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UR unit list and UR tier list for War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (WotVFFBE). Best UR unit, PvP, PvE, farming.
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update 21/01/2023
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UR Tier List

Notice: This tier list also includes units on JP server and takes their EX 120 abilities into consideration. Units are not sorted from best to worst.

Missing units, wrong ratings, or any input can be given in the comments.

SS & S+: Gamechangers / Meta Defining.
S: Top tier.
A+: Good outside of mono teams and has useful buff/debuffs to help the party.
A: Fairly standard, but still good in mono teams.
B: Situational.
C & D: Outdated / Just No.

If you want to reroll the game, check the reroll page instead, since this list includes many limited time units that are not available in the gacha pool.


Sephiroth Glaciela (Flagbearer of Reform) Yuffie Amnelis Dark Fina Alaya Rundall Prene Jeume Sadali Crysthea Astrius Little Leela the Bold Machérie (Queen of Hourne) Psaro, the Man Slayer Resnick Velis Lightning Sterne (Destiny Wing)


Cherise Little Leela (Halloween) Skahal Helena (Black-Robed Witch) LuCia (Halloween) Joker Sterne Leonis (Knight of Ruin) Helena (Summer) Esther Ibara Cloud Snow Engelbert Zoma Celes Eliza Eurel Oberon Heindler Cetia Mont (King of Leonis) Starlight Elena Resol Raviesse (Winter) Edward Elric Alphonse Elric Roy Mustang


Glaciela (Regalia) Salire (Sweetheart) Violet Kilphe (Summer) Locke Yuna Jayden Rundall Tifa Elsirelle (Summer) Charlotte Frederika Rurugia Luartha (Winter) Miranda Ildyra (Sweetheart) Ildyra


Lucio Orlandeau Kitone Noctis Louelle Ranan Ayaka Garvall Aerith Golbez Duane Prompto Viktora (Winter) Niv Lu Lara Croft


Muraga Fennes Zazan the Unkillable 2B Warrior of Light Barret Pharm Aranea Moore Rain Rhaldor Sakura Lucia Machérie (Winter) Whisper Chunak Fryevia Sylvie Shadowlynx on Ice


Ramza Agrias Tidus Fina Lemure Robb Hourne Terra Lasswell Howlet Viktora Gilgamesh Frederika (Halloween) Vinera Fennes Rafale Glaciela Wezette Gargas Corwell Velne Luartha Vinera (Winter) 9S Moore the Merrier


Hope Kilphe Auron Camillo Rairyuu (Halloween) Queen Kitone (Summer) Kain Velric Thancred Minwu Delita Ramada (Winter) Oelde Leonis Elsirelle Xiza Mediena


Varush Oldoa Yerma Rayches Rosa Sterne Leonis Cecil (Paladin) Macherie Hourne Aileen Lilyth (Summer) Lameiga Jayden (Summer)

List of UR Units


Hot New Top
Anonymous 3days ago
the heck with FMA collab ? are we live in 2005s ?
i was expecting something like Bleach, since they have few same voice actor. like Tidus & Ichigo voiced by Morita Masakazu.
Ichigo slash, Uryuu missile, Chad strike. Sounds cool.
Anonymous 4days ago
Thrash game, only has the FF name, but is to big for him to bear it, hope close soon as valkyrie profile and nier lol
Square Enix is dead
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
game is good, but Gumi is 🔥in' greedy
is become more and more like 🔥in' EA Games.
Anonymous 3days ago
summer jayden & lylith D wtf lol
Anonymous 4days ago
This tier list is so chaotic and bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I dont trust this unit list
Anonymous 4days ago
How did Hope go from an S+ unit down to C?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
And Helena not an SS?
Anonymous 6days ago
This tier list is so badly off lol
Newb 7days ago
no new upcoming unit list?
Mellownade 7days ago
I think Summer Jayden is around A+/S rank. He has the long range of light Jayden, but instead of single target damage he has more utility and area attack. He's a monster if he uses his AP/AGI buff on turn 1. However the AI only does it on big maps, otherwise he'll run in and shoot someone with his long range or catch someone with the edge of his AoE. So maybe A+ in auto battle, S in manual.

Also MR Fina is in the UR list for some reason.
Anonymous 21days ago
Bad ranked
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared 21days ago Reply
Hi, may I know which one you don't agree with?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Moore the Merrier is not B. Sylvid is pretty OP in light comp. New Shadowlynx hits hard with 1.6k attack and as a rare lance attack. Should be higher imho
Anonymous 18days ago
Units missing in the actual ranking:
- Sylvie
- Lara Croft
- Jayden (Summer)
- Moore the Merrier
- Shadowlynx on Ice
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared 18days ago Reply
Updated, thanks for your information
<< WoodFrJared
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Lol did you just throw them wherever? Terrible ratings my man. XD
Sanny 20days ago
I do not see helena(witch) or Mont(King) in the list
<< Anonymous(Sanny)
Dante 20days ago Reply
Oberon also missed on the list
<< Anonymous(Sanny)
WoodFrJared 19days ago Reply
Hi, actually Helena (witch) or Mont(King) is in the S+ list but there is a code error, so it can't display properly. We have fixed that issue, thanks for mentioning it.
Anonymous 21days ago
May I know what is rain's tier currently?
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared 21days ago Reply
He will be ranked in A in my opinion.

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if u actually look at the animations of units who uses maces but deals magic damage, they use the...
the heck with FMA collab ? are we live in 2005s ? i was expecting something like Bleach, since t...
Quick proposal: Would it be possible to sort by element or alphabetically within the classificati...
I'm about to lose my @@@ !!! The Führer himself ! maybe i will even skip the ff7 banner...
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