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Hot New Top
KamHo 4days ago
All new players looking for a new friend!
Join 川口门长 (Guild ID: 3673129583). I'll friend you then (active daily).
Anonymous 5days ago
ORCA#4315. I don't have Cid. but have lv.99 Ramza and some other couple useful lv.79 units with great VC. join my guild, then we maybe can be friend. in game. id:116533257
Anonymous 13days ago
Active player jus need some frans for those sweet medals 835111406
hawk 25days ago
1823025108 new daily player
Joyous Rain 27days ago
New active player 3736270374
Devious 30days ago
Active new player 1277040779
Ashina Clan
Join guild Ashina CLan 18/24 all active memebers
New player
Very active but just started playing. Code: 1460247452
ID Player: 325212974

Need 2 Active friends, have JP Crystal
New player here looking for friends

Active player - try hard

Active Player

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I don't get why anyone would go for soldier? Ninja has the range. All your good abilities fo...
**Guild**: Lost Phoenix **ID**: 4278219462 **Minimum Rank**: 60+ **Statues**: 3/3/3/3 ...
Engel is a significantly better physical tank. WoL is a better overall tank and overall character.
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