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Iron Giant Challenge Guide
update 18/02/2020

Do you want to share information and guides with other players?

Then please give us your help!

We prepare a shared and easy-to-edit spreadsheet. You just access to the sheet and type/enter what you find. You don't need to have programming skill or etc. Just having smartphone or PC and an access to the internet is required to edit the spreadsheet.

Contact us on discord first then let's discuss this! Tap the button below to access to the discord server!

Sample1: Equipment Stats

Once a player (IGN:WOTVFAN) crafted Iron Plate, he will access to the sheet and simply write down what he found out. In the photos below, the blue texts are entered by WOTVFAN.

Sample2: Tier List and Explanation

WOTVFAN is here again. He has played the game so hard and wants to share ratings and explanations with others, especially with beginners to help them get good units in early stage. He started creating tier lists on the sheet.

In a photo below, blue text part is what WOTVFAN typed and entered.

Credit is displayed on pages!

On a page you contribute to, your IGN is put on at the top part of it!


Write down your questions in the comment section below or just request an access to the spreadsheet!


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vis TMR is nice, mit atk types, i hope they lower the awakening requirements of low rarity units
I soloed brutal with thancred , my only problem is i cant @@@ 3 units simultaneously woth him so ...
Competitive Guild Guild Name: LionheartSG Guild ID: 2239799464 Guild Rank: gold II (and climbi...
Best guild in WOTV :)
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