Royal Points & Royal Rank

Royal points and royal rank in wotvffbe. How to get royal points, daily missions, record missions, and how to unlock 2x speed function.
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update 27/03/2020

What is Royal Rank?

Royal Point
EnglishRoyal Point, Royal Rank

Royal Rank is a kind of vip system. You can unlock various benefits depending on your Royal Point.

To incrase the Rank, you have to get Royal Points.

How to Get Royal Points with No Purchases (F2P)

Royal Points & Royal Rank 4

By completing the record mission "Clear Chapter 1, Scene 1 Prove Your Worth", you can get 300 Royal Points. Then you can reach Royal Rank 1 and unlock 1.5x Speed function.

You can also get 10 Royal Points by having 100 Daily Mission Progress Points. Don't forget to tap the treasure chest icon to claim the reward.

How to Get Royal Points with Purchases

Royal Points & Royal Rank 2

You get Royal Points by purchasing Paid Visiore. For example, if you purchase 60 Visiore, you get 60 Royal Points.

Notable Acquired Benefits

As mentioned above, you can unlock 1.5x Speed by clearing Chapter 1 Scene 1 Battle 10. Don't forget to claim the reward for the record mission.

Royal RankAcquired Benefit
11.5 xSpeed function
6+1 Chocobo Expedition party additions
82.0x Speed function

How to See Current Rank & Acquired Benefits

1. Tap "+" Next to the Amount of Visiore

Royal Points & Royal Rank 1

2. Tap "Royal"

Royal Points & Royal Rank 2

3. See Your Current Rank and Benefits!

Royal Points & Royal Rank 3

Should I Purchase Royal Rank Pack?

No. It's better to spend Visiore for getting Unit Shard basically.

Is it Worth to Spend Money for Royal Rank?

It's unnecessary. If you really want to unlock 2.0x speed function for battle and +1 Chocobo Expedition party additon, go for it. Note that however it costs much money.


Royal Points & Royal Rank 4

・If you are a F2P player, clear daily missions everyday to get the free Royal Points.

・If you are new to the game, clear the main story's chapter 1 scene 1 battle 10 anyway to unlock 1.5x speed.

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