Reroll Guide: Tier List & Tips

How to reroll fast, best unit to pull in rerolling, reroll tier list in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
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update 25/03/2020

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How to Reroll Fast

Duration5~10 minutes
Available Rolls23 times
1Install the app.
2Proceed to the tutorial.
3Roll free multiple Gacha (10 rolls).
4Finish the tutorial.
5Receive pre-registration rewards (1250 visiore).
6Play some story quests and other features to collect 4500 visiore
7Do Step-Up Summon to get 1 guaranteed UR, and choose either continue playing with the account or reseting the game data for a next rerolling.

If you use Android phones, instead of uninstalling the app, do data reset. Then you can skip re-downloading & uninstalling and save time.

Gold & Rainbow Rolls

Sometimes the color of a crystal is changed and promoted to Gold or Rainbow.

Rainbow = UR confirmed!

Once you pull Rainbow crystal, it means UR unit or vision card is guaranteed.

Gold = SSR confirmed!

Once you pull Gold crystal, SSR is guaranteed.

Summoning Rate

RarityUnit (%)Vision Card (%)

Note 1: This is a rate for Rare Summon (Rare Gacha).

Note 2: Units sometimes get rate-up.

Reroll Tier List

Which unit is the best to pull?

Once you get 1~2 UR unit, probably you finish re-rolling and start playing the game. Each UR unit has specialities and work well basically.

Here is the tier for UR units.

SMediena Engelbert Ayaka
ASterne Leonis Gilgamesh Oelde Leonis Rob Hourne Ziza Macherie Hourne
B Irene

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Anonymous 9hour ago
the strongest farming units?
Tamako 4days ago
Does S tier MR rare is strong as S tier UR rare or not
please answer:( 16hour ago
wich one better gilgamesh or sterne? i got medi, xiza, and sterne should i reroll for gil?
<< Anonymous(please answer:()
GameA1 10hour ago Reply
You don't have to. Gilgamesh is a good unit but in your case, you pulled 3 good URs. It's fine.
<< GameA1
please answer :) 9hour ago Reply
thank you
Reroller 1days ago
Hi, I just started. Did beginner roll, 1m roll and the 3 steps UR roll n got Ayaka and Medina. Am I all set?
<< Anonymous(Reroller)
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
I would say so. With Thancred into the mix you have a durable and offensive starting team to build around.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 9hour ago Reply
Yeah I agree with this.
unlucky 1days ago
Hi,can we skip the tutorial?if yes how?
<< Anonymous(unlucky)
GameA1 10hour ago Reply
According to the wotv official, you can skip it. I've already finished the tutorial so cannot see how to skip it though. Probably there is a button? During the tutorial battle, tap the button at the top right corner to see options.
Wilhelm 2days ago
Is there any way to change how units auto fight? My Ayaka keeps spamming protect, shell then stand there looking like an idiot while PvP opponents and bosses just smash away at my Engelbert...
<< Anonymous(Wilhelm)
GameA1 2days ago Reply
Nope. There is nothing to resolve it currently. The same thing is happening on the JP server.

The official has announced that they are going to fix it (at least on the JP server) though.
<< GameA1
Wilhelm 2days ago Reply
I see. Too bad then. Btw, I want to ask your opinions on accounts. My current one has Ayaka lb1, Engelbert lb1 and Robb. I threw like 12k lapis into Gil banner and didn't get him.
My 2nd account has Oelde, Berne and Gil. It is quite new and I'm afraid I won't be able to do much farming on Thancred event with it, but at least it still has the free lapis reserved.
Which one do you rate higher?
<< Anonymous(Wilhelm)
GameA1 2days ago Reply
Oops it's very hard question. If you really want to use Gil, then the 2nd account will be better.

I however can't make you follow my opinion. Don't take it seriously it's just a suggestion.

If you won't have enough time with your 2nd account, take Rainbow Fragment at the Tomestone MogShop and the Release Commemoration Shop at least.
<< GameA1
GameA1 2days ago Reply
On the JP server, there was another Gilgamesh Pick Up Banner about 3 months after the release by the way:
Anonymous 2days ago
I got Robb, Oelde, Mediena, and Engelbert
Should I reroll for Gilgamesh?
Btw it’s my 4 reroll
<< Anonymous
GameA1 2days ago Reply
If you really want Gil, you should. On my JP account, I actually have used Gilgamesh and he is good. Altough his shard cost 2 times more than other URs, I could succesfuly perform max limit break and awakenins on him without any in-app purchase (I'm a f2p player).

If I were you, I would keep that account though. Since you got a Mediena, another good Ice UR, it's still fine I think.
<< GameA1
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Thank you :) maybe I’ll create another account and get Gilgamesh
Danny 3days ago
I have 2 guest accounts and not sure which to bind. 1 has Medina, Ayaka and Xiza and the other has Medina, Gilgamesh, xiza and a gold healer. Thoughts?
<< Anonymous(Danny)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I'll take Gilgamesh and mediema. There are many mages that can sort of take the role of Ayaka. Gilgamesh on the other hand is quite unique with the teleport attack and levitate. Gilg also better at farming
Val 5days ago
Do you know if you can change your name later on? Or do you know if names are unique? Can two different players have the same name?
<< Anonymous(Val)
GameA1 5days ago Reply
Hi Val, you can change your player name anytime you want. The same name also can be existing among players. Check this guide:
<< Anonymous(Val)
Val 4days ago Reply
Thank you!!
Quinn 5days ago
I have 5000+ free visiore but somehow I can’t do the Step-up Summon. The game keep telling me I don’t have enough Visiore. Anyone has the same problem or know how to fix it?
<< Anonymous(Quinn)
Ryu 5days ago Reply
Only times I've had it say not enough visiore is when I'm been on the paid only ones, I know that's probably not much help, maybe try getting a little more visiore and reload the game?
<< Anonymous(Quinn)
GameA1 5days ago Reply
Quinn, like as Ryu said, I also suspect that you are trying to pull the paid visiore summon (1 ur guaranteed summon). Check carefully if the banner really the step up one.
madoet 5days ago
I got Mediena and Robb on the 1 4000 visore .. should i keep it
Ryu 5days ago
Just got Aileen from 1st pull and Sterne from 3rd, is this worth keeping? (on about my 8th reroll and 1st time I've got more than 1 UR _-_ )

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