Gil Guilde: Gil Snapper, Gil Farming, What to Spend Gil On

Gil guide & tips in Wotvffbe. How to farm gil, where to get gil turtle, and ways to spend gil.
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update 25/03/2020

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What is Gil in WOTV?

Gil is the currency in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It's used for leveling unit's abilities, leveling vision cards, purchasing items at the shop, and so on.

By selling gil turtles at the shop, you can earn gil. Gil turtles are mainly obtained from item drops from the chamber of gil.

How to Earn Gil

Gil is earned by selling gil turtles at the shop. While gil turtles are in stock, they are automatically sold when you enter the shop.

There are three types of gil turtles: small, mid, and large, and large is the most expensive.

Gil TurtleGil
Gil Turtle small
Gil Turtle mid
Gil Turtle large

How to Farm Gil Turtle

There are some ways to get Gil Turtles like: Chamber of Gil, Event Medal Shops, Normal Summon, Monthly Mission Reward, and Monday Mission Reward. (Also Chocobo Search)

Farming the chamber of gil is the primary way of getting gil turtles.

Chamber of Gil

There are three levels of the chamber of gil: novice, intermediate, and advanced. Once your units are high enough level (around 60), you'll farm advanced one.

DifficultyNRG (Stamina)Obtainable Gil Turtle
Novice8Gil Turtle small
Intermediate12Gil Turtle mid Gil Turtle small
Advanced16Gil Turtle large Gil Turtle mid Gil Turtle small

You can play the chamber of gil up to 3 times usually. On Saturday and Sunday, that limit is unlocked.

On Monday, item drops are doubled.

MondayItem drops are doubled.
Saturday, SundayNo daily limit to play this quest.
Other daysYou can play this quest up to 3 times.

What to Spend Gil on?

There are 4 main things to spend gil on:

  1. To level abilities

  2. To level vision cards

  3. To perform normal summon

  4. To purchase items at shops

1. Gil for Abilities

Leveling an ability to max costs 2,646,970 gil in total.

Lv.Gil RequiredTotal Gil

2. Gil for Vision Cards

To level vision cards, you need twice as much money as the amount of required exp.

As you can see in the photo above, you need a vast amount of gil.

3. Gil for Normal Summon

Normal summmon can be pulled for free 3 times a day. For more pulls, 1,000,000 gil is required each time.

4. Gil for Items

At the regular shop, you can purchase fragments of Mont Leonis and Zazan, consumables like potions, normal-rarity equipments, craft recipes, craft materials, ★2~4 awakening materials, and jade~violet job materials.

Some event shops (limited-time shops) sell Starbow Spheres, Sapphire spheres, Adamantite, and Grow Eggs for gil.


Is Gil important in the game?

Yes. To strengthen your units and vision cards, you have to have vast amount of gil.

Is it worth to use NRG restore for farming the chamber of gil on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes. It's recommended.

Is it worth to spend gil for nomal summon?

It depends. Leveling abilities and vision cards are prefered in most cases. If you have enough gil, normal summon will be the option to invest gil into.

During certain events, this is one of the few ways to get shards for whoever the featured unit is. Since these are hard to obtain, the normal summon in conjunction with Chamber of Gil grinding can be a viable way to get a couple missing shards. Ultra rare unit shards are quite rare in the normal summon, however.

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we need to realise how important gil is, save up whole a bunch NRG on saturday-sunday gil farm, there's should be a guide for this

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