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Sky 13hour ago
Guild Name:Radiant Dawn
Guild ID: 1556149490

Radiant Dawn recruiting members. We are a guild focusing on community and late game content. The only requirement is being active. Feel free to join our guild discord chat and ask any questions you have about the game either there or in guild chat!
KingDelitaHeiral 13hour ago
Looking for a serious dolphin guild. (FFT themed guild name a bonus). disco: KingDelitaHeiral#8278
Toxic Coffee 1days ago
Name: Alexandria
Guild ID: 2665279672
Minimum Rank: 20+
Type of Guild: Our focus is gonna be on guild progression, and Guild Battles in the foresee-able future. We also have a discord which, while not necessary, is recommended for future planning, and strategies for Guild Battle, PVP, and new PVE content. All we ask is to contribute to the guild in any way you can, be that helping with statue progress, joining battles, or getting high ranked in PVP modes.
Guild Leader: (32)Albel Mediena ~Lv48
Co-Leader: (43)Toxic Coffee Y'shtola ~Lv61
Afterword: GM and myself are top 200 in Arena, have finished story, and are currently farming our Lv99 URs. Not everyone needs to be as crazy as we are. Just check-in and donate daily at minimum. Hope to see some of you in the invite list.

As of writing this GM is asleep and we are full, check back in around 3 hours from the time this is posted as we will be purging all leechers and inactives when he wakes up
Totokh 2days ago
Hi dears.

Competitive guild Chumchum actively recruiting rank 30+ members, 4 spots left. It has three statues unlocked, soon four.

The two guild founders were JP version whales and ready to give you advices and guidance :).

Need daily check ins, daily donations.

Guild name is Chumchum.

We are very friendly. If we are full feel free to leave a message in our discord and we'll free a spot for you if you reach the required rank
<< Anonymous(Totokh)
Im interested! 2days ago Reply
I just left my previous guild because it was inactive. Sorry but I dont have discord, is that a requirement?

Rank 30+
Units:mediena, gilgamesh, engelbert, thancred

VC:ilfrit, golem, and 3 other URs
<< Anonymous(Im interested!)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Rank 38
Mush 2days ago
Guild : Golden Soul

Brazilian guild forfun but all are welcome!!
TR3D 3days ago
Magistrate - ID 2544612279
Looking for Dedicated daily Dolphins and Whales to join us. We play daily. Barracks buffs and looking to get those Statues upgraded
Tloque 3days ago
Guild : Gale Force

Everybody's welcome!
We love FF tactics since the zodiac braves
Draeda 4days ago
Guild: Visipoor

English only please!

Inactivity = kick - Fun and rewards for all!
Ragnarok X 4days ago
Ragnarok X is a new guild recruiting players who really want to enjoy War of the Visions to it's fullest capabilities. Our guild mentality is to continuously seek knowledge and better ourselves, whether you're f2p or p2p. All are welcome to add to our library of knowledge. New players with no experience are welcome, as we are all new to this game. Let us strive together to increase our power, knowledge, and standing in the War of the Visions. If you have any questions you can message me: Nade#1164
BULBMAN 7days ago
Guild: TheHorde
recruiting SEA players

About us:
We are a community which have guild created for games we are involve in:

Black Desert Mobile
Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Currently we are looking to create a guild in FFBE: WOV
Lets start by recruiting around 20 members first.
Blake Shelbi 13days ago
Vision Army is going to be recruiting day one. Strict guidelines. Already has 20 plus pledged members.
<< Anonymous(Blake Shelbi)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Can i join.... Since day one....

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