Reroll Guide: Tier List & Tips

How to reroll fast, best unit to pull in rerolling, reroll tier list in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
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update 25/03/2020

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Reroll Guide

Reroll Guide & Tier List 1

Starting from when you first open the game, start a new account by selecting "New Game". Select "Guest" for account binding to save time, you can bind your account later on once you want to stick with the results.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 2
Reroll Guide & Tier List 3

When asked about downloading voiceovers, selecting no voiceover will save you some download time, but it's only like 50mb difference.

There is also an option to partially skip the tutorial. If you are a new player, then it's recommended to go through with it since there's a lot of stuff about the mechanics. Though you can revisit the entire tutorial later on, but for rerolling purposes, select "skip".

Reroll Guide & Tier List 4

Once you finish downloading the entire data, there will be a quick summoning tutorial. The initial tutorial summon has 1 guaranteed UR, but the pool of units is limited, so you don't actually have access to everything just yet.

The first UR that you summon here is levelled to 99 automatically. Not the most important thing, but it can REALLY help you progress with your account faster. It's ok to be nitpicky about this first summon, but there are plenty of other summoning opportunities later.

If you don't like what you get, you can delete your account right away by going to the title screen and select Data -> Delete Account. This is better than uninstalling the game since you won't have to re-download the entire game data again. If you don't want to reroll just yet, continue on the tutorial a little bit more to get more chances of summoning.

When watching the story cut scenes, you can skip it by tapping on the arrows at the top right of the screen.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 5

In the battle, you can turn on the fast forward option on the top right to x1.5 speed to make things faster. Option settings also have the option to turn off Ability Effects, which can speed up the battle process.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 5

After the whole tutorial is finished, you will be able to get the new player and login rewards. How many visiores you get at the start may depend on the currently on-going log in rewards. Tap the "Presents" to claim all the presents.

All The Summoning

Free Summon

Reroll Guide & Tier List 5

Once all of that is over, head to the summon screen to start summoning and see what you get. New players have access to a free summon once a day for 7 days. Depending on when you reroll, sometimes there are other free multi summon banners as well.

For faster summoning, you can tap the "Skip Animation" button just below the visiore amount.

Continue with the things below if you still don't want to restart the account yet.


Reroll Guide & Tier List 6

Head to the shop section from the button below on the main screen of the game, and select the "Beginner's Shop" banner. This is time limited, and all of the items are good. It's recommended to clear out the entire shop, except for the ones that need paid visiores (for obvious reasons). The free items given through the present box when you start the account provides enough visiores and Gil to do so.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 8

You can buy 3 tickets of the 10x summon that has a guaranteed UR for a total of 1500 visiores. If you're not going after a banner character, this is a good use of visiores since it will give you more units.

But if you're playing this game because you're after a certain unit from a banner, skip this ticket for the moment and reroll the banner instead. If you get the unit early, you'll want to use the extra visiores that you have to buy shards of that character, instead of going for random URs through the ticket.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 10

If you do buy the tickets, you can use them by going to the summon screen and tap the "Ticket Summon List" on the bottom right.

Getting Shards

Reroll Guide & Tier List 7

The beginner shop section provides some tickets to buy shards. One of them uses free visiore, and the other one uses paid visiores only. Only consider the paid one once you're fully committed to the account. Otherwise, the free visiore ticket is pretty important that you'll want to pick up.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 9

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to tap on the tickets before you buy them, and check to see if a unit that you want to raise is in that ticket. Some tickets obtainable from gifts, or certain shops may not include certain high cost units, or limited time units.

Collaboration characters are always limited time units. If you're playing this game and rerolling for those characters, then these shard tickets most likely can't be used on them. However, they are still important on raising just about any other units, so there's no harm in picking up all of them. You just have to prioritize in focusing your limited time units first or get the tickets.

It takes 1000 unit shards to fully reach max level, so clearing out all the shard tickets that uses free visiore isn't enough to fully level them up, but the paid one does.

If you're considering buying some visiores, then yes, the paid visiore for shard tickets is worth the value. This is because shard tickets are rarely sold, and are often a lot more expensive than what you can get from the beginner's shop.

Select Unit Ticket

Reroll Guide & Tier List 11

Once you're satisfied with your account, you can use a select unit ticket to complete the account. This is given to new players through the login bonus, and you can claim them from the giftbox.

To use them, go to the summon screen and tap the "Ticket Summon List" at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap the "Select Ticket" tab and scroll all the way down. You can look at the units that you can choose when you tap the "Summon" button before you actually confirm it.

Deleting Your Account

Reroll Guide & Tier List 20
Reroll Guide & Tier List 21

If you don't like your account and would like to start over, simply head back to the title screen and tap the "Data" button on the bottom right of the screen. Then choose to "Delete Account". This lets you restart without having to uninstall the game and re-download the entire game data.

Additional Visiores

Reroll Guide & Tier List 5

If you are short of a few Visiores to do a multi summon, you can do a couple of story missions, and then go to "missions" on the main screen, and tap claim all.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 5

You can turn off Ability Effects in the settings by tapping on the options at the top right during battle. This will help speed up the battle by a lot so you can go through the missions quickly.

Reroll Guide & Tier List 5

Another way is to complete all the quests in "Beginner Hall", which may take longer compared to just rerolling all over, but each stage gives 100, and there's 14 quests so a total of 1400 more Visiores.

Gold & Rainbow Rolls

Occasionally the color of a crystal will upgrade to Gold or Rainbow.

Rainbow = UR confirmed!

If the crystal is Rainbow colored, a UR unit or vision card is guaranteed.

Gold = MR confirmed!

If the crystal is Gold colored, a MR unit or vision card is guaranteed.

Summoning Rate (with No Rate Ups)

RarityUnit (%)Vision Card (%)

Note 1: This is a rate for Rare Summon (Rare Gacha).

Note 2: Units sometimes get rate-up.

Reroll Tier List

Which UR units are best to pull?

It will be much easier to fully limit break a unit if you try to roll for a character that's currently on banner since it's easier to get shards for them. This can really give you a good headstart on progressing your account. Even better if the unit is considered top tier.

Non Limited Units To Go For

Helena (Black-Robed Witch) Jayden Rundall Mont (King of Leonis) Gilgamesh Garvall Charlotte Ildyra Xiza

Aside from the current banner unit(s), these are some of the other units that are recommended to go after. All are considered to be really strong and top tier to be worth rerolling for. For the rest of the units, be sure to check the tier list.

Helena (Black-Robed Witch)

Helena (Black-Robed Witch) is a very strong mage with a good amount of versatility, making her quite worth it to reroll for her.

She can deal a lot of damage with good area and range, and she's able to deal with a variety of enemies from tanks to evasive targets. Subjob options are also pretty good, allowing her to either be a magic tank, or have instant magic attacks and heal spells.

Xiza Ildyra

Both Xiza and Ildyra are currently available to purchase for free using guild medals (Xiza) or friend medals (Ildyra), which may lower their priority to reroll for them.

  • Xiza is a fairly old unit, and is quite outdated compared to the current meta, but her TMR is still the best in the game that can be considered "account defining". Getting the unit from the gacha simply makes it faster for you to get it compared to slowly buying her shards each day.
  • Ildyra is considered to be a pretty good "farmer" because her abilities have wide range, making her a pretty good unit to leave on auto for PvE. Helena (Black-Robed Witch) is a stronger version of Ildyra, so if you rerolled for Helena then you won't really need to go after Ildyra unless you want 2 fast farmers.

Gilgamesh Sterne (Knight of Ruin) Glaciela (Regalia) Jayden Rundall

These are units that cost 100. This just means that they are units "supposedly" made to be slightly better than the lower cost units. The catch is that their shards cost double the amount of regular units. However, since new players can get many select shard tickets (some may or may not be used on them), it's a lot more feasible for newer players to actually get them.

  • Gilgamesh is like a support damage dealer. He's not going to be your main carry to kill all the enemies for you, but he helps your team deal more damage. A great unit to have in a mono ice team, but a decent support damage dealer in general.

  • Sterne (Knight of Ruin) is a main damage dealer that works like a Dark Knight job, sacrificing some of his hp to deal big damage. He can be a powerhouse, but his role is very one-dimensional and is somewhat outdated compared to current damage dealers. Still a good addition to have for contents like Raid in a mono Dark team though.

  • Glaciela (Regalia) is a strong fire mage that is best described as Megumin from Konosuba. She has an explosive area attack, and a really strong single target damage if the enemy is debuffed. Luckily, she won't be incapacitated after an explosion, but many of her skills are pretty costly so she won't be able to do too many either.

  • Jayden is a Light missile attacker that deals damage based on his MAG stat. His attack range is pretty far and deals respectable damage. Not the easiest unit to recommend for new players since his setup can be difficult to acquire for new players, and he mostly shines when working with other Light units instead of with anyone in general.

Garvall Sakura Louelle Moore Salire (Sweetheart)

Garvall, Sakura, and Louelle are all strong mage damage dealers that can be good for most content as well. Aside from being a different element from one another, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses to consider.

  • Garvall excels at short fights since he has a passive that can increase some of his stats by a lot in the first 5 turns of the fight. His abilities have no cast time and good range, but somewhat costly. His TMR is also quite powerful that can be good for just about any damage dealer mage.
  • Sakura can cast a lot of strong offensive magic abilities, including Lightning element, and some decent support spells. She has dark killers as well, which can make her deadly against dark units.
  • Louelle can cast magic very fast, and her damage spells have pretty high multiplier with decent area of effect, but there aren't many earth supports available.
  • Moore is an anti-mage mage. On her own, she is able to deal some decent damage, but she's a unit that's meant to go against magic type enemies.
  • Salire (Sweetheart) works more or less the same as Garvall. Having high MAG makes her a good one-shot unit to bring in pvp when you want to go against Wind type units.

Mont (King of Leonis) Rain Charlotte

Mont (King of Leonis) is a physical tank, while Rain and Charlotte are magic tanks. Even though they may not always be necessary, especially since the game offers a free and decent physical tank, Mont Leonis, having a really strong tank can make quite the difference, especially since hard contents will be much more manageable and make it easier to clear or farm. They can also deal pretty high damage, but they require event items to do so, which will likely be unavailable for newer players rolling for them until the event comes back.

  • King Mont comes with a lot of defensive abilities, and has an efficient way to attract enemy's attention compared to most units with the paladin job. His offensive abilities can provide as a decent support for physical and slash units, but if you want him to deal high damage then he needs Flametongue.
  • Rain also has an efficient skill to attract enemy's attention easily through his skill, but won't be as good as King Mont against physical enemies. Rain may be more easier to build since, Crimson Saber, comes from a tower event that occurs somewhat frequently.
  • Charlotte is a magic tank, similar to Rain. But while Rain comes with a side of damage, Charlotte is more of a sturdy wall that's also decent at tanking physical attacks.

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Is it normal that in the first gacha of the game I get sakura at level 99 awakened to the maximum and others? that is, op
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In this game, its perfectly normal. It still a long way to go if you also including VC, esper, and equipment btw. You need more than a maxed sakura for hard quest, the tower, and even pvp.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, it's normal. After WoTV 1st anniversary, new player will start getting 1 character with maxed LB and awakening. New player will receive one of these character during 1st pull: Rain (Fire), Lasswell (Ice), Sakura (Light), Ildyra (Water), Frederika (Lightning), Lucia (Wind), Kilphe (Earth), or Vinera (Dark).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Only this 8 units?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, only those 8 units are given with maxed LB and awakenings, you still can get another UR unit in your 1st pull if you're lucky tho (but their level and LB are not maxed)
i got ruin sterne and i heard he's expensive to upgrade. i wanna stay f2p should i reroll or?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
he is expensive but nows the chance for new playrs thats f2p or old player f2p that want gilga or ruin stern u can max him the same day u started or for few days by using beginning UR ticket shard from beginners
Anonymous bruh
Hello guys. I am new and i want to know something. Garvall is the newest unit and i want t9 know if it spossible to get him on the first tuto pull?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous bruh)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got Xiza and Illyria first go, plus several SSR/MR like Ramada and Schultz(misspelled name). Do I need to reroll?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One of the best all-rounded roll, you Won't regret it. You will get more UR later naturally by free pulls. Work on Mont too and play at your own pace.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Good to go, concentrate on the two + Mont.
<< Anonymous
mahaek Reply
A really stupid question. so I link this a game on my Google account and recent got okay roll. And wondering can I keep my previous rolls and re-roll to a get better roll by clearing the app data?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(Same person here) I also further in the game progress meaning that I am not a newbie.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Clearing app data or uninstall app won't clear the link. You can clear data and do re-roll marathon without linking to any social account (assuming you only have one device to work with).

Other approach is use Android emulator to do the rest marathon.
Is it possible to get 4 Ur units?
<< Anonymous(Bastionus)
Anonymous Reply
In rerolls I mean
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah but it's rare
<< Anonymous(Bastionus)
Anonymous Reply
Yes but you don't need many URs to start with unless you plan to play as super whale. Sooner or later you will pull URs. Quality > quantity in this game.
Got Engelbert, Macheri, whisper,rain,terms,gilgamesh. Am I good to go?
<< Anonymous
Graveinvite Reply
Macherie is bad. You can't get Rain's MAG sword anymore. Gilgamesh is slow and costly to upgrade. Whisper takes too much effort to shine.

Need Xiza, her trust mastery is the greatest by far. Also very useful for steal time and charm.

Others to look out for:
Kilphe(whole package - tanky damage & heals)
Ayaka(best healer)
Ildyra(best farmer, good mage & healer)
Engelbert(best nonlimited tank)
<< Anonymous(Graveinvite)
Anonymous Reply
Rains sword is getting a re-run as most things in this game do.
Good morning WOTV senseis! I have a question here, is my unit ok? Ive been playing for awhile now, n was hoping to get medi but didnt get the chance tho. This is an old account and only manage to them. recently i reroll the game and got 3 UR units, Gilgamesh, Ayaka and Sterne on 1st draw. So my question here is shud i just continue with my old account or begin a new game?
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous(Charlesrlo)
Anonymous Reply
It depends if you work or not. The time you spend on the game, you can find a gag job and just buy the character.
rerolled once got 5 UR, two the next day
Got sterne and ayaka, should I reroll?
<< Anonymous(D11M05)
Anonymous Reply
i'll probably choose to start with this setup. Ayaka is having her banner right now, meaning you can buy her shards in the shop. She is a VERY good healer.

Sterne is a fast hitter, a good DPS.

Both units compliment well with each other

Remember to do their hard quest for the shards daily. This will slowly pave your way to max limit break for them
Hi! Got Sterne, Olde, Xiza, Mediena. Should I re-roll?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is a good start.
Go with Mediena + Stern or Xiza (it would take longer to enhance them as they both are Dark units).
For PvE content you could go with all 4.
Then, go with Gaffgarion for MR as you can get his shards with farm.
Hello! Thank you so much for your guide. Should I keep this accounts or just reroll to get Mediena and Ayaka?

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