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Hot New Top
Miite 15hour ago
Started 2 days ago 1943422920
Looking for friends 1days ago
Maeri 3days ago
Hello~ :)
I’m a casual player. My player ID is 1394176170.
Feel free to add me. (@^ ^ @)/
JMaxShadow 3days ago
Add me please, 2667484563
sol 4days ago
need frens ;w;
Cyphre 4days ago
3593440546 Mediena + Sterne
Abyss 4days ago
Please add me I’m new
This guy 4days ago
got everyone but mediena, if you are okay with that please add 1671813109.
This guy 4days ago
everyone but mediena, please add 1671813109.
Zeronymo 5days ago
Add me please! 859535217
KO 5days ago
Mediena! Add me 4169686958
Kakabel 6days ago

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Hi! Currently, I have 7 UR: Gilgamesh, Robb, Aileen, Ayaka, Thancred, Frederika, and Macherie. Ca...
I thought Orlandu was god tier?
Should I reroll for her? I already have an acc which have both Ayaka and Medeina. Is she better...
Nope, they are just classified into the tier: S, A, B.
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