Which emulator work that doesn't freeze or crash?

Does anyone know which emulator work best for wwtov that doesn't crash or freeze? Or know a fix for LD or BlueStacks?


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not only emulator. its also depend with your system.
i recommend 3Ghz CPU, 8GB RAM or higher, 2gb VRAM or higher.
if you using bluestacks, set allocate memory to 4GB.
I have been using NOX and it works great for me. Games still crash here and there, but it's infrequent. I'm usually running Multi-Instance playing WOTV and Nier Reincarnation together and so far I have no complaints.

Originally I used Bluestacks but I keep having this issue where it works great when I first download it, but any time I run it after it gets stuck on the loading screen. I've even tried all versions of it, as well as messed with the settings in the emulator itself, but to no avail. I'm even running a relatively high-end PC. It seems to work well for some, but not me.

Hope this helps
Bluestacks x64 with pie64 doesn't crash for me, this is the most stable emu i used. I have an old pc 4core with 8gb of ddr3 ram, BS uses a lot of system resources but does not crash.
If you have a windows 10+ PC and an android phone the "My Phone" app is good and doesn't crash. If you have a Samsung phone the 'Samsung Dex' app is amazing. Really high quality and doesn't crash.
emuVR64 works perfectly, as seen here:
Pie 64-bit
Bluestacks 5 has worked well for me
Make sure your using 64bit version for a 64b system or 32 for 32.

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