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Limit Break in War of the Visions: Final Fnatasy Brave Exvious. How to limit break, required materials, unit fragments, traust master rewards, and phantom spheres.
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update 06/03/2020

What is Limit Break?

limit break is a mechanic to inrease your unit's max level, max job level and unlock equip slots.

You need unit fragments and phantom spheres to perform limit break.

When a unit do 5 limit breaks and 5 awakenings, the trust master reward of the unit is unlocked.

Level, JobLv and Equip Slot

See the table below for what limit break unlocks.

Limit BreakUnlock
1stMax Level+5, Max JobLv+3
2ndMax Level+5, 2nd Equipment Slot
3rdMax Level+5, Max JobLv+3
4thMax Level+10, 3rd Equipment Slot
5thMax Level+10, Max JobLv+3

Awakening also allows units to increase their max level.

Required Material 1: Fragments of Units

Units need fragments of themselves and phantom spheres to do limit break.

The number of fragments required for performing limit break is depending on the rarity of units. See the table below.

Limit BreakRarity

Required Material 2: Phantom Sphere

There are 5 different phantom spheres associate with each rarity.

Phantom SphereRarity
Phantom Sphere of StarbowUR
Phantom Sphere of SapphireSSR
Phantom Sphere of GoldSR
Phantom Sphere of SilverR
Phantom Sphere of CopperN

You need corresponding phantom spheres to perform limit break.

Limit BreakPhantom Sphere

How to Get Unit Fragments

You can get unit fragments from shops(regular shop, daily shop, pick-up shop, and event shop), gachas (when you pull duplicate units), normal summmon, hard quest, and unit quest.

Fragments of event reward unist can also be obtained as rewards of event quests.

RarityLapis per Fragment at the Shop
UR (Gilgamesh)100
SSR (Saria)40

How to Get Phantom Spheres

You can mainly get UR and SR spheres from the gacha (when you get duplicate unit), normal summon, event shops, event medal shops, and as rewards for clearing quest missions and record missions.

You may not need to know how to get SR, R, and N spheres since the summoning probabilities of low rarity units and vision cards are very high so that you basically get enough stocks.


Should low-rarity units be limit broken?

Yes. Compared to the materials required for limit breaking UR and SSR units, low-rarity materials are easy to get. So that by Limit breaking low-rarity units, you can easily accomplish the record missions that count how many times you perform limit breaks.

Does a unit need to reach max level to perform limit break?

No. You can do limit break on a unit if you have enough fragments and spheres. Reaching current max level is not the rerquirement.

Is limit break important?

Yes it is. It's prefered to collect various UR units.

Once you get units you want or some UR units from summons, it's strongly recommeded to save lapis to purchase unit fragments at the shops.

Don't spend too much lapis for summons.

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