JP Server Past Events (2019~2020)

List of events implemented during 2019~2020 in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Banners, Summoning Campaigns, Event Quests, Celebration Campaigns. Event archives.
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update 15/01/2020

2021 February

2021 January

2020 December

2020 November

2020 October

2020 September

2020 August

2020 July

2020 June

King Behemoth RaidNew Units: Lasswell, Glaciela, Roleyla
Gouga & Saiga Volume 1: Event Quest GuideGouga & Saiga Volume 1: EX Quest Guide
New Vision Cards: Fenrir & Unreachable ThoughtHalf Year Anniversary Part 3

2020 May

Half Year Anniversary Part 2Ifrit Challenge
New Vision Cards: Fenrir & Unreachable ThoughtSecret Book Reward Quest(Sword, Greatsword, Axe)
Judgment OrdealNew Unit: Stern (Knight of Destruction)

2020 April

TV Commercial Memorial Campaign (JP, April 2020)
FFT Collaboration Event Part 2 (JP)
Ochu Challenge
2020 Spring Campaign (JP)
New Units : Oldoa & Lavies
EventSchedule (JST)
Challenge Quest
Main Story Chapter 8 Release Campaign
New Vision Cards: Diabolos & The Ephemeral Cherry Blossoms (JP)
EventSchedule (JST)
The Far East Event Quest
~ April 15th
WOTV Global Release Commemoration Campaign
~ April 8th
JP Farming Quest
~ April 8th

2020 March

EventSchedule (JST)
Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Event
Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
Leonis National Public Broadcasting Memorial Campaigns
EventSchedule (JST)
FFBE The Musical Memorial Campaigns
~ Mar 25, 31
The Tower of White Porcelain
~ Mar 31
Etre Strengthening Quest
~ Mar 31
Admiring My Prince
~ Mar 31
JP Farming Quest
~ Mar 25
Montly Missions (2020 February on JP Server)2020 March 1st 5:00 ~ April 1st 4:59
EventSchedule (JST)
New Units Vinera & Dario Campaigns
2020 March 1st ~ March 17th
To Burn Up My Heart
2020 March 1st 0:00 ~ March 17th 14:59
White Day Campaigns
~ March 17th
White Day Raid Boss: White Marshmallow
~ March 17th
New Vision Cards: Two -Headed Dragon & Campaigns
~ March 25th
Montly Missions (2020 February on JP Server)2020 March 1st 5:00 ~ April 1st 4:59

2020 February

EventSchedule (JST)
Get Secrets of the Forge! (Rod, Katana, Dagger)
~ Feb 29th 23:59
Chocolate Flan Challenge
~ Feb 29th 23:59
Magicite Farming Quest
~ March 1st
Arena Mock Battle
~ Feb 29th 23:59
Chapter 7 Release Campaign
~ Feb 29
100 Days Anniversary
~ Feb 29th 23:59
Feb 14 ~ 29
~ Feb 29 23:59
EventSchedule (JST)
Rundall: Threat from West event
Feb 1 ~ 14
New Units Lu・Cia & Adlard Summoning Campaign
Feb 1 ~ 14
9M Downloads Campaign
Feb 1 ~ 7
2020 February Montly Missions (JP Server)
Feb 1 ~ 29
Iron Giant ChallengeJan 22 ~ Feb 7

2020 January

2019 December


Is some event not in the same order as JP but happen at the same time e.g. Halloween holiday
i think there are various events that are not listed here
<< Anonymous(anonimo)
Anonymous Reply
Can you list some of them here? I thought so too, feels like we are getting way too close to Kain and that we may be missing some events.

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Yes. By using barrack system in 2/3 weeks.
Rhaldor 17
Quick review from my experiences Rhaldor is really tanky, especially if his sub-job is Paladin...
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