Espers List & Tier List (Summons)

Esper list, summoned monsters, evocation magic in War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Stats, degree of resonance, resistance, training board, and magicite.
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update 20/02/2023

Table of contents

Tier List

SS: High AGI, elementless, double boost + human killer nodes
S: Double boost (Element/ATK-Type) + Extra (Stats/AGI/Killer/Resists)
A: Good for certain units
B: Situational
C: Trap?

Missing units, wrong ratings, or any input can be given in the comments.

SSBahamut Odin Chaos Odin
SSheratan (Esper) Valefor Anima MA-X Maniple Scorpion Sentinel Bracchio-Raidus Europa Elafikeras Freizess Carbuncle Omega Typhon Aigaion Titan Fenrir Diabolos Two-Headed Dragon Tetra Sylphid Ramuh Shiva Siren Ifrit Leviathan Glacial Coeurl Behemoth
A Ahriman Gold Demon Wall Golem White Dragon Demon Chimera Kraken Iron Giant Malboro Moguri (Xmas) Lamia Queen Mindflayer Chocobo Marilith Tonberry
BPhoenix Death Machine Lich Ochu Bloody Moon Red Chocobo Sabotender Floating Eye
CZu Bomb Ogre

Espers List




Zuu Zuu


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So I do the fight to get more crystals to awaken him but I never get more and have more than 5 . Wont go up to 10 no matter how many times I fight ????
The previous version was better because it had the 'Training Board Summary'.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agree! Thanks for the old link! I was looking for Espers with SPR+ and it’s easier to search using the old format.
I think there's an error in this page: Carbuncle has missile res, not missile attack
how do u get more PDH? levelling up only?
What's the difference of MAGIC UP and MAGIC ATK UP?
<< Anonymous
Smith Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
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<< Anonymous(Alundrakta)
Anonymous Reply
Is there any rerun featured banner for fenrir yet in jp?
<< Anonymous(Delita)
Anonymous Reply
I got fenrir in a normal ten pull
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This guy got him in a normal ten pull.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Can confirm. He did get fenrir in a normal ten pull.
<< Anonymous(Delita)
Anonymous Reply
Fenrir in general pool bro
Max stats
<< Anonymous(Nega Climax)
Smith Reply
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<< Anonymous(Nega Climax)
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<< Anonymous(Nega Climax)
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<< Anonymous(Nega Climax)
Anonymous Reply
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1. Do Mankiller and Lightkiller (or sth else add up? i.e. in the arena when you face a light team?
2. Does Multi-game increase resonance?
<< Anonymous(Socratis)
Ryoncai Reply
Idk how old this comment is, but:
1. Yes
2. No
Is there a guide for which Espers are best with which characters?
<< Anonymous(Foxbat)
Anonymous Reply
You want to pair the attack type of the attacker and if their physical or magical together to max dmg in most scenarios.

Physical attack+Pierce any of the espers with those atk+pierce abilities up

Mages with magic+magic attack up.... and so on.

Some units can be tricky cause you can skill espers purposely for each units select job defensively or per killer to max dmg
<< Anonymous(Foxbat)
Anonymous Reply
The comment above is a little outdated in a sense... the new espers are going to be elementally thematic, glacial and leviathan for example 25% elemental damage bonus which is greater than just about everything except odin on human targets
How come Mindflyer is not in the tier list?
<< Anonymous(Creampie)
Anonymous Reply
Because this list is garbage?
Best way to increase resonance?
<< Anonymous(Valkey)
Anonymous Reply
grinding on solo quest
<< Anonymous
wes950 Reply
you mean story quest? or is that a different thing?
<< Anonymous(Valkey)
Anonymous Reply
Chapter 4 act 2 battle 9, 'A Good Idea'. Run Medina in slot 3 and she'll wipe the whole battle in 1 Cosmo Plume. Easiest resonance gain ever.
Which espers are limited time only?
<< Anonymous(ODSTxGundam)
Anonymous Reply
Red chocobo and war machine.

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