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Global Server Updates

From the East to Hourne Cloud Buster Sword Tifa Barret Gatling Gun Aerith Guard Stick

Pursuer Umbral Armlet Grace Tyrrell Garvall Varush

Rulgia Earthforged Mantle Joyous Union

Silver Memories

Inherited Wills Ildyra Calculator Robe Galmia Coat Elfs Cloak

Perrene Purewater Mantle Gilded Devils

Excitement of the Eve Skahal Loreila Mariale Gargas

Resnick the Hoppy Glamorous Camaraderie Itty-bitty Bunny Blade Moore the Merrier Sable Storm Cypress Pile Pious Glove

A Fearsome Foe Appears Melody of Darkest Night Sun-Speckled Encounter Lilyth Luartha Velric Lemuré Mindini's Ribbon Soul of Thamasa Defense Bracer

Zoma Zoma's Necklace Psaro Psaro's Battlewear Slime Psaro's Sword Cobalt Gloves Luartha (Winter) Sacred Dress Eliza Macleod

New VC: Inherited Wills (GL)
New VC: Inherited Wills (GL)
New Unit: Perrene (GL)
New Unit: Perrene (GL)
New VC: Glamorous Camaraderie (GL)
New VC: Glamorous Camaraderie (GL)
Character Quest 2 (GL)
Character Quest 2 (GL)
New Unit_Resnick the Hoppy (GL)
New Unit_Resnick the Hoppy (GL)
New Unit: Zoma (GL)
New Unit: Zoma (GL)
New Unit: Psaro (GL)
New Unit: Psaro (GL)
New Unit: Slime (GL)
New Unit: Slime (GL)

Events on JP Server

Miranda (Sweetheart) Shiny Kalent Pumps

Longbeard Thunder Fang Master Coeurl Master Coeurl (Esper) Meriluke Icebreaker Fists Miche Magician's Cap Yerma Herculean Waistcloth Dorando Slaughter Axe Tyytas Sword of Ehwaz

Viga Hunger Wedge

Battle of Farplane Blood Sword Genji Gloves Amulet of Light

Regen Pale Red Coat Seiten Blue Glacier Staff of the Storm Lord: Valgyies Mage's Habit

King Bradley Fury Eyepatch Dark Black Supreme Dragon Dark Bahamut The One who Binds with Brothers Bond Dark Bahamut (Esper) Xiaomei Plush Toy National Army Issued Sword

Sterne (Destiny Wing) Reincarnation Roy Mustang Army Supply Uniform Keeper in Brotherhood Ed's Silver Watch Al's Chalk Case Light of Dawn Ignition Cloth Gloves

Edward Elric Edward Coat Alphonse Elric Alphonse's Armor Thorn Believer in Brotherhood

Raviesse (Winter) Frost Sash Make a Wish on a Holy Night Frozen Glacier Reindeer Moogle Plush Toy Ramada (Winter) Machérie (Winter) Vinera (Winter) Viktora (Winter) Luartha (Winter) Spine Blade Holy Lance Gold Anklet

Sharpen Garyu Claw Moogle Cloak

New Unit: Edward & Alphonse & New VC: Believer in Brotherhood (JP)
New Unit: Edward & Alphonse & New VC: Believer in Brotherhood (JP)
New Unit: Raviesse (Winter) (JP)
New Unit: Raviesse (Winter) (JP)
New VC: Sharpen Garyu Claw (JP)
New VC: Sharpen Garyu Claw (JP)




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Vision Cards

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