FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

Final Fantasy Tactics collaboration event in wotvffbe. Summon, event shop, event quest, rewards.
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update 22/04/2020
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
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Event Quest
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This Event has a JP version. Click here to visit the event page.

Duration (PST)

4/22/2020 ~

Featured Units & Vision Cards

Ramza Beoulve Cidolfus Orlandeau Gaffgarion The Will of Beoulve

FAQ & Tips

Where is Ramza Guaranteed Step Up Summon?

We don't know. Actually there was Ramza guaranteed Step Up Summon (premium) when the FFT collaboration event came to the JP server though.

Seems that it's replaced with UR unit guararnteed summon (premium) on the global server probably.

We also can purchase Ramza. Ramza Unit Pack at the event shop contains an actual unit. It requires 5,000 paid Visiore. It wan't on the JP server.

Moreover, we also get daily free multi summon that even drops Ramza and Orlandeau. It wan't on the JP server.

Is the limited time vision card good?

Yes, it's an only vision card that bestows high AGI to the whole party members. There is no other vision card that can play a same role even on the JP server yet.

AGI is very important stat either in PvP and PvE.

However, in the Arena and the Guild Battle, taking actions first won't be the best for all time. It depends on the cases.

Note that also, during the event period (since it's a limited time vision card), you also have to acquire enough shard of it to perform limit break for bring out the best in it.

Is Gaffgarion Worth to Enhance?

Yes, he's worth to enhance.

Will be a good Dark Slash attacker especially if you are F2P and don't have Stern, another high ATK Dark Slash unit.

Free Multi Summon

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

Duration (PST)

00:00, 4/22/2020 - 23:59, 5/1/2020


You can perform this free multi summon once a day durign the time period. Ramza and Orlandeau can be summoned from this as well.

Login Bonus

Reward Unit

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

Limited Time Summons

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

Limited Time Summons (Premium)

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

You need to spend premium (paid) Visiore for performing these summons.

Event Shop

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
ItemGil・GemTrade Limit
Ramza Unit Pack (contains Ramza unit)x15,000 Paid Visiore1
Ramza Training Packx12,000 Paid Visiore3
Fragments of Ramzax402,000 Gems3 times
Fragments of Orlandeaux402,000 Gems3 times
x251,250 Gems1 time
Fragments of the Will of Lightx101,000 Gems5 times
Fragments of the Will of Thunderx101,000 Gems5 times
Pyroxene of Light・Violetx10100,000 Gil5 times
Pyroxene of Thunder・Violetx10100,000 Gil5 times
Pyroxene of Light・Azurex1050,000 Gil5 times
Pyroxene of Thunder・Azurex1050,000 Gil5 times
Pyroxene of Light・Jadex1025,000 Gil1 time
Pyroxene of Thunder・Jadex1025,000 Gil1 time
Charoite of Swordx10100,000 Gil3 times
Azurite of Swordx1050,000 Gil3 times
Jadeite of Swordx1025,000 Gil1 time

Event Medal Shop

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

Notable Items

You can get Awoken Prisms, Fragments of Will, and Faint Memories as well.

ItemMedalTrade Limit
Fragments of Ramzax125080 times
Fragments of Orlandeaux125080 times
Fragments of Gaffgarionx1100400 times
Recipe for Nagrarokx1150100 times
Memory of Dark Knight・Scarletx18005 times
Memory of Dark Knight・Citronx14004 times
Memory of Squire・Scarletx18005 times
Memory of Squire・Citronx1400 Gil4 times
Memory of Sword Saint・Scarletx18005 times
Memory of Sword Saint・Citronx14004 time
Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx15,000 1 time
Phantom Sphere of Starbowx15,0003 times

Challenge Missions (Bingo)

Part 1

Complete Battle#1Dime Memory・Jadex10
Complete Battle#3 Dime Memory・Azurex10
Get items from Chokobo ExploringPyroxene of Dark・Violetx30
Complete a hard quest onceFFT Event Medalx500
Awaken Gaffgarion onceFragments of Gaffgarionx10
Join a guildFFT Event Medalx500
Strengthen a Vision Card three timesEXP Cube smallx30
Strengthen a Summon three timesStory Skip Ticketx10
Increase Gaffgarion's level to 10EXP Cube midx30
1 lineMemory of Dark Knight・Violetx1
2 linesDime Memory・Azurex50
3 linesFFT Event Summon Ticketx1
4 linesAwoken Prism of Darkx30
5 linesAwoken Prism of Earthx30
6 linesAwoken Prism of Windx30
7 linesAwoken Prism of Waterx30
8 linesFragments of Gaffgarionx40

Part 2

Complete Lionel Castle・the insidePyroxene of Dark・Azurex50
Awaken a weapon oncePyroxene of Dark・Violetx50
Trade at the guild medal shopFFT Event Medalx500
Complete event quests 5 timesFFT Event Medalx500
Increases Gaffgarion's level to 40Fragments of Gaffgarionx10
Contribute to a guild statue onceStatue of Standing Dragon・Violetx3
Complere hard quests three timesEXP Cube midx30
Increase Gaffgarion's JobLv to 6Story Skip Ticketx10
Play Arena three timesStatue of Standing Dragon・Azurex3
1 lineMemory of Squire・Violetx1
2 linesMemory of Sword Saint・Violetx1
3 linesFFT Event Summon Ticketx1
4 linesAwoken Prism of Lightx30
5 linesAwoken Prism of Ice x30
6 linesAwoken Prism of Firex30
7 linesAwoken Prism of Thunderx30
8 linesFragments of Ramzax40

Summon Medal Shop (MogShop)

FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)

You can trade medals obtained from the collaborative summons for rare items at the Mogshop. Check it there.


Does anyone know if this event will ever return?
<< Anonymous(Tio)
Anonymous Reply
i think will but its unknown when
ramza sucks lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no way, he's amazing
Saving 22k lapis did trully make my ramza mlb.. With a lot of luck that is... I,m f2p
to be honest, i want ramza, orlandeu, Agrias, Delita, just to nostalgia with FF Tactics.
<< Anonymous(Aa)
Anonymous Reply
just do it. burn your money. lol
<< Anonymous
ivan Reply
Burn your money??? Orlandu it's the best unit with Warrior of the Light un Japan...Go and lvl ur Gilgamesh lol
<< Anonymous(ivan)
Anonymous Reply
but if im not in japan...
<< Anonymous(Aa)
Anonymous Reply
Imagine your dream lineup every time you do story or event quest. Ramza Delita Agrias Orlandeau and Gaffgarion
Even with Orlandeou and Stern, do I make Gaff 99, or do I wait?

I'm f2p.
<< Anonymous(Leo)
Get MR Reply
max gaff. youll be hitting harder than unmaxed sterns. a 99 mr will always be better than a 79 UR. thats 20 whole levels.
in f2p focus on 1 non limited UR at a time to spend your visiore on.
If you cant limit break 3 orlandeau dont bother with him youll be wasting currency.
<< Anonymous(Get MR)
Anonymous Reply
Lol no, a 79 UR will still hit harder than a 99 MR.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is true, my Sterne's only lv74 but has 900 attack. PvE wise he's better even with that level. PvP's a gamble whoever hits first. I am solo'ing the EX multi on FFT since its faster than waiting for players and their lags. Time to finish buying those shards.
Mesmo tendo o Orlandeou e Stern, faço o Gaff 99, ou espero?

Sou f2p.
<< Anonymous(Saggus)
Anonymous Reply
como voce conseguiu o orlandeu? eu gastei cerca de 10k e nada so porcaria
<< Anonymous(Leo)
Anonymous Reply
pega o maximo que puder de shards dele, o ideal é que consiga as 600 para lb3, mas lb3 já faz um bom estrago, esquece o Gaff se tem sterne, ele divide o mesmo elemento, a não ser que seu ja seja 6*
<< Anonymous(Leo)
Victor Reply
Cara, eu sem gastar 1 real creio que vou conseguir colocar o Orlandu 99, todos os dias consigo no shop 10-15 peças dele, vc consegue 80 no shop farmando no evento e vc consegue 120 comprando por 6k de visi ai agora no evento novo abriu acho que pra ganhar mais 30 peças, ai juntando por dia já coloquei o meu 4 falta 100 peças pra colocar ele full e ai já era...só alegria, melhor char do jogo full
<< Anonymous(Victor)
Anonymous Reply
como assim melhor char do jogo ele morre em 1 hit pra yerna sem falar q mont tanka ele facil e eh free
Hi Everyone,
Is there a way to farm FFT summon tickets?
I have 5 of them but I don't even know where exactly I've got them from.
Summon tickets were really good in FFXIV event so if I can get to 10 for max summon effect that would be nice
<< Anonymous(Hizagui)
Anonymous Reply
you can get it only from daily login now, it cant be farm
Where is the EX Stage?
<< Anonymous(ABC)
Anonymous Reply
that is my question too
<< Anonymous(ABC)
Anonymous Reply
i think the above next update, next mounth
how to spend this event coin? any suggest
<< Anonymous(JustAPlayer)
Anonymous Reply
i dont think ramza and orlandu are best investiment can I take gaff for free i'll skip to take lucia vinera or another better unit
<< Anonymous
Cryst Reply
Anyone know which is the best stage to farm event coin?
<< Anonymous(Cryst)
Anonymous Reply
La última
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
>70k if u get shards of booth
Hi dudes,

In the free invocation of today, i gain Stern, now, i have the doubt.

Try to level Stern (cant limit break) or lv gaffgarion.

Im a "free to play" player, and dont know the best options to invest my shadow gems.

Any advice?
<< Anonymous(ElTioPaco)
Dded Reply
Gaffgarrion. MR 99 much powerfull than half baked UR. since you are F2P, i dont think u will max up sterna in short time. so Gaffgarion will do the best.
<< Anonymous(Dded)
ElTioPaco Reply
THX, i Will do!

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