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Phantom Sphere of Gold in War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to get, awakening, limit break.
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update 24/12/2019
Phantom Sphere of Gold
English (EN)Phantom Sphere of Gold
Japanese (日本語)黄金の幻球

Phantom Sphere of Gold is used to awaken & limit break SR units and awaken SR vision cards.

How to Get / How to Farm

Phantom Sphere of Gold can be mainly obtained when SR units and vision cards from the Gacha are duplicated.

Awakening SR Units

19 Phantom Sphere of Gold are required in total to awaken a SR unit to ★6.


Limit Break SR Units

9 Phantom Sphere of Golds are required in total to limit break a SR unit 5th times.


Awakening SR Vision Cards

18 Phantom Sphere of Golds are required in total to awaken a SR vision card 4 times.



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