHammer of Reforgingx3
No guest unitFragments of Orlandeaux20

Record Missions (Milestones)

Clear EX Quest 1~5 Times

You can get the following items as rewards in total.

FFT Event Medal




Recipe for Nagrarok


Fragments of Orlandeau


Multiplayer Milestones

Clear EX Quest (Multi) 1~5 Times

FFT Event Medal




Recipe for Nagrarok


"+"Required Books of Secrets
+1, Lvl.1-
+2, Lvl.120
+3, Lvl.160 (+2Nagnarok2★Lvl.20 x2)
+4, Lvl.1170 (+3Nagnarok 3★Lvl.30 x2)
+5, Lvl.1430 (+4Nagnarok4★Lvl.40 x2)


I crafted my two +4 assault and got a +5 magic. I needed if for Orlandeau. SE why you do this to me
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
oh man. Bad luck. But in the future you can choose the type from the previous two weapons
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Aa Reply
you can dismantle it. you will get back 2 nagnarok +4. and start combine again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Is that system applicable before combining, or after combining? (I mean, if i have nagrarok +5 magic, can i change it to assault when that system exist in the future?)
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
When is this "in the future" you are talking about? At least, when was it for the Jp servers so I could estimate it?
Anonymous 10days ago
Anybody know when we can get more nagnarok recipe? The collaboration part 2 can get this recipe again or not? I literally have 2 +4 and need only 1 recipe to get +5. Or this recipe isnt available anymore?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
It'll be available when the next Tactics event hits.
Anonymous 25days ago
I have two +4 its already awaken to lv40.. why cant i make it +5??
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
The only reason I could think of is one of the +4's might be equipped on a character, in which case you gotta remove it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Both are unequipped.. and i have enough materials
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
If one or both of them is selected as a “favorite” (either for a character or just as a favorite piece of equipment in general) you also can’t craft it and need to de-select it’s a “favorite”.
how should i proceed to upgrade?
max star each then finally craft to +5,
or just barely upgrade and craft it to +5 first?
<< Anonymous(cabeijo)
Anonymous Reply
Just go for the minimum so you can save materials.
+0 don't upgrade
+1 up to lv10 don't awaken
+2 up to lv20
+3 up to lv30
+4 up to lv40
Do note you need two of the each to upgrade to next +
then on your +5 go upgrade it to lv50
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
cabeijo 28days ago Reply
When is this going to get added globally? Need more Event Medals

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You can use nameless hero memory instead, because gaff is limited hero and the event already over
Lucia 63
I spend 10K and stop for now
only increase the dmg on ice units or ice atks, so nasha for example can benefit for using it for...
Guild: RevStardust Guild ID: 1113950063 Statues: 3/2/3/2 Required rank: 40 and above Curren...
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