Vinera Fennes

Vinera Fennes in War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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Vinera Fennes
English (EN)Vinera Fennes
Japanese (日本語)罪深き偽りの目 ヴィネラ・フェネス
RarityURJob 1Assassin
TypeDarkJob 2Thief
AffiliationFennesJob 3Double Gunner

Limit Burst

Dark Technique・Nightcloak

Vinera Fennes

Deals heavy damage to the target three times in a row & has a chance to inflict poison to it for 3 turns

Ability TypeLimitiBurst Limit Burst
Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeSlashing Slashing
ElementDark Dark
EffectDeals heavy damage to the target three times in a row & has a chance to inflict poison to it for 3 turns

Range & Area

Height Range1
Height Area0

Trust Master Reward

Max Stats

Level 99, All JobLv Max

TP117Magic 67

Total Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Critical Rate+10

Master Ability

Attack+10%, evasion+10

Job1: Assassin Abilities

Action Poison StingDeals small damage to the target & has a chance to inflict poison to it for 3 turnsLv.1
Action Stealing BladeDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to steal an item from itLv.1
Reaction Dark ShadowHas a chance to increase evasion for 3 turns (this effect can be accumulated up to 3 times) & increase CT when damage is takenJobLv.3
Action Rush BladeDeals moderate damage to the traget & reduces defense significantly of the target when attack from the backJobLv.3
Action Sleep ParalysisInflict Paralysis to the target for 3 turnsJobLv.3
Support Evasion+ Lv1Increases evasionJobLv.3
Action AP StealAbsorbs AP from the targetJobLv.5
Support AP Gain+ Lv1Increases AP gainJobLv.5
Action Sky BladeDeals moderate damage to units within area★6
Action Armor Breaking BladeReduces defense significantly to the target for 3 turns & deals heavy damage to it★6
Action Doom BladeInflict moderate damage to the target & has a chance to inflict doom to it★6 & JobLv.12

Job2: Thief Abilities

Action StealHas a chance to steal an item from the targetJobLv.3
Support Thieves WayMove +1 & increases SPDJobLv.3
Action Steal EyesightDecreases accuracy for the target for 3 turnsJobLv.3
Reaction Quick ActionHas a chance to increase own SPD for 1 turn when damage is takenJobLv.5
Action Lurk in the DarkIncreases own evasion for 3 turnsJobLv.5
Support AP Gain+ Lv1Incrases AP Gain★5
Action MugDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to steal an item from it★5
Action Steal TimeHalves CT for the target & increases own SPD for 3 turns★6
Action Confuse DaggerDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Confuse to it★6

Job3: Double Gunner Abilities

Support Shot MasteryIncreases shooting ATK★4
Action Split Shot Deals moderate damage to units within area★4
Action Quick ShotDeals small damage to the target★4
Action SmokescreenIncreases own evasion・defense for 3 turns★4
Action Double ShotDeals heavy damage to the target consecutively★5
Action Stun ShotHas a chance to inflict stun to units within area★6
Support Tune-UpIncreases speed・defense-piercing rate★6
Reaction PrefireHas a chance to counter attack first against physical attacks★6
Action Horizontal ShotDeals moderate damage to units within area★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow



Vinera Fennes


I want my super large 🔥 inside her!
<< Anonymous(junior)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
your is small though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
tiny to be precise
Anonymous 6days ago
Can she stack speed boost from tune up and thieves way
Not Roman Reign 22days ago
Who is her counter? Would Thancred or Ramza do the job?
<< Anonymous(Not Roman Reign)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Ayaka, kilfe, yshtola basically mages with holy.
Anyone knows when She may be released on the global server?
<< Anonymous(Tusk)
klk Reply
1 moth at least
<< Anonymous(Tusk)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Late June or early July
yeah she's exactly what I've been waiting for. you all can have your Ramzas and Orlandeaus. I NEED VINERA FENNES! and BADLY so!
<< Anonymous(universalgamer2)
Anonymous Reply
no 🔥, i will get orlan, ramzas and her
<< Anonymous(universalgamer2)
Kitazoe 24days ago Reply
True... I think vinera is my most wanted unit up till now, will be prepared my visiore for her... And here i thought that vinera should have rating of 10 higher than orlandu, lucia, and mediena... She has so much useful skill up to her sleeves.... AMAZING UNIT
What kind of weapon does she use?
<< Anonymous(Joe)
Lynx 27days ago Reply
Daggers apparently
She is also a man killer
Just letting you guys know that that this character is an Engelbert killer.

If you're tired of him running around and 🔥ing your 🔥 up, invest in her.

She's pretty much a tank killer in general so she has a useful slot on the team.

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