Dime Memory・Jade

Dime Memory・Jade in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to farm and how to level up jobs.
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update 31/12/2019
Dime Memory・Jade
English (EN)Dime Memory・Jade
Japanese (日本語)微かな記憶・翠


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DarkHeaven Guild ID: 2773362997 Statue: 5/4/4/4 Guild League: Platinum Get 50 visore daily ...
Just look at her face, it tells you everything
My guess is that they put Thancred in the B list because his shards has only appeared once during...
Another tier slave. Lemme guess who your favorite unit is - Orlandu? Mediena? ThEm iS bEsT gGwP, ...
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