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FFIV collaboration in wotvffbe. Event quest, limited time summon banner, collaboration units, limited time shops, equipment.
WOTV Breaking News
[JP Server] FFVI Collaboration!
update 05/08/2020
FFVI Collaboration
First Release Date (JP, JST))2020 July 23
First Release Date (GL, PST)


FFIV Login Bonus

FFVI Collaboration

Event Quests & EX Quests

FFVI Collaboration

Cecil Limited Time Summon Banner

FFVI Collaboration
FFVI Collaboration

New Vision Cards Summon

FFVI Collaboration

4 Days Limited Shop

FFVI Collaboration

Leonis National Broadcasting Part 3 Celebration

FFVI Collaboration
FFVI Collaboration

1 Billion Visiore Share Campaign

FFVI Collaboration

Main Story Chapter 10 Part 2 Unlocked

FFVI Collaboration


Anonymous 6hour ago
They should have of named it FF2 to confuse people more.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
Or fFTw0
Anonymous 4days ago
why doesn't Gumi justify the wrong name, it's FFIV not FFVI
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
This is not an official site so there are bound to be typos.
Anonymous 7days ago
can't wait for ffvii and ffxv collab for wotv
Anonymous 9days ago
It's FFIV not FFVI

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