Equipment Guide 1: Stats and How to Equip

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update 07/03/2020

What is Equipment?

Equipment is divided into 3 categories: weapons, armor, and accessories. A unit that equips them gains additional stats, effects, and abilities.

Weapons, armor, and accessories can be enhanced by leveling, awakening, and crafting to add "+".


There are 13 stats for weapons, armor, and accessories. A unit can increase his/her stats by equipping them.

Increased stats can't be duplicated and only the higher one is applied. If a unit equipping an weapon that increases HP by 30 and an accessory that increases HP by 15, that unit gains additional 30 HP and not 45 HP.

HPHit PointsACCAccuracy
APAbility PointsAGIAgility
DEFDefenseCRIT EVADECritical Evade

To strengthen equipment's stats effectively, you have to know about leveling and types. These features are explained in guide ②.


Some pieces of equipment have their own effects at start or with "+", and effects are strengthened by leveling or increasing "+ (+1~5)" .


Some pieces of equipment have their own abilities. A unit with a piece of equipment with an ability can use that ability. Equipment abilities are Just like abilities units acquire.

Abilities can be strengthened by spneding Ampot.

Equip Slots

Each unit has 3 equip slots. The 2nd and 3rd ones are unlocked by the 2nd and 4th limit breaks.

The 3rd equip slot is only for trust master reward.

A unit can't equip 2 weapons simultaneously. Armor is same.

Trust Master Reward

Trust master reward is equipment that you get by performing 5 awakenings and 5 limit breaks on a unit.

Each unit has it's owen trust master reward.


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