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UR unit list and UR tier list for War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (WotVFFBE). Best UR unit, PvP, PvE, farming.
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update 18/03/2023

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UR Tier List

Notice: This tier list also includes units on JP server and takes their EX 120 abilities into consideration. Units are not sorted from best to worst.

Missing units, wrong ratings, or any input can be given in the comments.

SS: Gamechangers / Meta Defining.
S: Top tier.
A: Good outside of mono teams and has useful buff/debuffs to help the party.
B: Situational.
C/D: Outdated / Just No.

If you want to reroll the game, check the reroll page instead, since this list includes many limited-time units that are not available in the gacha pool.


Sephiroth King Bradley


Glaciela (Flagbearer of Reform) Yuffie Velis Snow Starlight Elena Lightning Celes Skahal Aranea Sadali Crysthea Astrius Rulgia Resol Edward Elric Alphonse Elric Roy Mustang Regen Viga Sterne (Destiny Wing)


Kitone Rhaldor Jayden Rundall Garvall Salire (Sweetheart) Charlotte Engelbert Machérie (Queen of Hourne) Terra Mont (King of Leonis) Sterne Leonis (Knight of Ruin) Little Leela the Bold Eliza Oberon Heindler Jeume Warrior of Light Lucia Ibara Cetia Alaya Rundall Glaciela (Regalia) Little Leela (Halloween) Cloud Dark Fina Esther Resnick Psaro Moore the Merrier Sylvie Perrene Amnelis Miranda (Sweetheart)


Gilgamesh Macherie Hourne Fryevia Varush Delita Thancred Kain Auron Rairyuu (Halloween) Luartha Kilphe Ramza Robb Hourne Rosa Howlet Rayches Viktora 2B 9S Lucia Tidus Duane Whisper Frederika Orlandeau Ildyra Noctis Niv Lu Miranda Machérie (Winter) Lucio Locke Lara Croft Moore Elsirelle (Summer) Helena (Black-Robed Witch) Tifa Aerith Agrias Joker Queen Violet Yuna Ranan Corwell Zazan the Unkillable Prompto Lasswell Sakura Helena (Summer) Ayaka Luartha (Winter) Viktora (Winter) Pharm Muraga Fennes Rafale Rain Lemuré Minwu Glaciela Wezette Gargas Golbez Eurel Kitone (Summer) Elsirelle Jayden (Summer) Cherise Vinera (Winter) Ramada (Winter) Raviesse (Winter) Shadowlynx on Ice Resnick the Hoppy Zoma


Oldoa Vinera Fennes Cecil (Paladin) Mediena Camillo Velric Hope Barret Ildyra (Sweetheart) Kilphe (Summer) Louelle Velne Frederika (Halloween) Lilyth (Summer) Lameiga Chunak


Oelde Leonis Sterne Leonis Xiza Aileen Yerma

List of UR Units


Hot New Top
Zeref 3days ago
This tier needs to be updated, no Kefka in it
<< Anonymous(Zeref)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I believe one of the admins posted somewhere that Gumi asked them to stop updating
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Lol why?
Anonymous 5days ago
Can somebody explain why Bradley is S+? Tnx in advance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
High damage and CT reduction on many of his best moves allow him to burst down the enemy team very quickly
Anonymous 14days ago
Where is Hyoh?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this site is still being updated
Where is Hyoh on the list?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
yea, where is hyoh!?!?!
Anonymous 23days ago
How reaction blocking rate work?
is it increase our reaction blocking rate or decrease enemy reaction blocking rate ?
Finally, 2nd Miranda on the list!
Duane get stronger & tanky after MA2 and new vision but...its still not worth it, if you have limit visiore to pull him. Sadly i only get him from moggle shop 2k medals
Th rash of the visions FFBE (Future Fantasy Became Estupid)
Are we missing "Whisper" here?
<< Anonymous(Auron)
Auron Reply
False alarm
Lucia in A is probably Black Rose Helena? BR Helena isnt anywhere on the list.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
BR Helena is in B
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's summer helena
Why is Lu'cia both in rank A & B?
<< Anonymous(Auron)
Anonymous Reply
Because this is th rash like the game itself
This list is all over the place. I guess upheaval is to be expected in a dying game.

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Rafale should not be on the list…
Lol why?
Guild: Eurekan Ward Leader: Appa Guild ID: 2470352982 Division: Aries III Statues...
What is the recommendation for this item - Vital, Barrier, or Shield? TY in advance.
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