Reroll Guide: Tier List & Tips

How to reroll fast, best unit to pull in rerolling, reroll tier list in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
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update 25/03/2020

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Reroll Guide

Duration5~10 minutes
Available Rolls23
1Install the app
2Proceed to the tutorial
3Use the free roll (10 units/vision cards)
4Finish the tutorial
5Receive pre-registration rewards (1250 visiore)
6Play through story quests or Beginner's Hall to collect 4500 visiore
7Do Step-Up Summon to get 1 guaranteed UR, and continue playing with the account or reset the game data for next reroll

If you use an Android device, instead of uninstalling the app, reset the app data for WOTV. This will allow you to skip uninstalling and re-downloading to save time.

Gold & Rainbow Rolls

Occasionally the color of a crystal will upgrade to Gold or Rainbow.

Rainbow = UR confirmed!

If the crystal is Rainbow colored, a UR unit or vision card is guaranteed.

Gold = MR confirmed!

If the crystal is Gold colored, a MR unit or vision card is guaranteed.

Summoning Rate (with No Rate Ups)

RarityUnit (%)Vision Card (%)

Note 1: This is a rate for Rare Summon (Rare Gacha).

Note 2: Units sometimes get rate-up.

Reroll Tier List

Which UR units are best to pull?

Once you have 1 or 2 UR units, you may want to stop re-rolling and start playing the game. Each UR unit has different specialties and can work well.

SMediena Engelbert Ayaka
ASterne Leonis Gilgamesh Oelde Leonis Rob Hourne Ziza Macherie Hourne
B Irene

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I got Xiza and Illyria first go, plus several SSR/MR like Ramada and Schultz(misspelled name). Do I need to reroll?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One of the best all-rounded roll, you Won't regret it. You will get more UR later naturally by free pulls. Work on Mont too and play at your own pace.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Good to go, concentrate on the two + Mont.
<< Anonymous
mahaek 6days ago Reply
A really stupid question. so I link this a game on my Google account and recent got okay roll. And wondering can I keep my previous rolls and re-roll to a get better roll by clearing the app data?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(Same person here) I also further in the game progress meaning that I am not a newbie.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Clearing app data or uninstall app won't clear the link. You can clear data and do re-roll marathon without linking to any social account (assuming you only have one device to work with).

Other approach is use Android emulator to do the rest marathon.
Is it possible to get 4 Ur units?
<< Anonymous(Bastionus)
Anonymous Reply
In rerolls I mean
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah but it's rare
<< Anonymous(Bastionus)
Anonymous Reply
Yes but you don't need many URs to start with unless you plan to play as super whale. Sooner or later you will pull URs. Quality > quantity in this game.
Got Engelbert, Macheri, whisper,rain,terms,gilgamesh. Am I good to go?
<< Anonymous
Graveinvite Reply
Macherie is bad. You can't get Rain's MAG sword anymore. Gilgamesh is slow and costly to upgrade. Whisper takes too much effort to shine.

Need Xiza, her trust mastery is the greatest by far. Also very useful for steal time and charm.

Others to look out for:
Kilphe(whole package - tanky damage & heals)
Ayaka(best healer)
Ildyra(best farmer, good mage & healer)
Engelbert(best nonlimited tank)
<< Anonymous(Graveinvite)
Anonymous Reply
Rains sword is getting a re-run as most things in this game do.
Good morning WOTV senseis! I have a question here, is my unit ok? Ive been playing for awhile now, n was hoping to get medi but didnt get the chance tho. This is an old account and only manage to them. recently i reroll the game and got 3 UR units, Gilgamesh, Ayaka and Sterne on 1st draw. So my question here is shud i just continue with my old account or begin a new game?
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous(Charlesrlo)
Anonymous Reply
It depends if you work or not. The time you spend on the game, you can find a gag job and just buy the character.
rerolled once got 5 UR, two the next day
Got sterne and ayaka, should I reroll?
<< Anonymous(D11M05)
Anonymous Reply
i'll probably choose to start with this setup. Ayaka is having her banner right now, meaning you can buy her shards in the shop. She is a VERY good healer.

Sterne is a fast hitter, a good DPS.

Both units compliment well with each other

Remember to do their hard quest for the shards daily. This will slowly pave your way to max limit break for them
Hi! Got Sterne, Olde, Xiza, Mediena. Should I re-roll?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is a good start.
Go with Mediena + Stern or Xiza (it would take longer to enhance them as they both are Dark units).
For PvE content you could go with all 4.
Then, go with Gaffgarion for MR as you can get his shards with farm.
Hello! Thank you so much for your guide. Should I keep this accounts or just reroll to get Mediena and Ayaka?
Took a while but I got Mediena, Ayaka, and Olde Leonis.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Olde and aya first try
Shameless Brag
Got Gilgamesh x 2 off my first and only tutorial Summon. By the time I finished the 3 Step Up Summons I had 4 more unique UR Units & and 10 MR Units (compared to 7 SR & 4 R) and 3 UR Visions.

That said, there's lots of cool non-UR Units that are arguably as good or better than the URs, and much more likely to get to Lvl99. Work out which of those you want too before deciding whether to re-roll or not.
I pulled 2 Gilgamesh and 1 Xiza. Am i good to go?
<< Anonymous
Mr O Reply
No that is bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, they are super mobile.

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