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Cecil (Paladin) in wotvffbe. Stats, jobs, abilitieis, trust master reward, limit burst, awakening, limit break, master ability, and events.
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update 19/11/2020
Cecil (FFIV)
English Cecil (FFIV)
Job 1Luna Paladin
Job 2Soldier
Job 3Monk
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)July 2020
Release Date (GL)

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

Ability Type Limit Burst
Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeSlash Slash
ElementLight Light
EffectDeals Dmg (L) to target & chance to inflict Stun

Range Height1
Area Height0

Max EffectDmg Multiplier: 200%, Chance to inflict Stun: 67%

Useful Link: Ability Guide

Master Ability

Light Attack+15

Max Stats

Lvl 99 & All Job Lvl Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Critical Rate+30

Lunar Paladin Main Commands

CommandSpeed of LightDeals Dmg (S) to target & raises own AGI for 1 turn.
CommandShining DoubleDeals 2-Hit Dmg (M) to target & chance to inflict Disable for 3 turns.
CommandHoly Knights Blade: AttackDeals Dmg (L) to targets within range & lowers ATK for 3 turns.
CommandLights ProtectionRaises own DEF/SPR for 3 turns & significantly raises SPR Debuff Res.
CommandDevoted DefenseConsumes own HP to bestow a barrier on allies within range excluding self that reduces Phys Dmg (3 times).

Lunar Paladin Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandDivine AuraRaises Max HP of allies within area around self for 3 turns & recovers the amount of HP raised.
CommandLightbringerDeals Dmg (M) to targets within range & bestows Reaper Killer.
CommandDevoted GuardConsumes own HP to bestow a barrier on allies within range excluding self that reduces Magic Dmg (3 times).
SupportBlood of the LunariansRaises own Max HP/DEF.
ReactionOvercomer of OrdealsChance of taking reduced Phys Attack Dmg.

Soldier Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandHazard FormConsumes own HP to raise own ATK for 3 turns.
CommandOsmose ForceAbsorbs target's TP.
CommandHazard BreakConsumes own HP to deal Dmg (L) to targets within range.
CommandHazard SpinConsumes own HP to deal Dmg (L) to targets within area around self.
CommandHard SlashDeals Dmg (M) to target.
CommandParalyzing EdgeDeals Dmg (Min) to target & chance of inflicting Paralysis for 3 turns.
ReactionCounter SlashChance of Counterattack when taking Phys Attack Dmg.
SupportSelf-SacrificeSignificantly raises ATK & lowers All Attack Res.

Monk Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandPummelDeals 2-Hit Dmg (S) to target.
CommandStoreSignificantly raises down ATK for 1 turn.
SupportStrike MasteryRaises Strike ATK.
CommandSurge StrikeDeals Dmg (S) to target.
CommandTerra SlashDeals Dmg (M) to targets within range (does not affect targets with Float status).
ReactionFist CounterChance of Counterattack when taking Phys Attack Dmg.
CommandPurificationRemoves Poison・Blind・Sleep・Silence・Stone・Toad・Immobilize・Disable from self and allies within area
SupportHP Up Lv. 1Raises Max HP.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow

Awakening Materials

Awakening Materials
SoulLight Fragment of ThoughtLight Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Light Awakening Soul  2★


Light Awakening Soul  3★


Light Awakening Soul  4★


Light Awakening Soul  5★


Light Awakening Soul  6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard



Hot New Top
How do you find lunar paladin green memory?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you didn't get one during the event then you can't ever get one again until it reruns...

But you can use green hero memories but they're really rare, like every 3 months, unfortunately you can only trade the soul medals in mog shop for blue and higher, but every few months there's a chest for about a mil or 500k in an event shop that includes a green hero memory, I think the last time was xmas
What is his best job?
<< Anonymous
marcopoo Reply
the own job is the best or monk. Own job is for support, if soldier job has drain force it will be decent but he has no extra movement
<< Anonymous(marcopoo)
Anonymous Reply
^agree, especially with the fact that strike resist isn't that common.
I'm a quite new player and i've got a little upset with him in arena battles. He just don't stop spamming devoted defense or devoted guard, although i have other buffs in a higher lvl. Anyone knows what can i do to cease this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Turn off the abilities you don't want him to use
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I didn't even know that was possible, thanks! :D
Since he's free will we be getting Tidus for free as well in the future? Was cecil free in JP?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe it's just a switcheroo; we get Cecil for free but have to pay for Tidus, while it's the other way around for the JP servers. Honestly though, I would rather get Tidus for free if that was the case. Cecil is kinda "meh". Way too many better light tanks out there.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cecil isn't meant to be a tank here in the first place. He's much more of an bruiser that can still take a few hits while providing support.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Which means to say he isn't that useful in PvP. He's only useful in PvE. He'd just take up an extra slot in PvP and waste opportunities to deal damage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, Cecil is what we OG gamers refer to as a "spiker." His ability board is full of Crit Chance +%, Luck +, and even his TMR is packed with attack + and Crit chance +. Pair him w/ the right summon / VC combo and he'd be a wrecking ball in GB and AB with the right support. If you're going to use him, play into his strengths. Pad his atk power, crit damage, light atk & slash atk.
I'd like to ask, is it possible to max him out without pulling his banner ? If so what are the methods to do so ?
<< Anonymous
Lucis Reply
Thank you very much ~
<< Anonymous(Lucis)
Anonymous Reply
Pretty easy to max even if you didn't try for the Whimsy Shop. Not to mention he seems to be staying for about a month.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Shards from bingo require you to level him, so you need to actually pull him to get those shards. Just look at cecils bingo board right now.

I personally wouldn’t recommend getting buying shards without pulling him first. Even if it drains you of all of your visitors you can still awaken him and level him partially for bingo shards. Up to you though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Uh-oh, but Cecil is free in Global.... Already lb3 without spend any vis
what kind of weapons should Cecil use? Inside that weapon type, any particular one?
<< Anonymous(Dae)
Dae Reply
I would like to know about esper and vision card too.
yeah been saving for Luartha and Tyrrtus... and still have doubt whether to pull her or Kain... but if its like this, the temptation to pull Kain is reaching boiling point, cant resist him...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kain for sure if you feel like you have the visore for it. He's limited, and pretty great. Though if you aren't confident in pulling and maxing him out before the event ends, go for Lua instead.
Need how many visionere to max his LB?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
16k vis should be enough, and we also got abundant of resources in this event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
14,5k visiores (with approx 30 shards in expeditions) or 12k (if you pay for the daily purchase)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Where i should spend that 16k vis to max LB? From shop? I only get 120 sharp for 6k vis from the shop
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
From normal shop (that's change 3x a day, time interval is same like normal summon availability). Cecil's shards will be available in normal shop for 3 weeks. The shards is in 5 and 10 portion. If you want MLB faster, you can try spamming whimsy shop for possibility extra shards in 5 or 10 portion plus 3 guaranteed.
This dude.... is only good for his TMR it seems...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He's great support. He can keep your allies covered for phys and mag attacks, and he does some pretty good damage, too. Also, his HP is massive if you stack it. He's a good damage soak and is better than Engle when it comes to absorbing magic damage. He has his ups
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what's so good about his tmr?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wide AoE MAG & ATK buff and also accessories, so it's easy to manage.
Better than Agrias or Engelbert? Already have them lvl99. (F2P player)
<< Anonymous(Pelle)
Anonymous Reply
He's not a tank and not meant to replace Agrias or Engelbert.
Is there will posible to build him into somekind of glass cannon? It seem that he has so much Cri stat and also Soilder class ñ
<< Anonymous
He's not Sterne Reply
Got Ramza (MLB), WOL (MLB), Engelbert (LB4), now Cecil cuz his free. I'm thinking to max him out to build mono light team. hmmmmm

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