Job Materials

Items for leveling up jobs in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Dime Memory, Job Memory, Statue, Job Crystals, Pyroxene.
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update 04/02/2020

Dime Memory

Job Statue

Statue of Standing Dragon

Statue of Praying Angel

Element Pyroxene

Pyroxene of Light

Pyroxene of Earth

Pyroxene of Water

Pyroxene of Ice

Pyroxene of Fire

Pyroxene of Dark

Pyroxene of Thunder

Pyroxene of Wind

Job Memory

Memory of Black Mage

Memory of Cleric

Memory of Dark Knight

Memory of Dragoon

Memory of Green Mage

Memory of Gunner

Memory of Hunter

Memory of Knight

Memory of Lancer

Memory of Monk

Memory of Ninja

Memory of Paladin

Memory of Red Mage

Memory of Rune Knight

Memory of Samuai

Memory of Soldier

Memory of Thief

Memory of Time Mage

Memory of Viking

Memory of Warrior

Memory of White Mage

Memory of Winged One

Memory of Double Gunner

Memory of Double Gunner・Jade Memory of Double Gunner・Azure Memory of Double Gunner・Violet Memory of Double Gunner・Citron Memory of Double Gunner・Scarlet

Memory of Assassin

Memory of Assassin・Jade Memory of Assassin・Azure Memory of Assassin・Violet Memory of Assassin・Citron Memory of Assassin・Scarlet

Memory of Unsung Hero

Memory of Witch

Memory of Sword Saint


Ivalice Boy 1days ago
Is the Witch/Sorceress memory also limited by the event? or is it permanent even after the event?
Anonymous 2days ago
Where you will find sorceress memory?
<< Anonymous
GameA1 2days ago Reply
Sorceress memory can be obtained as FFIXV event record mission rewards probably. Check the record missions.
JayNoza 6days ago
what does leveling up your job do for you?
<< Anonymous(JayNoza)
GameA1 6days ago Reply
Leveling your job unlocks acquiable abilities and increases stats. It's very important factor to strengthen your unit.

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