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Unit stats in wotvffbe. HP, TP, AP, ATK, MAG, AGI, DEX, Luck, DEF, SPR, Critical, Evade, Bravery, and Faith.
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update 08/04/2020

Unit Stats

For Bravery & Faith, check here.

HPWhen HP reaches 0, unit will be KO'd.
TPConsumed to perform abilities that don't deal Dmg like, Cure, Protect, Quick, and Poison Mist. Can't be regained by attacking a unit.
APConsumed to perform Limit Burst and abilities that deal Dmg like Blizzard, Shuriken, and Jump. Can be regained when an unit attacks another unit or consumes TP.
ATKThe strength of physical attacks.
MAGThe strength of magic attacks.
AGITells on Evasion and the pace of accumulating CT.
DEXTells on Accuracy and Critical Hit Rate.
LuckTells on Accuracy and Evasion
DEFDefense from physical attacks.
SPRDefense from magical attacks.
CriticalTells on Critical Hit Rate and Ciritical Evasion Rate.

This is made based on the WOTV official support center's FAQ.

DEF & SPR Can't be Seen

Unit's DEF and SPR can't be seen for now on the global server, though it will be fixed and visible.

On the JP server, they can be seen as same to other stats.

How to Raise Stats

Stats can be raised by:

・Leveling up

・Enhancing jobs

・Unlocking stats bonus (yellow panels) on the ability board

・Enhancing/setting support abilities

・Acquiring the master ability

・Leveling the guild statue

・Equipping gears

・Equipping espers

・Equipping vision cards

Initial AP & AP Gain

For initial AP & AP gain, check here.

Bravery & Faith

For Bravery & Faith, check here

Does Dexterity raise Missile attack damage?

According to the video below, Dexterity doesn't raise damage of Missile attack (normal attack at least).

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yellow enhance unit stats requires the subjob to be set or no?
Great info! Thank you so much.
I thought the dexterity stat raises the damage of the missile or ranged atk?
<< Anonymous(Paulo)
GameA1 Reply

Thank you for your question. That info is added to the guide.
<< Anonymous(Paulo)
Anonymous Reply
Outdated; Dex does not raise missile attack (normal).
Slow Rick
What does "Tells on Accuracy and Evasion" even mean? The description tells you a whole lot of nothing.
<< Anonymous(Slow Rick)
Slow Rick Reply
I get that, but it doesn't change the fact that it doesn't tell you how it affects accuracy and evasion. It's there, just to have something in the description. So essentially it uses a lot of words to say a lot of nothing.
<< Anonymous(Slow Rick)
Anonymous Reply
How it affects? The Higher the AGI number, the higher the Evasion and speed, the higher the Luck, the higher Accuracy and Evasion... I mean, is not really that complicated...
<< Anonymous(Slow Rick)
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't tell you anything concrete.It's like me telling you the ATK stat affects damage. Well, no sh*t Sherlock. What are the numbers? What are the multipliers?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
@SlowRick, those shyt are usually hidden in most games; the players have to figure that out themselves.
xx ryu
what are the differences among haste,quick and fast cast?
<< Anonymous(xx ryu)
Anonymous Reply
Haste basically raises your AGI, Quicken instantly fills your ATB, and Fast Cast lets you unload spells quicker.
How can Spr/Spirit increase?
My Unit hast 47 spr and i want top Go Up to 50 again!
<< Anonymous(Marky)
Nic.Gun Reply
i suppose you meant faith? check the post on brave / faith, somewhere in this site..
<< Anonymous(Marky)
Tall Morty Reply
You must let them die over and over, then allow them to rise back up. Because our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in raising every time we fall. This is the path to build a strong Character.
One question. How about Slash/piercing/etc... Atk? (Some skills and weapons improve this, and I dont know how this works)
Was looking for this information, many thanks!

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yes and guess what?? siren is S tier
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